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Updated by ConsultingWhiz Software Development Company on Mar 12, 2021
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How to Develop Online Meeting Apps Like Zoom- Features, Component and Development Cost

Are thinking to develop a video chatting app like Zoom? Read this article to know more about features, component and the cost to build a Zoom app clone.

2020: The Best Taxi Booking Apps in The USA | Mobile App Development

Here is the review of the top taxi mobile apps by the Experts of “ConsultingWhiz”. In this article, our experts will tell you why these applications are the best in the USA

How to Develop a Online Streaming App like Netflix- Key Features, Development Cost and Planning

In this article, our editor talked about creating a high-quality online streaming application that will help you achieve your business goals. We described the most important features for a video streaming mobile app and its development phase and gave you an idea of how to build similar apps like Netflix and how much does the cost of app development. Consult us for your requirement today.

How to Develop an IoT Mobile Application- Features, Development Tips, Estimated Cost

Want to learn how to make perfect IoT application? In this article, we provide a detail of IoT development, features and costing for building Internet of Things apps

How to Develop an MVP Mobile App- Features, Development Phase, and Cost Estimation

obile app development and quality software products have become the main attraction of companies in the past few years. MVP apps are the best way to test an app idea before developing the full version of an app. They save you precious time on your investment and efforts without monitoring the results. Learn here ultimate guide to build MVP for your startup

How to Develop Social Media App like TikTok- Advance Features, Development Phase, Cost

Being a popular app, there is a fierce competition going on in the market. This means you need to come up with your app before it is too late. At this point, you have two options. Either you can come up with your own app by adding in the latest features or come up with a clone app for TikTok. Just be sure to have expert mobile app developers on board to take care of your mobile app development needs.

How to Create a Shopping App like Amazon- Features, Technology Stack and Cost Estimation

When we are developing clones of top brands like Amazon, Flipkart etc… The first question comes in mind how to build it and what will be the cost, here are the important steps for creating a successful E-commerce APP like Amazon for Your Business.

How to Develop a Messaging App like WhatsApp Chat in 2021?

After the rapid growth of social networks, WhatsApp takes first place among the most popular apps making entrepreneurs look for ways to create a messaging app like WhatsApp. Here, we have gathered the most important features for the instant messaging application, the development cost, and monetization strategies.

2021: Best 10 Food Ordering Apps in US- Food Delivery Services

Are you looking for the best on-demand food delivery apps? This article will provide you a list of the top 10 most popular and used taxi booking apps in the USA.

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Today, more than a billion people use the internet on a daily basis and around 700 million use an application daily. If you are someone looking to develop an application then it is the perfect time to avail the React Native Mobile App Development Services. Learn here why react native should be your first choice for app development

How to Create a Cleanly Clone App- Features, Development & Cost Estimation

When it comes to the question of “how to build an app like Cleanly”, it depends on a lot of factors that need to be considered in the development process. Here we have tried to explain everything about from start to end that can help you have your answer to how to make an app like Cleanly, its features and cost estimation to make a clone of Cleanly App.

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