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The Check List of Packing for Sri Lanka – The Essential Guide

Sri Lankans are quite famous for their warm hospitality, offered to many foreign tourists travelling from near and far. However, when going to a country that is entirely different from your own, there are some essential things that you consider adding to your packing list.


Travel Essentials

Even before you think of what you are going to wear, you should pack your passport, tickets and other essential documents required for international travelling. Also, it would be ideal to have the names of your travel destinations translated into Sinhala, as some drivers don't speak English or wouldn't understand your accent.


Mosquito Repellent and Sunscreen

Sri Lanka has a warm climate which invites a variety of insects. Unfortunately, this means insects such as mosquitoes as well. Contrary to popular belief, Sri Lanka has wholly eradicated Malaria from the country. But it wouldn't hurt to take some precautionary methods. As you would be exposed to sunlight most of the time, it is only sensible to pack sunscreen as well.


Raincoat and Umbrella

Sri Lanka is full of surprises. Unpredicted rainfalls are one of them. Although it would be quite fun while it lasts, nobody wants to be drenched for a long time and catch a cold during a trip to this paradisiacal island. Purchase a rain jacket that is made out of lightweight material that doesn't require much space when packing. Having an umbrella is great for all kinds of weathers. May it be a rainy day or an extremely sunny one, your umbrella will always come in handy!


Jelly Sandals

Other types of sandals and shoes are prone to damage if they absorb water. Jelly sandals will take you anywhere without letting you worry about damaging them. Plus, they are recyclable, resist odour and non-toxic which makes them all the more alluring.


Hiking Shoes

One can perfectly get around in Sri Lanka with just sandals to protect their feet. But if you're planning to go on a hike, you should wear hiking shoes. They would protect you against many thorns, bushes and stones that meet your feet along the way.



Travelling with unnecessary baggage will slow you down. Therefore, you should narrow your luggage to just two bags: as in a backpack and a daypack. The backpack is to carry all your clothes, toiletries and electronic items. The daypack would include all your valuables such as cash, credit cards and emergency supplies.


Bathing Suit

With long stretches of turquoise blue oceans and serene lakesides, Sri Lanka is one of the few places that you get to use your bathing suit on a frequent basis. So pick the best swimsuit you have in your wardrobe. These places aren't just swimming holes filled with water, but charming paradise-like locations that are quite picture-worthy.


A Sarong Wrap

A sarong wrap with pretty colours will not only make you look attractive, but it will double up as a cover-up over your bathing suit. You can even convert it into a dress, as demonstrated by many YouTube videos to cover your short shorts in many conservative areas in the country.


Camera with Spare Batteries

Sri Lanka is an enchantingly photogenic country. You can never be too prepared to capture the fascinating scenery that conjures up at a moment's notice. Pack spare batteries and a memory card also if you will, because once you miss out, you will never come across the same setting again.


Clothes Fit for Warm vs Cold Weather

Some cotton t-shirts, tank tops, elephant pants and loose-fitting shorts would be ideal for being comfortable in humid weather. Although, if you're planning on visiting the hill country where the temperature is known to get chilly, a wool jersey will surely keep you warm and cosy. But if you're staying at properties such as Heritance Hotels Sri Lanka, you won't need many layers of clothing as they would provide heaters to keep you comfortable. While you're on the subject of accommodation, you better check for any hotel offers in Sri Lanka before you book any hotels or resorts if you're sticking to a budget.

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