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All in One Simple Interest Calculator Online | Calculate Simple Interest Returns Online - Brainz Media

Simple interest is based on the key lending component or the initial savings account payment. There is no combination of single interest, implying that an account-holder just earns returns on the balance and a creditor also needs to pay returns on already accumulated interest. 

All in One Compound Interest Calculator Online | Calculate Compound Interest Returns Online - Brainz Media

Compound interest consists of the addition, in other words, interest on interest, to the main sum of a loan or deposit. It is the product of income reinvestments, rather than tax, meaning that income on the current amount plus the already accrued interest is received over the next cycle. In financial and economic terms, composite value is the norm. 

All in One EMI Calculator Online | Calculate Easy Monthly Investment Chart Online - Brainz Media

For a fixed rate loan, the EMI shall stay unchanged for the entire term of the loan as long as there is no default or partial payment. The EMI is used to pay back an unpaid debt for the principal and interest parts. The top interest component and the smallest main component of the first EMI. The value factor begins to decline, as the key component tends to increase with increasing corresponding EMI. The last EMI therefore has the highest main component and the lowest level of interest. 

All in One Car Loan EMI Calculator Online | Calculate Car Loan Easy Monthly Investment Chart Online - Brainz Media

The sum payable to the bank or other financial entity per month before the loan balance is entirely payable is Equated Monthly Mounted-EMI for short. The interest on credit and half of the key amount to be reimbursed is included. The sum of the principal payment and interest is split by the period, that is to say the number of months over which the loan is repayable. 

All in One Home Loan EMI Calculator Online | Calculate Home Loan Easy Monthly Investment Chart Online - Brainz Media

A EMI home loan calculator is an online device that helps you to calculate a home loan’s EMI. In the period specified, payment of home loans together with the accumulated interest requires precise financial planning. In order to prevent some financial uncertainty, it is necessary to determine the repayment potential before opting for the loan. This is the best way to use a Home Loan EMI calculator. EMI stands for a monthly equated installation. Paisabazaar Home Loan EMI Calculator is a simple to use online device for estimating monthly payments to be payed on the repayment of home loans at anytime. It is free of charge. The calculation gives an exact number of the EMI payable depending on certain information regarding the home loan. The map also displays billing timetables and the description of the overall bill. 

All in One GST Calculator Online | Calculate Goods & Services Tax GST Price Online - Brainz Media

Goods and Services (GST) is an indirect tax used in India for the production of products and services (or sales tax). This is an all-round, multi-story tax dependent on destination: comprehensive since nearly all secondary obligations, with the exception of certain state taxes, are subsumed. As it is, GST is imposed at each phase of the production process but is intended, at all stages of production other than the final consumer, to be reimbursed as a tax based on the destination and not from the point of consumption of all parties as in previous taxes. It is not collected as a point of origin. 

All in One Post Office FD Calculator Online | Calculate Post Office Fixed Deposits Returns Online - Brainz Media

India Post, which runs a network of more than 1.5 lakh postal facilities, provides consumers four separate fixed-deposit lock-in terms. In the fixed deposits, the interest rate is 7 -7.80 percent annually. For a minimum amount of Rs.200 a fixed deposit can be opened. 

All in One SB Calculator Online | Calculate Bank Savings Deposits Returns Online - Brainz Media

A savings bank account is opened at a deposit or other fund, and has a modest equity stake. In theory, a savings account is opened such that no capital is automatically needed. Banks restrict the amount of withdrawals from the account that can be made per month. 

All in One RD Calculator Online | Calculate Bank Recurring Deposits Returns Online - Brainz Media

A recurrent deposit is a specific form of investment provided by banks that allows frequently income individuals to invest the same sum on their recurring savings account per month and receive interest at the same deposit rates. It is like having annual payments of fixed deposits. This deposit matures for other deposits produced per month at a particular date in the future. Recurring deposit schemes allow consumers to accumulate their savings over a defined period of time by recurring monthly deposits. The minimum period is 6 months and a maximum of 10 years for the repetitive deposit. 

All in One FD Calculator Online | Calculate Bank Fixed Deposits Returns Online - Brainz Media

A fixed deposit FD account may be opened with a bank where a savings account already operates. Some banks can open an FD account without opening a savings bank account. However, if the bank allows you to place an FD without a savings account, it will require the know-how of your customer (KYC) process.