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Updated by Tinu Abayomi-Paul on Sep 30, 2015
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Traffic Thursdays | What is Social Presence Marketing?

Today, I'm going to catch up the Traffic Tips series with tips 229 - 235. I'll be doing this every Traffic Thursday to compensate for the days that we skip Traffic Methods during the week, as obviously, we don't publish one every day. This way, no matter what, you'll have seven methods a week.

11 Reasons Why Facebook Rocks - The Shorter, One Page Version

Tinu Abayomi-PaulCreate Your Badge Facebook, at its most basic level, is what it sounds like. In the olden days before the Internet, when I was just a wee gi

Social Media and Bookmarking - Cure All for Traffic Problems or Another Over-Hyped Question Mark?

I love Social Media, and like Michelle, see enormous traffic potential there. While Social Media and Web 2.0 Marketing is hardly hype, in an of itself, there is

Four Ways to Use Google to Be More Social with Your Visitors

Here's a sampling of four ways Google can help you be more social with your visitors. They technically wouldn't follow under the category of social media, because there isn't that much end user interaction. But they can be constant flows of information between you and your visitors. Share Feeds.

It Rubs the Lotion on Its Skin or It Gets the Hose Again - Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0

"It Rubs the Lotion on Its Skin. It does this whenever it is told." In the film the Silence of the Lambs, the serial killer Jodie Foster's characer, Cla

Content Marketing Productivity - How to Turn a 5 Minute Audio Into 5 Marketable Content Items [video!]

If you're doing anything related to content marketing, you know that generating new content is somewhat of a balancing act. With your content, you want to stay within the broad topic your product or service solution is related to, so that your content can be where the conversation on that subject is.

23 Resources for Connecting to Your People on Facebook - Add Your Favorite

Continuing our Finding Your People Series, I've compiled a list of resources to help you connect to people on Facebook, much like the list I made to go with the Twitter slideshare deck. It's important to understand how very different Facebook is from Twitter, and not just in terms of how many more potential people you can reach.

Do You Need More Visitors, Or Do You Need Your Current Visitors to Do More?

Just now I had an experience that I have a lot, one that drives me to make changes to my client's sites constantly. (And on a slower, rolling basis, to my own

From Awkward Commentary to Lively Discourse

Last post we were talking about comment anxiety, and that moment of realization that comes when you realize that the comments on your blog/ in your social media network/ during your presentation /at your networking function aren't enough to create a true sense of community.

If They Have to Think, You're Gonna Sink - Tip #286

There's only three types of pages in this site. It's not going to win a usability award, ever, as a whole site. But there's only three types of pages, that

Triberr- What is Is and How it Can Help Your Blog

I'm currently in love with a tool called Triberr. Triberr Basics Triberr helps you organize promotion of your blog posts as tweets with a community of oth

Avoiding the YouTube Viral Video Trap: Tips for the Video Traffic Challenge

One of my favorite shows on cable is It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It's about the on-going antics of four degenerate, self-centered losers who co-own and/or work at a bar in Philadelphia. Kind of a "Friends"-gone-horribly-wrong sitcom. I love watching it for two reasons.

Facebook for Business: One Spam-Free Method

We all agree that spam at Facebook will ultimately fail. That leaves us with the question - how do you get people in Facebook to visit your site without spamming them? Learn one more way to use Facebook for Business, completely free here: - you don't even need to enter your email address.

How to Get the Maximum Facebook for Business Results in the Least Time

This free presentation, called One Very Simple Way to Use Facebook for Business goes over one simple 7 step process for finding out whether Facebook for Business will work for you. You can find out in 15 minutes a day for a week.

7 Reasons Why Twitter is Relevant to You And Your Business

I hear so many people, so often, talking about how much they hate Twitter when I first ask them if they're using it. Then I introduce them to a couple of nea

The Unwritten Rule That Trumps All Rules Is..

delivering great content to a hungry audience in the way they want to receive it, consistently will bring you success in the long term. All the other rules

How to Leverage Article Marketing Into Legendary Publicity

Here are the steps: 1- Find your audience. 2- Find and research a sore point. 3- Find and research an existing expert. 4- Start at the easiest point and go for the widest exposure. 5- Start again at the narrowest niche and get the most specialized exposure/ 6- Leverage both into maximum exposure.

Event Marketing Drives Sales - Traffic Method #255 [also: audio]

You hear so much about how the economy is down... and sales are down... and traffic, profits, life, work is down, that it's almost a culture shock to see local small business not just making it, but kicking butt, in your area.

The Consistency Exercise [audio & article] #blogdaily

This is not an exact transcript of this audio - it's just the general gist.] There are two big success secrets of people who broke all the rules and still manage to be massively successful, at generating traffic or anything else.

Why Didn't They Retweet You? 7 Steps to Guaranteed Retweets #blogdaily

One of the reasons I didn't keep going to 100,000 followers once I hit 10,000 is because of the increase in anonymous requests from strangers for retwee

Is Vine Stupid, Or Just Not Great Yet?

Like Liz Lemon, my eyes are in great danger of either getting stuck in permanent eye roll, or being ejected from my head due to how unnaturally strong my eye-roll muscles are from said activity.

Great Marketing Is Invisible - So How Do You Disappear?

The best marketing IS content. That's why so many folks are all bananas over content marketing. And yet, it's not a new thing. It's on the verge of being the Only thing. I'm not saying Advertising is Dead or all marketing should be content marketing, or any other crazy declaration that people desperate for good headlines or lots of visitors make.

How to Inform Them Into Buying - After Free Traffic

I think it's time that I wrote a few more traffic tips about what happens After you get the traffic, as well as how your site should be set up Before you get th

5 Common Facebook Tactics - That Don't Work

Now, no Fire God will suddenly appear to smite you if you happen to have done one of the following things. They are definitely mistakes, but they aren't irre

What is a Money Funnel? - Traffic Tip #75

This is list building week here at Free Traffic Tip. And the first thing we need to do is connect the dots between generating traffic and building a list.