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Five Unique things to do when in Melbourne – Treat Your Senses like Never Before!

Bordering the Southeast of Australia is the state of Victoria, in which Melbourne takes a foremost place as the coastal capital that houses a marvellous array of attractions. In the heart of Melbourne, a manifold of bars and restaurants hold a spectacular glow over its excited tourists.


Fall in Love with Street Art

Melbourne has gained popularity for its dizzying collection of street art and murals over the years. These are the kind of art that seems to engulf you in a colourful aura as you stroll past them. It’s incredible how much creative these artists can get when you come to think of it! Rose Street, Duckboard Place, and Rutledge Lane are where you should be if you want to swoon over these splendiferous portrayals of human whims and imaginations. The vibrant and creatively detailed paste-ups and mixed media art can provoke your thoughts and give you lots to think about from simple joys of life to mind-boggling issues that prevail in society. Keep your eye out for some strikingly beautiful murals of celebrities as you walk down these streets.


Live inside a Story

Take a step beyond your average escape room to partake in a transcendent journey through a universe of story-telling. Ukiyo Melbourne brings you a style of gaming in which the aspects of a typical escape room and features of action-packed games are blended to introduce the participants into an unparalleled experience of interactive story lands that you can explore for real. It’s even a great place to enjoy as a family as each space accommodates from 2-4 players. Be your own narrator in life-like adventure narrations like “The Crumbling Prince” completely unmediated from reality.


Visit the Oldest Bibliotheque

During your stay in Melbourne at propertiesthe likes of Avani Melbourne Box Hill Residences, why not head over to see this pre-eminent library space that has existed for more than a century. The State Library of Victoria in Swanston Street is a remarkable heritage construction that boasts of being the oldest library in Australia. Unsurprisingly, it’s also the fourth most visited library across the globe. This pre-eminent construction houses over two million books have been rightfully renovated in recent years through a period of 5 years. Once you visit this neoclassical landmark in the neighbourhood, make sure to check out its splendidly created reading spaces, the adorable reading nooks for children, and the exhibition place where impressive exhibitions occur throughout the year.


Guffaw with Comedians

Studies have found that laughing improves your memory and lowers your stress hormones and blood pressure. Isn’t that the perfect excuse to head over for a fun-packed evening at the Comic Lounge in Melbourne? While looking up for places to stay in Melbourne, check out places that are located within a convenient distance from places like this. Whether you feel tired, exhausted, or simply drained from a day’s activities, a night at Comic Lounge will make you feel lively and ready to take on the world. That’s the power that laughter has on people.


Cut off Your Senses – Temporarily!

For an experience like never before, one should take part in ‘Dialog in the Dark’ in Melbourne. It is where your senses will be completely taken from you through a sensory journey in total darkness. The mindblowing fact about this place is that you will be guided by a completely or partially blind person by birth or other natural causes. It’s a once in a lifetime adventure where you get to terms with your hitherto unknown potential for adaptation to new surroundings.