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Headline for Top 05 Skin & Facial Treatments – For a More Radiant “You”!
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Top 05 Skin & Facial Treatments – For a More Radiant “You”!

Did you know the skin is the largest organ on your body! That said, most tend to take it for granted though at the same time also want healthy skin, without blemish. Here are some of the popular treatments on offer that can help with skincare and improve appearances too.


Laser Skin Rejuvenation

This form of skin treatment is popular since it is non-invasive and one does not have to deal with the recovery time usually associated with surgery. Instead of the need for scalpels or even anaesthesia, infrared laser light is used which can provide several benefits including removing wrinkles. Another advantage of such a treatment is that through heat generation caused by the laser, collagen production is stimulated thereby offering a tighter or firmer look to the skin.


Chemical Peels

Sometimes referred to as derma-peeling treatments, chemical peels are a kind of cosmetic treatment which should be (like most treatments) performed and supervised by a well-known skincare specialist or wellness institution. This treatment is used on the face and utilises various kinds of acids that have different strengths; phenol, trichloroacetic acid and alpha hydroxy acid are the three main ingredients used for chemical-peel solutions. Offering benefits that include skin rejuvenation, such treatments are used to treat everything from facial spots due to damage from the sun to correcting fine lines on the face.


Collagen Facials

Another popular treatment for the skin, namely the face, collagen facials increase or stimulate collagen production. This not only helps to revitalise the skin but to also slow down the ageing process which a great many of us desire! This kind of treatment is not just relegated to beauty clinics however and are now available at wellness retreats around the world. Those staying at a Hunter Valley spa resort in New South Wales, Australia for example, at properties like Elysia Wellness Retreat can enjoy such collagen facials; utilising pure collagen extracts, these treatments will help one's skin to be smoother while leaving a healthy glow too.


Blue Light Therapy

This special form of light-based therapy is used to treat acne, specifically moderate acne that has not responded to other treatments. This procedure is non-invasive and does not cause damage to the skin though it generally takes place over the course of several weeks. Bacteria that leads to acne is targeted / killed during this treatment since the blue light wavelength that is made use of has an antimicrobial effect. It is also effective in reaching bacteria that can be found in oil glands and pores which lead to acne breakouts.



A form of treatment that should be overseen / performed by a trained dermatologist or plastic surgeon, dermabrasion entails a surgical procedure usually to treat wrinkles and scars. To numb the skin a local anaesthetic is used during the procedure, while the treatment involves a device or wire brush to scrape away the skin's top layer. Depending on the severity of the skin issue, dermabrasions may be performed in several stages.

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