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Updated by Joanna James on May 30, 2020
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Do and Don’ts of Eating Like a Tourist in Bangkok – The Complete Guide

If you're in Bangkok for the first time, it's a sure-fire bet that you're planning on tasting all the local delicacies the city has to offer. That being said, there are few tips you can follow to make sure you get the best local dining experiences. Just stick to the five mentioned below.


Eat at the Mall

This might come as a bit of a surprise, but the mall food in Thailand is really quite good – and it's consistent. Many of the popular street carts you'll see in Bangkok will invariably have a stall at most major mall food courts, so it's a great place to try a whole array of different snacks and dishes. In fact, most Bangkok natives will tell you that they even prefer going to the mall rather than wait at a proper restaurant simply due to how much time it saves. Additionally, the coolness of the mall interiors will be a welcome respite from all the heat of Bangkok's crowded streets.


Clarify Your Spice Level

Now, whether you're ordering food at the mall, from a cart, or at a restaurant, you'll always want to specify your desired spice level. Thai's like their food spicy, so if you're into eating real hot food, be sure to mention you want your dish in the traditional Thai style.


Try Out Pad Thai

There is a growing notion that all Westerners are in love with pad thai and will order it whenever they come to Bangkok – even if the dish isn't native to Thailand. Now, the latter might be true but don't be ashamed to order some pad thai if you're in the mood for it, it's actually a really enjoyable dish. Chances are, you're probably staying at a family room hotel, Bangkok has many on offer after all, like the Pathumwan Princess Hotel for one. If so, you can try ordering a delicious pad Thai for breakfast! Conversely, if you're really intent on trying out native Thai dishes try ordering Kaprow – a rustic rice dish that is bursting with flavour.


Hit Up Chinatown

At first, Chinatown may seem just like another tourist attraction with all the lights and endless festivities that goes on there. However, it is actually one of the best places to eat in all of Bangkok! Thai people themselves go to Chinatown all the time for lunch and dinner. It is worth noting that prices are a bit steep here, however the cooks here more than makeup for it with all the delectable flavours they whip up in the kitchen. What's more, Chinatown has several fantastic drinking spots and watering holes if you're feeling a bit thirsty or require a little merriment.


Go All Out

Perhaps the best bit of advice you should heed when going on your culinary adventure in Bangkok is to treat yourself. Bangkok's food is quite affordable and there's a great variety of dishes, snacks, and drinks for you to try out – so, please do!

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