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05 of the Best Things to do in Kalpitiya – Coastal Adventures Like No Other!

If you are looking to not only spend your holiday in Sri Lanka lazing on the beach but trying various fun activities too, then Kalpitiya is the place to go to! Here are some of the many captivating things to do in this idyllic destination on the North Western coastline.


Dolphin Watching

One of the premier places for dolphin watching in Sri Lanka, Kalpitiya provides plenty of opportunities to view these playful marine mammals swimming wild and free. Generally, the peak season for this activity is from October to March with local areas such as Alankuda being amongst the hotspots for such excursions. You will have the chance of seeing a massive number of spinner dolphins here which sometimes form what are called "super pods". Of course, this is not the only species you may spot; bottlenose, Fraser's, humpback, striped, Risso's and spotted dolphins may be seen too!


Whale Watching

Dolphins are not the only marine mammals you have a chance of seeing and one of the best things to do in Kalpitiya is to embark on whale watching excursions. The season for this activity is from November to April as whales migrate during this time and can be seen in the waters off the shore. One of the key sights that you can look forward to is the mighty blue whale coming up to the surface, while you may also spot dwarf sperm, minke and melon-headed whales too.



Kalpitiya has also become the prime destination for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka. Spots like Alankuda Beach where you will find Dolphin Beach Resort offers fantastic wind speed ranging from 17 to 26 knots which provide plenty of thrills. May to October is generally the best time for kitesurfing in Kalpitiya with June, July and August being the peak months. Beginners can look to try this activity at the nearby Puttalam Lagoon which has flat water, while one can also plan a kitesurfing excursion to Vella Island.


Snorkelling & Diving

For some adventures beneath the waves, one can try snorkelling and diving in Kalpitiya. Within easy reach is St Anne's Reef which is an ideal spot for both these activities; you have a chance of seeing a fascinating array of fish and coral and may spot rays as well. For more in-depth exploration, divers can head off on an excursion to Nisha Rock home to napoleon wrasses, eagle rays and a variety of soft and hard corals. Also worth visiting are dive sites such as Paraw Reef, Little Gem and Bulldog Reef.



Of course, the many things to do in Kalpitiya include activities on land too! Cycling is perfect for families, couples or those just looking to explore this charming locale. On a cycling adventure, one has a chance to visit fishing and farming communities, experience local culture and gain insights into traditional livelihoods. You can also look forward to cycling around the town and visiting attractions in Kalpitiya such as the historic Dutch Reformed Church and the ruins of the Dutch Fort.

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