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What is Deno? Will it Reeplace NodeJS - Node vs Deno

Deno is a simple, modern and secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript that uses Chromium V8 Engine and is built in Rust Programming Language. Contact us - 7042434524 for classes

What's New in Python 3.8? - Python Guide for Beginners

So, python 3.8 has been around a while now, October 14th, 2019 to be accurate. But it is still not used across the board because most people don’t know about th

Interface Overview Blender 3D 2.80 – Brain Mentors

Blender is a free to use and open-source 3D graphics software used for creating animated films, visual effects, 3D printed models, motion graphics, interactive 3D applications, and computer games.

Difference Between seekg() and seekp() in C++ File-Handling – Brain Mentors

seekg() and seekp() both are functions of File Handling in C++ and they are very important and useful feature of File Handling in C++.

Unreal Game Engine Course - Brain Mentors

Learn how to use Unreal Engine to create awesome video games from Industry Experts in video game development. Learn how to use Unreal Engine, from beginner basics to advanced. Best Institute in Rohini for Unreal Game Engine Course.

Learn Top 20 Tricks of Python in just 20 minutes

Python is the most popular language among developers as well as non-developers. Its simple syntax and one-liners take this programming to the next level. In this blog, we are going to cover the top 20 python tips and tricks that you must know.

Templates in C++ | Learn C++ - Brain Mentors

Templates are a very powerful feature in C++ because templates allow you to write generic programs. It means we can only write one program that is used for

UX vs UI: What’s the Difference Between User Interface & User Experience?

UX stands for User Experience Design and UI stands for User Interface Design. They both are design disciplines & are related to one another, although they are very different from one another. UX vs UI

5 New JavaScript Features in ES 2020 - Brain mentors

In this Blog, we are going to learn ES 2020 Key Features.ES2020 released on the Start of this year. Here we are going to learn some really cool features of ES 2020

How to Index and Slice Strings in Python - Brain Mentors

In Python, Strings are arrays of bytes representing Unicode characters. In simple words, anything that can be described inside single, double, or triple inverted quotes is called python

Python Data Structures - Dictionary and Sets | Brain Mentors

Python Data Structures - Dictionary and Sets, A dictionary is a collection which is unordered, mutable. A set is a collection which is unordered and Indexless. In Python sets are written with curly brackets.

Python Data Structures - Lists and Tuples | Brain Mentors

Python Data Structures - Lists and Tuples. In Python , the list is a data structure which contains an ordered sequence of elements.Tuple is also a data structure which contains ordered sequence of elements.

Essential Python Print Statement Tips and Tricks for Every Programmer

Learn various tips and tricks based on print() (Print Statement), In this post, we've shared essential Python tips and tricks that aimed to optimize code and reduce coding

R Programming Vs Python Programming - Brain Mentors

First, understand the difference between the jobs here. If you just want to become a Data Analyst with few concepts of machine learning as well, then you can just go with R Programming without any second thought. But if you want to become a full stack data scientist with deep knowledge of machine learning and deep learning and then how to deploy them or integrate your models into some web or desktop applications then go for Python programming.

Introduction to Natural Language Processing - Brain Mentors

NLP short for Natural Language Processing is one of the major areas of Data Science. When it comes to text processing or when you send or receive some sort of

Flutter vs React Native - What to Choose in 2020?

As mobile hardware is progressing, the demand for mobile apps has started increasing. Software developers were looking for a platform that could make mobile app fast.
Flutter Course

Graphic Designing Course - Brain Mentors

The Graphic Designing course allows you to learn designing and visualization from planning to execution. If you have strong visualization skills and love to play. On successful completion of the course, you will be able to make a career in the Graphic Design industry, production houses or various such companies

Concepts of Data Preprocessing

Data pre-processing is a data mining technique which is used to transform raw data into a useful format.

Learn Data Science/AI Course

Learn Data Science & AI Courses from Basics to Advanced. Learn Core Python, R Language, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Big Data & Hadoop.

Mobile App Development - Brain Mentors

Learn Mobile App Development using Flutter from Basics to Advanced. Make your career in Mobile App Development with Brain Mentors and be a job-ready.