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Must-Try Traditional Vietnamese Dishes – Explore the authenticity in food

Food lovers always travel to explore new kinds of cuisines. Food can tell you a story about the destination you are visiting and that is why Vietnam has one of the best stories ever told when it comes to their cuisine. Here are the top picks of foods you absolutely must-try when in Vietnam!



In Vietnam, you can't simply miss out on this traditional dish called 'pho'. Even if you dine at a top-rated resort the likes of Anantara Mui Ne Resort you may find this dish on your breakfast menu, together with other western dishes that you normally have for breakfast. This is basically a steaming noodle soup dish made with rice noodles. As plenty of fish herbs are added to it, you will love its taste and also the fragrance.


Cao Lau noodles

If you are visiting Hoi An in Vietnam, just don't forget to enjoy this native dish 'Cao Lau Noodles'. Do you know the reason why this dish cannot be found anywhere else? It's because the water that's used to prepare these noodles is called 'Iye water' and it cannot be found anywhere else in the world, but comes from a nearby well in Hoi An.


Bun Cha

Once Barack Obama ate Bun Cha on a TV show with Anthony Bourdain and after that, this special dish was loved by the whole world! Although this dish comes from the capital city of Hanoi, it can also be found in all Mui Ne restaurants. In this mixed plate, you find cha (grilled fatty pork) with bun (white rice noodles) and that's how the name came into being. There are many other ingredients and sauces that you can mix as you wish before devouring this tasty dish.


Banh mi

Are you a sandwich lover? Or someone who is in this inexpressible love with hotdogs? Then, in Vietnam, you have Banh mi as your perfect breakfast snack. Just as you see hotdog stalls when you travel in Bangkok or Malaysia, there are banh mi stalls all over the place in Vietnam. Although it's a very simple sandwich, it's super delicious and filling as well. Its baguette can consist of pork, fresh herbs, carrots, and chilli. This can also be enjoyed equally with any other meal like lunch or dinner and this makes a great hangover food too.


Banh Xeo

If you are someone who loves exploring street food, then do not miss this dish at any cost. It's simply a savoury pancake done in the true Vietnamese style. Once the batter is done with rice flour and coconut milk (they also add a little turmeric to this), they fill it with pork, bean sprouts, and onion and fry them all together. The specialty of this dish is the fact there is a specific way to eat it! What the Vietnamese usually follow is to keep a piece of this pancake on a rice paper roll to which you add in fresh vegetables and then dip it into the sauce as you take every single bite.