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Updated by Joanna James on May 30, 2020
Headline for 05 Maldives sea life that you may spot on your next underwater adventure – Witness magic!
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05 Maldives sea life that you may spot on your next underwater adventure – Witness magic!

If someone needs to have the best underwater adventure, he really should visit the Maldives. With more than 25 atolls, the country provides the best spots for diving and snorkelling exposing its guests to a magical underwater haven.


Maldives Fish

Believe it or not, when you snorkel in the Maldivian waters, you get to witness fish of all sorts! Different colours, different sizes swimming about at different speeds. The most colourful and vibrant are fish such as Angelfish, Butterflyfish and the Parrotfish. There is also another fish species called the Clownfish and they are also one of the most favourite types of fish among many divers. All these fish types are small in size and they usually can be seen in groups. Then, there also other types such as the Long Nose Hawkfish and the Bluestripe Snapper who are larger.



Many of those who come to snorkel or dive from resorts the likes of Finolhu Baa Atoll Maldives get to witness another special type of fish. You must have probably heard the name- Barracuda, and yes, you can see them in the Maldivian waters. Unlike other small fish, these creatures prefer solitude and their fearsome appearance tells it all.



As we all know, the Maldives is a great destination for honeymooners and some couples are adventurous enough to engage in diving/ snorkelling together during their romantic escape. Rays are a special kind of underwater creatures that they love to see during such explorations because rays are truly that graceful. They sometimes even come so close to the humans and be there for the underwater selfies that they take. They are harmless and there's nothing to worry!



For someone who stays at a Maldives beach villa and engages in diving, meeting a Shark can seem to be scary. But, no... the most common type of sharks you find here - the small Whitetip Reef Sharks are not harmful as you think and if you see one of them when you dive, chances are that you may not see any other type of a shark anywhere nearby. The reason is that this shark chases all other sharks away. It is said that these Whitetip Reef Sharks have already gotten used to divers so much that they won't even bother about you no matter what you do!



Turtles are another interesting type of sea animal you find in the Maldivian waters. Experts say that there are 5 types of turtles living in the calm waters around the Maldives and one of such types is the Green Sea turtle. They normally come ashore once every year during June and November to lay eggs and if you get to visit the Maldives then, you may be lucky enough to spot them heading back to the ocean which will surely be an unforgettable memory in your travel diaries!

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