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Types of Ayurvedic treatments in Sri Lanka – Replenish Your Mind and Body

Sri Lanka encapsulates all that is enchanting and mysterious. It holds many resources that were passed down by the ancestors, that contain the secrets of cleansing the mind and the body. Here are some of the ayurvedic treatments that allude to the bygone times of Sri Lanka.


Shiro Abhyanga

With Shiro Abhyanga, which basically refers to an ayurvedic head massage, you will have a soothing experience that would relax you to the core. The certified masseurs will stimulate the places from shoulder upwards that are most prone to stress and tension. It would ensure the release of hormones that would work towards de-stressing and improving your concentration and alertness. This treatment will have an outward effect on you as the oils used will nourish your hair follicles which in turn would promote hair growth.


Muka Abhyanga

Revealing the ancient beauty secrets, Muka Abhyanga, or rather, a herbal facial treatment would rejuvenate you with a healthy and refreshing glow that would last for a long time. The resulting effect is a product of an array of beauty treatments including a facial scrub and massage, a face pack, and herbal steam that would thoroughly cleanse your pores. It is a must-have treatment for smoother skin that would make you feel radiant and confident for months in the end.


Nalakini Abhyanga

Nalakini Abhyanga refers to a soothing leg massage. This ancient treatment alleviates many problems associated with legs such as cramps, swelling, and varicose veins. The treatment is given in the form of a gentle yet deep massage that would help in promoting circulation, which would result in less swelling and puffiness of the feet and legs. Sometimes, the ayurvedic oil that is used for the treatment will give you a healing sensation generating an immediate relief.


Paschima Abhyanga

The ayurvedic term of this treatment alludes to back massages which aid in providing relief to the tensed and knotted muscles near the shoulder region and along the spine. It would reduce the aches and pains and provide deep relaxation that would be beneficial for the well-being of your nervous system. Herbal oils that cater towards extinguishing the feeling of pain and anxiety are used in this highly sought ayurvedic treatment.



Being one of the highly effective methods of reducing stress and related conditions, Shirodhara is a 45-minute treatment that would be carried out for three consecutive days. It focuses on healing many ailments by pouring ayurvedic liquid over your forehead, hence the name, which roughly translates into "head flows" in Sanskrit. This treatment has been identified as having high chances of curing many diseases such as vertigo, sinusitis, and psychological conditions of the sort of insomnia.



One can be engulfed in the utterly relaxing sensations of a full body massage with Abhyanga. You will be bathed in healing ayurvedic oil along with herbal and steam baths to achieve good health and well-being of your body. Moreover, it would dull any aches that you may have and ease you into a more relaxed state of living. If you're travelling on a budget and still feel a fiery urge to pamper your body with one of these healing treatments of the east, you should look for some hotel offers in Sri Lanka that provide you with the luxury of ayurvedic treatments. One such property that offers ayurvedic treatments is Heritance Ayurveda.

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