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Updated by Chay Kelly on May 28, 2020
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My blog about digital marketing, tech and photography. Simple tips to help you make a differance in whatever you're doing.

About Me - An Introduction | Chay Kelly

Hi I'm Chay! This is my first blog introducing who I am, why I've created this site and what it's all about. Read on to learn more.

About The Useful Tools Section | Chay Kelly

I have created a list of useful marketing tools and this post covers why I've done this and how it can help you improve your marketing.

Using An SVG As Your Website Favicon | Chay Kelly

TlDR; You can use an SVG image as your website favicon to improve site speed on web browsers that allow it while falling back to an .ICO favicon if the browser doesn't support an SVG.

How To Create An HTML Accordion | Chay Kelly

Learn how to create an accordion using only HTML and CSS, no Javascript required. Keep your site running quickly on all devices.

Chay Kelly Photogrpahy | My Photos | Download For Free

My photography portfolio showing my best images that you can download for free and use in your work. Take a look at my free to use photos here.

Useful code snippets to help you solve common challenges on websites. Take a look and see if your problem can be solved quickly and easily.

A list of useful marketing tools I've used over the years for SEO, copy writing, photography, design, planning and more. Find your next favourite tool here.