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Packaging Suppliers & Packaging Materials

Wellpack Is a UK manufacturer of Polyethylene / Polythene Plastic Bubble Wrap film including Anti Static Bubble Wrap, Standard Bubble Wrap Roll, Cardboard Boxes, Corrugated Cartons Boxes, Single Wall and Double Wall Cardboard Carton Packing Moving Boxes, Heavy Duty Boxes Manufacturer UK While we can produce bespoke and stock sizes at any time to service our customer needs and fulfill any last minute orders.

Top 6 Benefits of Using Bubble Wrap - Wellpack Europe - Medium

Large Bubble wrap is no stranger to anyone. They are used typically to provide cushioning and protect your fragile items from breaking while shipping. Whether you are moving from one place to another, want…


Packaging Tapes

Packaging Tapes

Buy Strong adhesive, Parcel Packaging Tapes from Wellpack Europe. Perfect for sealing cartons, boxes, bags and packages it provides a secure seal for items in storage and in transit.


Cardboard Postal Tubes

Cardboard Postal Tubes

Buy High-Quality Cardboard Postal Tubes with End Caps - Available in All Sizes (A0 / A1 / A2 / A3/4). Buy postal tubes from Wellpack Europe to safely mail your posters and artwork, in fact anything that can be rolled.

Get Quality Packaging Supplies and Materials Online - Wellpack Europe

If you are looking for a wide range of packaging materials online in the UK, then visit Wellpack Europe now. We are one of the most leading packaging suppliers in the UK. Our packaging supplies offer a perfect solution to your moving and storage problems.

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Find Premium Quality Moving Boxes Online - Wellpack

Packing while moving house actually takes longer than you can imagine. So the first thing to decide is whether you’ll be packing everything yourself or you are going to hire someone to do the job for you.
Make sure you buy best quality house moving boxes, double walled boxes in several different sizes in this case will be great option. For heavy items like books and crockery medium size boxes.

Benefits of Corrugated Cardboard Packaging by Wellpack Europe

Corrugated cardboard is extremely lightweight as compared to other packaging materials. Its ability to hold and secure goods whilst not adding to the overall weight of the consignment makes for significant savings in terms of shipping and transportation costs. Due to the lightweightedness of the corrugated cardboard boxes, it is easier to handle, load and unload during the transit process.

5 Strong and Budget-friendly Packaging Materials for your Business - Infographics

Big or small, businesses keep looking for packaging materials to make better packaging that will comparatively charge less. With plenty of options in the market, choosing the perfect one, becomes rather difficult. Jiffy envelopes, corrugated cardboard boxes, kraft paper rolls, parcel mailing bags, small padded envelopes are ideals packaging supplies, but what you will be the best for you depends upon the product you ship.

Complete Guide about the Different Kinds of Moving Boxes | Wellpack Europe LTD

When you shift to a new house or a new city, nothing seems more important than choosing the perfect house moving boxes so that your goodies are transported safe

Corrugated Vs Cardboard — What’s the Difference?

Buying cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes aren’t a new thing for businesses. These are pretty much staple for packaging goods.

Benefits of Corrugated Cardboard Rolls in Packaging

Corrugated cardboard rolls are one of the popular packaging materials used by most e-commerce companies. Its wide usage across many industries have made them quite indispensable in the packaging world.

Guide to Pack Boxes during House Moving - VirePost

House moving is one of the most stressful tasks. It involves planning, packing and securing belongings of the entire house into boxes.


Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Buy Strong Heavy Duty Double Wall Cardboard Boxes - Available in All Sizes (Small, Medium, Large or even Extra Large). Our double-walled cardboard boxes are designed to offer superior strength and reliability to customers interested in shipping, moving, removal or storing heavy loads.

Different types of Packaging Material

In the infographic below you will find a brief introduction of packaging materials made from above mentioned material such as cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, corrugated paper rolls etc., that are ideal for packing different types of items.

Packaging Mistakes to Avoid When Moving - Today Posted

Buying poor quality house moving boxes and other packaging materials is the first mistake people make. Many of them borrow old cardboard boxes to save a few bucks. It might be a budget-friendly idea and work for a shorter distance. But it comes with a lot of risks.

Benefits of Corrugated Cardboard Rolls in Packaging - Wirelly

Corrugated cardboard rolls are one of the popular packaging materials used by most e-commerce companies. It is widely used in ecommerce

There are a lot of benefits that packaging materials provide us for shipping products and for shifting to a new place. These materials protect our items from all potential damage, thus making a safe shipping of the items. Also, since they are manufactured with the help of recycled materials, they are eco-friendly in nature.

When you are choosing the packaging materials to ship your products, it is necessary to choose the right ones so that your products remain safe from potential damage. Not only from the professional point of view, but from the personal point of view as well, it is necessary to choose the right packaging materials, if you are moving to a new house.

What are The Various Kinds of Packaging Materials and Why are They Required?

Packaging suppliers are the wholesale or retail suppliers of all the packaging materials that can be required before starting the relocation process.

Other Ways to Use Your Packaging Materials - Magazinetix

Most of you might have shifted or relocated to a new house at least once in your lifetime and therefore you might be having various packaging materials too at your houses which might have become almost useless by now. So, in this article we will be discussing the different uses of various packaging materials.

Most important packaging materials for you relocation journey - Magzina

Leaving a place and moving to a new one sounds to be a tough task in itself which comes combined with various other tasks and responsibilities as well such as looking for a new house in the location, packing up your household items from the older location and getting it transported to the new location, unpacking and arranging the items in the new house, etc.