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Sao Paulo Secure Transportation Services - Exec Secure

Brazil is considered high risk for business and leisure travelers due to violent crimes such as assault, robbery, kidnapping and murder perpetrated by gangs that control the notorious “Favelas”. Non-violent crimes including thefts, pickpocketing and credit card scams are also prevalent in tourist and highly populated locations secure ground transportation Sau Paulo.

Armored Vehicles Buenos Aires, Argentina

ETS can facilitate security airport transfers to ensure safe and secure ground transportation Buenos Aires movement from airport to hotel, and hotel to airport. We have a range of vehicle options, all with security drivers, and armed protection officers can also be utilized to facilitate a secure meet and greet service and escort into the hotel on arrival.

Medellin Secure Transportation Services - Exec Secure

Secure executive secure ground transportation Medellin from one of the world's leading secure transportation providers. Our web based platform and in-country executive protection and security drivers ensure clients the very best security services.

ETS Security Overview – Kenya

Our secure ground transportation Nairobi team of local security specialists include highly experienced and vetted Close Protection Officers; their knowledge of security, logistics, emergency first aid, and understanding of local cultures ensures client operations are deployed securely and effectively at all times.More Details >> Click Here

Country-Wide Security Transportation And Executive Protection In Mexico

The business traveler to Mexico is ill-served by a national or regional level risk assessment approach. Rather, Mexico travel risk must be viewed through the lens of locality. For example, risk levels in Cancun are not nearly the same as Monterrey. Corporate security organizations wedded to general travel advice for Mexican regions will not only find themselves saying “No” to business opportunities in safer towns but saying “Yes” to potentially life-threatening visits to villages that should be off-limits. More than ever before, business travelers unaware of the risk distinctions from district to district, and neighborhood to neighborhood are either placing themselves at unprecedented risk or missing out on closing deals in places where the risk is manageable. Click here to learn more about Mexico Risk and Security. Click Here

Security Transportation Services | Islamabad

According to the OSAC (U.S. State Department) 2016 Crime & Safety Report the Crime Rate in Islamabad is rated as MEDIUM. Threats to international travelers include gender and politically based violence and kidnapping, sexual assault, & civil unrest. Low profile crime such as ‘pan-handling’ at major intersections do occur, but statistics suggest that this is no more than in any other large city in the world. Click Here

Secure Airport Transfers Sao Paulo

We provide security transfers from Secure Ground Transportation Sao Paulo airport to hotels and hotels to airport at competitive rates with exceptional levels of travel security protection services including armed EP officers, and a range of options for armored and non-armored vehicles. Our local security team, all English speaking, meet and greet in a low profile manner at the airport or hotel, escort you to the vehicle, and ensure smooth and safe transition to your destination.

ETS Special Event Security, Transport and VIP Protection in Saudi Arabia

In 2018 and 2019 ETS was extremely active in Saudi Arabia, providing a range of protective services throughout the region View More. Our most vital role was secure transportation, supporting the movements of many high-profile clients, including Fortune 10, 50, 100 and 500 companies as well as a filming expedition for a media and celebrity team. To facilitate our clients’ Saudi Arabia Travel Risk Management we provided multiple secure airport transfers for large groups of business and executive travelers, also supporting their movements to and from corporate meetings and events. 24-hour English speaking close protection officers for all VIP movements throughout the region and Special Event Security.

Secure Transportation And Executive Protection Services In Sao Paulo

Our local security team Read More, led by the ETS Brazil Manager, a former Captain in the Policia Militar, provides clients the pinnacle of Executive Protection and corporate risk management service in Brazil. The vast majority of our work is in facilitating secure transportation of business travelers in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. We also assist with the movement of valuable assets over ground, and in project management of complex operations in more remote locations.

Security Services Offered in Buenos Aires

ExecSecure is a secure ground transportation Buenos Aires and personal protection service for business executives traveling throughout the world. Our innovative service is focused on the simplification and standardization of global business executive travel security.Find out how execsecure Protection provides secure transportation and Executive Protection services that always ensure safe and timely transport for our clients worldwide.

South Africa Executive Protection & Secure Transportation Services

Traveling by road in South Africa is medium to high risk. The standard of driving varies throughout the region and drivers can lack discipline. Road traffic laws are not routinely enforced, and many rules are ignored, resulting in an increased risk of Road Traffic Collisions (RTCs). secure ground transportation Johannesburg are common in South Africa with the death toll reported as higher than average in comparison to the wider African region and world averages.

Security Services Offered in Nairobi

Armed Security officers,Licensed Executive Protection Personnel,Local Drivers – English & Swahili speaking Secure Ground Transportation Nairobi,Armored and Non-Armored Vehicles,Armed or unarmed protection,Site Security Surveys,Risk Reports. Road conditions are poor in most outlying or rural areas, especially after the rainy seasons when roads deteriorate rapidly, causing extensive potholes and other road hazards. Strongly consider using four-wheel-drive vehicle, especially for travel outside major cities.

South Africa Executive Protection & Secure Transportation Services | Web Design & Development

ETS Risk Management is one of the leading providers of secure transportation and Executive Protection in South Africa. We provide protective services to multiple companies and business travelers, Conferences, and Non-Governmental Organizations traveling through the region. ETS risk management has an exceptionally experienced secure ground transportation johannesburg and trusted security team based in Johannesburg. This is our main area of operation, but we also serve the popular tourist location of Cape Town, along with Pretoria, and the broader province as required.

  • ExecSecure is a secure executive transportation and personal protection service for business executives traveling throughout the world. Our innovative service is focused on the simplification and standardization of global business executive travel security.

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