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Updated by Joanna James on May 28, 2020
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Interesting facts about Singapore – Some things you need to know!

What do you know about Singapore? All of us know that it is a prosperous state that has reached the pinnacle when it comes to successful urban planning. But what else? There are many more interesting facts about this country that you’d love to know!


Singapore is not just one single island

Did you know that 64 offshore islands surround the main island? Yes, although it is hard to believe, it’s the truth. During your stay at properties like PARKROYAL On Kitchener Road Singapore, make sure you visit Sentosa (which is the largest offshore island), St.John’s Island, and also Pulau Ubin, so that you get the chance to experience how different each offshore island is compared with another.


The world’s first night zoo is here

Do you know how to make your family vacation spent at one of the suites in Singapore much more exciting? Have a nocturnal tour around the Singapore zoo with your kids! It’s as easy as that! The zoo was established in 1994 and by today, there are more than 1000 species of animals in their naturalistic environments. The night zoo trip will just be a 40-minute tram ride and you will surely enjoy every bit of it.


The language in Singapore is different

Not to worry, people in Singapore do understand English. But, they often speak ‘Singlish’. That is, they mix Singapore’s own phrases with English. Don’t be surprised to hear a few odd exclamations such as ‘lah’ and ‘leh’ when you are in Singapore because that’s how they do it. At restaurants, they use another Singlish term called ‘chope’ which means reserving a seat for you, and this will be important to know before you actually visit the country.


Singapore is green

Singapore is one of the greenest cities in the world. Approximately, half of Singapore is covered with green and this proves how wrong it is to call this modern state an artificial one. The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve in Singapore is believed to contain more number of tree species in a single hectare than all of the tree species found in North America!


Singapore is always eventful

Do you know what’s so impressive about the culture in Singapore? Singaporeans always have something to celebrate. There are many cultural festivals, major sports events, and also religious events held throughout the year to keep everyone entertained. In July, every year, there is the Singapore Food Festival attended by thousands of people who love tasting new dishes!


A big No-No for chewing gums here

It’s funny, but it’s true! You can’t buy Chewing Gum at any shop in Singapore, and if you do, you are going against the law. (But, if a doctor prescribes you a dental or nicotine gum, you, of course, can!) This is because Singapore is one of the few countries in the world that prioritise the cleanliness of the country more than anything.