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Updated by Joanna James on May 27, 2020
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5 cool things to do in Colombo – Having fun in an ever busy city

With all the luxury hotels, tall buildings, modern temples, and ever-busy streets, Colombo surely is a great place to explore. If explored right, you are sure to find a beautiful blend of luxury, culture, heritage, street lives, and many more.


Visit the National Museum

Say for instance you spend your vacation at a star hotel the likes of Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo. When travelling about in Colombo, you are likely to have come across this large white coloured building that has a majestic look. This is the National Museum of Sri Lanka, and as it has been built by a British Governor in the 1800's, the building has some British architectural styles to it. The museum displays the golden throne, crown, and many other ancient treasures.


Enjoying the Fort City

Around Colombo 01 (Fort Area) the buildings that you can see have a different vibe. The Dutch and the British have been here in Colombo when they were ruling Sri Lanka and the buildings still carry that colonial look. Today, it's a mix of colonial typed buildings and modern ones, along with many hotels in Colombo City that are also located nearby. There are many government buildings such as the President's House here, so the security network here is relatively very high.


Exploring the Gangaramaya Temple

It's a very famous Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka. But, although the Buddhist temples, in general, have a much laid back look, this famous temple is truly an exception. It's all modern and vibrant. The temple has a library, a museum, and a huge collection of gifts donated to the temple by devotees over the years. The temple showcases Buddha Statues of every type- the gold, stone, glass, and even plastic.


Admiring the Independence Memorial Hall

In remembrance and commemoration of independence that was gained by Sri Lanka in 1948, Colombo has this majestic place called the 'Independence Square'. It's a stone building surrounded by a green garden. Right in front of this hall, there is a statue of the first president of Sri Lanka- Hon. D.S. Senanayake who is also known as the 'Father of the Nation'. If you have ever been to Kandy, you must have seen the Royal Audience Hall and there is a similarity in the architecture of these two buildings. Very close to this place, there is also the Arcade Shopping Mall with picturesque settings that you can stroll into for some leisurely shopping.


Wandering the Pettah Streets

So, Pettah means Colombo 11. This is one of the oldest areas of Colombo and exploring the streets is an exciting adventure. The streets are full of different sounds and smells, and you find shops, stalls, and markets everywhere you go. And, in-between, you will come across some of the country's most famous churches and Muslim mosques as well. Pettah also has the Dutch Period Museum which was once the Dutch Governor's residence. Periodically, this building has served as a Catholic seminary, a military hospital, a police station, and a post office, and now is a museum that houses many colonial styled furniture and artefacts.