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Fun Things to do in a Beach – Make the Most out of Your Beach Holiday!

With long stretches of golden sands fringed with ever-swaying palm trees, a beach is an ideal place for someone to relax. Apart from relaxing, there are lots of engaging activities that you can do to make your beach vacation more exciting.


Collect Seashells

From whooping kids to those overenthusiastic grandparents, everyone in the family can take part in this timeless beach activity. Bond over the oohs and aahs as each member of your family comes across that uniquely patterned seashell with multiple swirls of colour. Carry a pail or some container to bring back the seashells you collected as a family. Back home, you can use the seashells to do some craftwork such as decorating plain-looking vases or making bracelets, using the smaller shells, of course!


Build Sandcastles

Ah, the joy of building a sandcastle! It is one of the most exciting and creative things that you can do on a beach, especially if you have kids. What other way is there to keep your little ones engaged than running towards the sea to collect water and whatnot every few seconds! Just make sure that you build deep moats around the castles to protect them from the rising tide.


Fly Kites

Flying a kite is one of the most exhilarating experiences in life. Letting a kite soar up at the sky with no control over the rough sea breeze is a mighty thrilling experience for young and old alike. If you're lucky, you might get to attend a local kite festival, where you will be able to enjoy a fantastic view of hundreds of kites made out of various colours and patterns. From traditional long-tailed kites to vibrant animal designs, a kite festival will leave you amazed at the creativity of some of these kite enthusiasts.


Have a Picnic

To escape from the monotonous dining patterns of every day, it would be a great idea to plan on having a picnic at the beach. Wrapped in the cool sea breeze and surrounded by the distant squawking of the seagulls, it would be an excellent way of catching up with each other. Believe it or not, that toast you eat almost every day will taste even better when you eat it with the gentle roll of the ocean waves in your ears.


Read a Book

Be engulfed in paradise with one of your reads! Make your beach dreams come true by on a beach towel with an all-engrossing book that would make you forget the dimensions of time; you'll even get to catch a few rays and perfect that tan you always wanted. If you're going to get some actual reading done, make sure you do it before any meals, though. A full stomach engulfed in the sea breeze will only make you doze off. No one can resist falling asleep to the gentle lull of the ocean waves after a hefty meal.


Take Creative Photographs

The beach is a great place to be creative with photography. Who wouldn't look great with stunningly beautiful backdrop running up to the horizon! Another fun idea is to turn someone into an imaginary mermaid using sand. Just imagine how fun it would look against that scrapbook page!


Wait for the Sun Set

Watch the sky transform itself into a massive portrait of mesmerizing swirls of colour as the sun sets over the horizon. Be sure to have your camera ready to capture this picture-perfect moment! Mind-blown by the magnificent sunset and an exciting day, you will undoubtedly crave the comforts of a Negombo beach hotel. One such example is Heritance Negombo, which is less than 4 kilometres away from the Negombo bus terminal.

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