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Updated by Joanna James on May 27, 2020
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Top 6 places to visit in Yala – Closer to wildlife and nature

In Sri Lanka, although many places can make your holiday wonderful, some places will always be special. Yala is such a special destination that lets you get so much closer to nature and the wild. Here are 5 places to go to Yala when you are there!


Yala National Park

Out of all the beautiful attractions that Yala has, this one is surely the best. The Yala National Park. While enjoying all the luxury at a hotel the likes of Cinnamon Wild Yala, you get the opportunity to soothe your minds with a wildlife safari in Yala, and what else could you ever ask for? If you are a true nature lover, you may be worried to undertake a safari thinking that your journey may hinder the wild animals, but in reality, that's not the case here. The safaris are totally ecofriendly. Among the friends you meet on your way are leopards, elephants, birds, and many more.



Who said Yala is just to enjoy wildlife? At the Buduruwagala Temple, you can also explore the history and culture of Sri Lanka. The town of Wellawaya is not that far from many a, and this place is famous for having the highest Buddha Statue in the country which is 15 m tall. The rock-cut Buddha figures you get to see are more than 1000 years old and they are still in good condition.



Those who travel across the 4th block of Yala National Park will come across this place. It has nothing to do with wildlife, but it's more of a sacred place. As the locals still believe that this is a highly religious place, they say not to visit it if you have consumed meat or any type of alcohol. They believe Kebiliththa served as the meditation spot for Gods of Kataragama and Skanda Kumara, so Buddhists and Hindus both equally visit this place.



If you are someone visiting Yala, Sithulpawwa is also another must-visit place in the area. It's a rock temple blessed with great scenic views and the views are loved by tourists from all over the world. They believe that more than 12,000 Buddhist monks resided at this ancient rock monastery in the past. The architecture you will get to explore in the temple is more than 2200 years old and they are still amazing.


Tsunami Memorial

If you go on a safari in Yala, ask your tour guide to stop by the Tsunami Memorial for a while. It has been built in remembrance of the innocent souls who died when a Tsunami hit Sri Lanka in 2004. It was a beach spot earlier, but after the tragic incident, it serves as a place where the public can pay their tribute to the victims of this unfortunate incident. If you are not aware of the 2004 Tsunami, this is also a good chance to get to know about it too!