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Headline for Tasteful Street Food you must try in Johor Bahru – Collect Memories of Places... and Food!
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Tasteful Street Food you must try in Johor Bahru – Collect Memories of Places... and Food!

The capital state of Johor in Southern Peninsular Malaysia, the bustling city of Johor Bahru, lies just aside from the causeway of Singapore. It acts as a transport and manufacturing hub of Johor. Wandering along its streets would give you access to a wide array of scrumptious street food.


Chee Cheong Fun

A type of steamed rice rolls, Chee Cheong Fun, is a delicious street food delicacy made from rice flour and corn starch. Ideally, the rice roll should be thin. Therefore, this batter is heated on a large pan to acquire the desired effect. Before folding the steamed batter into a roll, it can be filled with pieces of roasted cashew, shrimp, or even beef. The sauce for Chee Cheong Fun is a delicious blend of sesame oil, light soya sauce, concentrated chicken stock, sugar, and water. It is usually poured over this delicious street bite in a mouthwatering way.


Apam Balik

To Malaysians, or rather, the South East Asians, ApamBalik is a variety of hot pancake that comes in many sizes and varieties. It is made of sticky rice flour and garnished with a dash of corn and peanuts. In some variations, slices of banana are added to the pancake. The term “ApamBalik” translates into “overturned pancake,” as it’s usually folded in half once it’s ready. This tasteful pancake is made more flavoursome by the sprinkling of cheese. You can even request some sweetened condensed milk on top of these as well. ApamBalik is known as TerangBulan in Indonesia, which literally means bright moon, as it gives the impression of a crescent moon when folded.


Chai Tow Kway

In many hawker stalls in Johor Bahru, this flavoursome dish available is put together by stir-frying daikon cake with a variety of ingredients such as diced garlic, and egg. Daikon cake is cooked using steamed rice flour and shredded white Daikon, a mild-flavoured radish type. One will be able to see the local chefs bathing the chopped daikon cake in egg yolk to give its unique flavour. Chinese fish sauce takes a significant place in flavouring Chai Tow Kway in place of the usual soy sauce. A sprinkle of chopped spring onions is added just before serving. While you’re holidaying in Desaru Coast at properties such as Anantara Desaru Coast Resort & Villas, head over to KSL Night Market in Johor Bahru for a taste of this delightful eatables.


Muah Chee

Muah Chee is produced by using sticky rice flour and peanuts as the ingredients. It has such a crispy and delicious wrapping that it appeals to anyone of any age. Rice flour, shallot oil, water, and a bit of salt are mixed well to form the batter of Muah Chee. After the mixture thickens into a dough, it’s separated into small pieces, which are then swathed in chopped and roasted peanuts, combined with cane sugar, bringing you the most crumbly bites you’d ever tasted. Even when staying at the best resort in Malaysia, leaving the comforts of your hotel room is worth to taste these appetising street delicacies.


Ramly Burger

Ramly burger is a unique interpretation of the American hamburger. Nowadays, stalls that sell these tasty bites can be seen in every nook and corner in Malaysia, especially in Johor Bahru. Unlike the American burgers that follow a standard recipe, the food stalls in this city make sure that theirs is the best Ramly variety in the area. It depends on the flair and the experience of the local chefs, of course! It is usual to see that each food stand has its own hoard of followers who absolutely love what the stall has to offer.