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5 Fun and Interesting Facts about Tianjin – The Sanctuary of China

Tianjin is a city that is often understated. Bordering the west coastline of the Bohai waters, Tianjin seems to radiate a picturesque charm that continues to thrive unbeknownst to many travellers of the world. Here are five facts that will make you want to fly over to Tianjin right now!


Tianjin is a paradise for the bookworms.

Lying across 33,700 square metres in Tianjin is a library so vast that it succeeds in bringing the many fancies and whims of book lovers across the globe to a reality. The Tianjin Binhai Library houses 1.2 million books in its five-level glory. Constructed by MVRDV and the Urban Planning Design Institute of Tianjin, this marvellous creation of humankind is a fabulous example of how education and learning occupy a greater place in improving society. The library even holds a gigantic globe amid the building that has its own built-in auditorium. The white space mingling with the winding curves assists its visitor to engage in an array of library-related activities.


Tianjin has a Ferris wheel on a bridge.

If you were to ask a native about their favourite site in Tianjin, chances are they pick the Tianjin eye. It is a humongous Ferris wheel suspended over the Yongle Bridge that keeps rotating day and night. It is indeed a fascinating sight for anyone who passes by. It offers you the added novelty of being able to wave at the vehicles as they pass underneath you. Also known as the "eye" of Tianjin, it comes alive at night with its twinkling lights reflected beautifully in the waters of the Hai River. It is a significant landmark of the city that adds to the beauty of the ever-charming city of Tianjin.


Tianjin boasts of prestigious higher education institutions

The Tianjin Foreign Studies University (TFSU) is one of the very oldest of its kind in China that specialises in language and culture studies. One can learn a diverse range of languages such as English, Japanese, German and even Swahili at this prestigious institution. TFSU also offers a Chinese language programme for foreign exchange students. For someone interested in the sciences, the world-famous Nankai University is a great place that has some of the best-rated study programmes in China. It also offers a long list of alumni including historians, writers and scientists.


Tianjin is the third-largest city in China.

Hard as it might seem to believe, this serene city has escaped the usual hustle of metropolitan giants like Beijing and Shanghai. The prices of Tianjin are more favourable for services such as rent, food and entertainment, which would be ideal if you're thinking of boosting the health of your savings account. The low cost of living and the slowed pace of life makes it rather difficult for many expatriates to leave the confines of Tianjin. Instead, they settle in the city which explains the charm Tianjin has over its visitors from near and far.


Tianjin offers some of the best food in the country

Most tourists would agree that Tianjin has a great variety of food. Especially during breakfast, one can find many street food vendors lining the streets offering local delights. There is a wide range of dishes from which people can surely find something to make their taste buds dance. The proximity to the sea makes Tianjin perfect to enjoy fresh seafood. Tianjin has more to its culinary scene than traditional street food and fish dinners. For a taste of home, one can indulge in culinary delicacies from near and far in many a Tianjin Hotel that thrives in the city, one such example being the Pan Pacific Tianjin.

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