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Top 7 Festivals Celebrated in Namibia – Famous Festivals of a Diverse Culture

On the Southwest shorelines of Southern Africa lies the Republic of Namibia, a land with a culture so diverse that it has resulted in a variety of festivities. Although it is predominantly a Christian country, celebrations that reflect its ancestral origins are prevalent throughout the year.


Bank Windhoek Arts Festival

Bank Windhoek Arts Festival is held in February every year to celebrate and appreciate the native artists along with their work. This helps and encourages the artists to establish their unique identity in the industry. An array of engrossing events decorates the capital, with an array of art that captures the attention of many tourists from near and far.


Enjando Street Festival

With continuous celebrations that last for almost two days, the Enjando Street Festival is where one would be enchanted by the native dance performances. The colourful and uniquely traditional costumes of the dancers will make you engulf in a vibrant haze. Also known as Mbapira, this festival is held during March every year. It is the perfect excuse for the natives to dress up in national costumes and bring the streets of Namibia to life.


Windhoek Karneval

Better known as the WIKA, Windhoek Karneval is considered to be the largest cultural event in Namibia. It gives out distinct German vibes that hint at the remnants of German occupation in the recent past. Taking place during late April, WIKA boasts of a multitude of events that comprises of a variety of musical performances. Moreover, it is famous for its masked ball for adults and the Independence Avenue parade that is specially held for kids.


Africa Day

Celebrated on a grand scale on the 25th of May every year, the Africa Day commemorates the founding of the OAU, which stands for the Organisation of African Unity. Also known as the African Unity Day, it has even been declared a statutory holiday for several countries in the continent. The race has always been included in the national discussions of Africa. It was primarily due to the apartheid laws and other discriminatory rules that have inhibited the lives of the native Africans for years. Africa Day is celebrated to cast away those differences and work together as a community towards a harmonious coexistence. It is truly a celebration of the diversity of the Africans.


Küste Karneval

Kuste Karneval is yet another remnant from the German occupation of Namibia, which is celebrated in the charming coastal town of Swakopmund. Also called the coast carnival, this festival is held between August and September of each year. The festivities take the form of feasting with traditional dishes such as bratwurst and revelling in generous helpings of beer and sauerkraut. The festivities continue into the night as the people tend to make merry until the first rays of the dawn hit the earth.


Heroes' Day

Heroes'Day is a nationwide holiday in Namibia celebrated on the 26th of August each year. It is dedicated to commemorate the Namibian War of Independence held on the same day in 1966. Celebrated annually in August in the town of Okahandaja, this booming and vibrant festival pays tribute to the efforts of Namibian war heroes with a host of military processions and the locals dressed in traditional costumes.



Although its roots are dug deep in the German sands, Oktoberfest has become a part of the festivities of the Namibian culture. It is no wonder that the Namibians have whole-heartedly embraced Oktoberfest as it brings everyone together for some traditional games that you can participate individually or with your whole family. The Oktoberfest in Namibia is where you should head after an exciting day of negotiating or just exploring Windhoek. Hotel offers are what you should consider for acquiring amazing benefits when you stay at properties such as Avani Windhoek Hotel & Casino.