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Headline for Top 5 Sri Lankan Food to Try in Colombo – Dive in an Ocean of Heavenly Tastes!
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Top 5 Sri Lankan Food to Try in Colombo – Dive in an Ocean of Heavenly Tastes!

Sri Lanka is called the pearl of the Indian Ocean, not only for its beauty but for its affluent heritage as well. The unique flavours of the Sri Lankan cuisine occupy a significant position in its rich culture. Here are some of the best Sri Lankan dishes that you must try!



Considered a staple food among the Sri Lankan households, hoppers are a delicious food that is best served hot. Hoppers are made out of rice flour, granulated sugar, coconut milk, and water, which acts as the base for yeast and the coconut-milk infused rice that is added later. The batter is swirled into the hopper pan, where it is cooked over medium heat. An egg is cracked in the middle, which brings life to the best-loved egg hoppers in Sri Lanka. Hoppers can be eaten with a side garnish of delicious meat or fish gravy of your choice or simply with lunu miris, which is a spicy sambol made of onion, chilli pieces, salt, and lime juice.



Kottu is a highly popular street food that is rather loved by Sri Lankans. The street food corners serve them while you can literally notice the hotness emanating from the depths of utter deliciousness. The artfully shredded pieces of Godamba Roti are what make the base of this highly craved dish of the local community. A unique feature of making this dish is the pounding of the ingredients using iron blades to a rhythm that is mastered by the kottu chefs over the years. This is done to mix the mélange of ingredients that serve to make this dish more appealing. Chicken kottu, egg kottu, and vegetable kottu are some of the varieties of this mouth-watering dish.


Milk Rice

Milk Rice is a Sri Lankan food that goes way back to the olden days of the country. It takes the centre of the dining tables and is cooked to mark significant events that take place in the lives of the natives such as weddings and Sinhala and Tamil New Year. Milk Rice or rather, kiribath, is a dish that mainly consists of rice that is infused with freshly-extracted coconut milk. Although it is traditionally consumed with lunu miris, it can be made more flavoursome when it’s eaten with the gravy of a fish or chicken curry. Sometimes, milk rice is cooked with green gram that results in a delicious variety. Another sweet alternative is milk rice with centers that have a mixture made out of coconut and treacle heated together.



Being a traditional Sri Lankan delicacy that is fondly eaten during tea time, Halapa encapsulates the authentic Sri Lankan flavours in the confines of kenda leaves. While being cooked, it ensues a unique and tasteful aroma, which makes the mouth water of anyone in the vicinity. The distinctive flavour of helapa is brought out by kurakkan flour, which is just one ingredient of the mixture that consists of coconut treacle, sugar, and grated coconut. Salt and powdered cardamom can be added according to one’s taste. The Kenda leaves also contribute to the flavour when this mixture is placed between the folded leaves and steamed for several minutes.


Battered Prawns

Being an island nation that is nestled amidst the Indian Ocean, it comes as no surprise when seafood frequents the menus of many luxury restaurants in Colombo. Battered prawn is a scrumptious dish that is among the top favourites of the country. The batter-glazed prawns are deep-fried, resulting in the crispiness of the outside and succulent moistness of the inside. Battered Prawns is a popular dining choice at many properties in Colombo such as Residence by Uga Escapes. This scrumptious Sri Lankan delight can be made flavourful by dipping in a sauce of your choice or with a squeeze of lime.