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Five Facts You Never Knew About Singapore – Looking Beyond the Concrete Forests.

Singapore is not just an urban wonderland with skyscrapers towering over the mesmerising cityscapes. It is a land like no other with many fascinating facts nestled inside its concrete jungle that has gone beyond its limits to be surrounded by nature.


Singapore is where celebrations never end!

From the dawn of New Year towards the end of it, Singapore becomes a whirl of festivities that would fascinate anyone lucky enough to witness them. From prominent cultural events to renowned sports events, the country strives to include people from all walks in life in its festive buzz. The Singapore Food Festival in July is where the whims and fancies of the food lovers come true when they are exposed to a tasteful array of traditional and modern Singaporean delicacies. The Chinese New Year, the Hungry Ghost Festival are some of the beautiful cultural events that one should never miss in Singapore.


Singapore is the pioneer of the first F1 night race

The Grand Prix season of Singapore is what makes every formula one fan’s heartbeat race, since 2008. The country also made history when they made the debut for the world’s first-ever Formula 1-night race. The winding Marina Bay street circuit offers striking views to the spectators as the racing cars whizz past them in brightly-lit conditions.


Orchard Road is not just about shopping

Many tourists are under the misconception that Orchard Road is rather synonymous with shopping. It’s not the case really; this popular location in Singapore provides access to a library that revels in a chic interior that one can seek respite for some hours. For the adrenaline junkies, Orchard Central gives offers the thrill of climbing the Via Ferrata, the tallest indoor climbing wall of the country. Even those who don’t love shopping as much can have a wonderful time while they are residing at one of the many hotels near Orchard Road Singapore the likes of PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering Singapore. You can even bounce back to your childhood again at BOUNCE Singapore, which is located in the SCAPE Mall.


The locals speak English- and Singlish!

Singaporeans are quite fluent in English as the students are taught English as a first language at almost all schools in the country. But don’t be that surprised if you hear them adding exclamations and colourful terms in their own language in between- which is what makes Singlish- a vibrant local slang. Singapore’s multiculturalism has resulted in this colloquial lingo. A famous term you’d come across in many hawker centres across the country is ‘chope,’ which is a local word to reserve a seat.


Singapore boasts of the world’s first night zoo – The Night Safari!

Singapore offers a night-time experience like no other with its Night Safari, which brings people in at night when animals are most active in their habitat. Rather than being made a part of the Singapore Zoo, it is located as a separate entity right next to it. Since its inauguration in 1994, the Night Safari has been attracting millions of visitors per year.