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5 Most Colourful Festivals in Thailand - Engulf in a colourful vortex!

Thailand becomes a world of colour during its many festivities that take place throughout the year. They never fail to mesmerise the thousands of tourists that frequent the country. Read on to gain insights into some of the most vibrant festivals in Thailand.


Chiang Mai Flower Festival

Celebrated in the first week of February, the Chiang Mai Flower Festival engulfs its enthusiastic observers in a whirlwind of brightly coloured, floral displays. The Flower Festival would be a dream come true for all those who love buds, blossoms, and flowers. A particular highlight of the festival is the breathtakingly beautiful parade held in the Charoen Muang Road in Chiang Mai. Think arrays of picturesque floats adorned with blissfully fragrant flowers of every colour imaginable. These floats are accompanied by lively drummers and twirling dancers who captivate anyone in the vicinity with their fiery performances.



Famously known as Thailand's water festival, the Sanskrit word Songkran roughly translates into "passing" or "approaching." It marks the dawn of the Traditional Thai New Year and is celebrated from 13th to 15th April every year. Although Songkran has a deep significance in the Buddhist calendar, it has become popular around the globe as a cheerful and light-hearted water fight that takes place throughout the country. The pure joy of its participants characterises this festival. What began as a simple sprinkling of water to symbolise purification has transformed into one of the all-time favourite celebrations in Thailand.


Loi Krathong Festival

The month of November is when you should visit the land of smiles to witness one of the most breath-taking events in the world. More popular as the festival of lights, it is where one is sent to a complete trance with the tens and thousands of floating candles that illuminate the vast skies as the sun completely sets in the horizon. Celebrated to honour Lord Buddha and also the goddess of the river, this ancient festival is accompanied by dozens of festivities and spectacular parades. It is indeed a festival that would forever be etched to one's mind!


Lopburi Monkey Banquet

Well, the Lopburi Monkey Banquet does exactly what its name suggests. Visitors may be enthralled by this uncommon festival of feeding troupes of monkeys to a sumptuous banquet of luscious, tropical fruit, rice, and a variety of salads. Tables of considerable length will be loaded with fruit of every variety that will tantalise the long-tailed macaques who mingle with the locals on a daily basis. The natives offer this unbelievable banquet to their furry companions in the hope that good luck will follow in their day-to-day endeavours.


Chinese New Year

The exhilarating celebrations of the Chinese New Year take place in the Yaowarat road, where Bangkok's Chinatown flourishes in its glory. The magnificent festivities begin with the fall of the Chinese New Year, which is determined according to the Chinese lunar calendar. One can be expected to be charmed by the many astounding performances such as exotic dragon dances, which brings the streets to life. Chinese red lanterns and the sound of whip crackers add to the exotic nature of the festival. Even if you're on a business tour and taking lodgings at a hotel in Khon Kaen of the likes of Avani Khon Kaen Hotel & Convention Centre, it would be worth travelling to Bangkok to witness this spectacular celebration of this land like no other.