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Headline for Five Reasons to add Botswana to your bucket list – The Jewel of Southern Africa
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Five Reasons to add Botswana to your bucket list – The Jewel of Southern Africa

In the midst of Southern Africa lies Botswana, a country that is mostly dominated by the Kalahari Desert. Although it is a landlocked country with no exposure to the warmth of a coastline, Botswana is indeed a shining star on the globe due to its grassy savannahs that brim with prolific wildlife.


Zebra Migration

Among the many fascinating chronicles of the fauna in Botswana, the zebra migration is a captivating phenomenon that takes place every year. It is one of the longest recorded animal migrations to date, where thousands of striped nomads trek from Okavango Delta to Makgadikgadi Pans in search of food and water. These pans usually consist of harsh environments, but the first rains bring about a fantastic transformation that covers the pans with a lush growth of grass, which are crucial for the survival of the migrating zebras. To witness this spectacular journey of nature, one must visit the area during the off-season.


The Okavango Delta

There is a place in Botswana where water has turned a part of the desert into paradise, creating an oasis of enchanting beauty. Known as the Okavango Delta, this wonderful creation of the earth is defined as the world's largest inland delta. With a maze of winding waterways and lagoons, it is where the most iconic of the African animals flourish in their natural habitat. One can even define the Okavango delta as the lifeblood of the Kalahari Desert. The best way to explore this astonishing spectacle of Botswana is by mekoro, a traditional dugout canoe in Botswana.


Mesmerising Wildlife

Wildlife thrives in the middle of Botswana's barren salt pans. Also, there are grasslands and savannahs where many animals, such as the blue wildebeest and antelopes, support their livelihood. To the north of Botswana, one can see the African wild dog that is classified as endangered. The Chobe National Park offers the ultimate treat to the nature lover's eye with its mind-blowing view of the gigantic African elephants. It also boasts of the world's highest concentration of African elephants. During Safaris, one can spot a variety of other species of Botsvanian wildlife such as the black-maned Kalahari lion, brown hyena, and the African skimmer.


The Gcwihaba Caves

In the region of Okavango Delta lies many a cluster of dolomite hills with caves that are collectively referred to as the Gcwihaba Caves. These caves have been a part of the Kalahari Desert for millions of years. They possess an array of secondary rock formations, such as stalactites and stalagmites. Moreover, a variety of other uncommon formations like cave pearls and soda straws are a part of this archaeological wonder. Although this site isn't developed for tourism, it is possible to walk between the two large cavernous entrances of the cave system. These cavernous openings have allowed access to many species of bat colonies such as the common slit-faced bats, which would give you a hair-raising experience through the cave.


Local Cuisine

While experiencing Botswana in all its flavours and shades, why not indulge in its traditional cuisine for a tasteful journey of the authentic Botsvanian delights! One should not pass an opportunity to try out "Seswaa," the national dish of Botswana, which is a tantalising dish of shredded meat, often served with polenta. Braai meat, ditloo, and vetkoek are some other traditional dishes that one can enjoy at many hotels in Gaborone Botswana, one such example being Avani Gaborone Resort & Casino.