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Facebook Launches Collab app inspired by TikTok | Base Read

Facebook ’s app-oriented new product experiment team launched the Collab app on Wednesday, a TikTok-style app for making music with friends.

SpaceX has Successfully Launches Historic Mission on the NASA | Base Read

NASA and SpaceX have achieved a milestone in the US spacecraft, with two astronauts successfully flying the International Space Station (ISS) during the

Impressive Anonymous person Returns to threaten Trump and his police secrets | Base Read

The hacktivist group "Anonymous" announced a war against the Minneapolis Police Department, accusing it of cruelly treating the police when it arrested

Huawei may be developing a camera with a display – Base Read

A new Huawei smartphone was found in the patent. The smartphone has very rounded edges and may have an under-screen camera. Two Huawei patents discovered by LetsGoDigital show phones with the same design, although their rear camera settings are different, which indicates that they may be two different models of the same device.

After George Floyd’s death, Obama urged young people to be “hopeful, even if you might be angry” – Base Read

Former President Barack Obama thanked demonstrators across the country after the death of George Floyd on Wednesday and urged young African Americans to “feel hopeful, even if you might Feeling angry” because he feels that change is coming.

Dell G5 SE Gaming Laptop Evaluation Review – Base Read

The Dell G5 SE demonstrated this potential for the first time. This is an affordable gaming laptop that can be equipped with both AMD Ryzen 7 4800H and AMD Radeon RX 5600M graphics cards. This is the latest and best product offered by AMD.

7 things you have to do to protect yourself from COVID-19? – Base Read

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is defined as a disease caused by a new coronavirus, now known as severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2; formerly known as 2019-Nov).

Google Assistant will soon support controlling stylers and more doorbells – Base Read

With the huge and ever-expanding IoT library, Google Assistant has been playing a cat-and-mouse game to support all content. Last night, Google erroneously updated its assistant developer documentation to include doorbell and styler device types, which will soon be widely supported.

TCL’s 10L delivery value with a compromised mixed price of $250 – Base Read

No smartphone is perfect, and for mid-range smartphones, you expect a compromise. The $399 iPhone SE does not have a face ID and cannot use portrait mode when taking pictures of puppies. The Galaxy A51, priced at $399, is mixed. TCL’s $449 10 Pro is not very good at photography, but the display is good with the $250 TCL 10L, you also want to lower expectations.

India’s Reliance Jio platform will sell $750 million in shares to Abu Dhabi Investment Authority – Base Read

Mukesh Ambani attracted the seventh-largest investor in his telecommunications business within a few weeks. On Sunday, Reliance Jio Platforms announced that it will sell 1.16% of its shares to the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) at a price of US $750 million and continue to make compelling investments at the peak of the global pandemic.

Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 Review – Base Read

Surface Headphones 2 uses all-day comfort and intuitive controls to stand out from the crowd. Considering that the company has never made noise-canceling headphones before, Microsoft’s original Surface headphones are very good.

Samsung may start putting ads into a user interface (UI) – Base Read

There are new rumors that Samsung may bring One UI ads on some of its phones. The source of the rumor was the image of the advertisement that was allegedly displayed on the Samsung lock screen.

Analysts say Apple should buy DuckDuckGo Search Engine – Base Read

Google paid a huge sum of amount to Apple, making it the default search engine on the iPhone. According to Toni Sacconaghi of Bernstein, Apple earns about $8 billion in annual revenue, so Google can become the default search engine on iOS devices such as the iPhone.

Apple’s iOS 14 version will focus on stable performance – Base Read

Apple is preparing to announce a series of new software versions at the 2020 World Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 22. Bloomberg reported today that the star of the developer conference will be a historic shift from Intel to ARM-based processors. In Apple’s Mac personal computer series, there will also be news on mobile software.

Android 11 Beta Launched with more controls and more clutter – Base Read

Google has just released the public beta version of Android 11, and for most of us, this will be our first opportunity to preview new changes in the operating system. The 1.72GB update is expected to make a lot of improvements in messaging, navigation, multitasking, and privacy, not to mention developer backend enhancements.

Most Notable new Android 11 Features – Base Read

The earliest Android 11 developer preview version landed in mid-February. The second preview version was released in March, and the third preview version was released on April 23. Then, on May 6, Google released the surprising fourth Android 11 preview and the updated Android 11 beta release schedule.

T-Mobile’s network has been shut down, which also affected Verizon and AT&T calls – Base Read

Customers of the three major carriers in the United States have all encountered the problem of making calls to T-Mobile. According to user reports on Downdetector and social media, T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T customers are having trouble making calls across the United States. The report is published at approximately 2:20 pm Eastern Time, yesterday.

Qualcomm brings Snapdragon 865 to the world of robots – Base Read

Qualcomm announced a new robot platform based on a variant of its Snapdragon 865 processor. The Robotics RB5 uses the QRB5165 processor and has the same CPU, GPU, ISP, and DSP as the Snapdragon 865, but this time it supports an industrial temperature range from -40°C to 105°C, and some improved vision has been performed around the computer.

Microsoft closes streaming platform Mixer to work with Facebook Gaming – Base Read

After Microsoft’s growth fails to meet the company’s expectations, it will shut down its video game streaming platform Mixer. The company said on Monday that it will work with Facebook (FB) to transition the Mixer streaming community to Facebook Gaming.

Google’s Pixel Buds have a new bass enhancement effect – Base Read

“Google’s Pixel Buds sound significantly better with the new bass enhancement effect, but connection problems still exist.”

Which is will be the best home security camera in 2020?

When it comes to your home security, the best home security camera should be one of the main concerns. After all, if you feel that a house is not safe, you cannot call it a house. Fortunately, today's technology is so advanced that it is not difficult to protect your home.


What is home security & how does home security work?

What is home security & how does home security work?
Fitbit new smartwatch can tell you how stressful you are – Base Read

Fitbit released a new smartwatch called Sense on Tuesday, which has new health-tracking features, such as the ability to measure the body’s response to stress, monitor skin temperature, and perform ECG checks.

Samsung Note 20 Ultra: Is it a phablet for mobile phone lovers? – Base Read

Samsung brand loyalists usually belong to one of the following two camps: those who like the Galaxy S series and those who like the Galaxy Note series. But this year may be different. Because the latest Note device-the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra released last week-is not only a mobile phone enthusiast but also a phablet enthusiast.

Lenovo Released New Lenovo Legion Slim 7i Gaming Laptop with Lightweight – Base Read

As part of its holiday lineup, Lenovo is releasing a new Lenovo Legion Slim 7i gaming notebook.  According to the business, this is the slimmest chassis of any Legion notebook computer.  The Slim 7i weighs in just under four pounds (1.86 kilograms).