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5 Dishes and Drinks to Try in Mozambique - A Haven of Flavours!

Lying on the Southeast shorelines of Africa is Mozambique, a country that is infamous for its paradise-like islands and captivating beaches. It is also known for its tantalising cuisine that is part of the country's opulent culinary history. Here are five meals that you should try in Mozambique!


Grilled Prawns

With its fantastic proximity to the sea that nurtures the livelihood of many natives, it is not so hard to believe that this particular dish of seafood is among the top favourites in Mozambique. The incredibly succulent prawns of the Southeast sea are grilled and swathed in Piri-Piri sauce, that offers a unique taste to its eater. The Piri-Piri sauce can be substituted with lemon or garlic for those who prefer a milder flavour to their meals. Another variation of this dish is Prawns Nacional, which is served along with a creamy, delicious sauce.



Although Dobrada is a dish that has its roots lying in Portugal, it has become a part of the country's cuisine and is presented with a unique Mozambican twist. The European version of the dish is substituted with a variety of tomatoes, potatoes, onions, chilli, and green pepper. Dobrada is usually served with rice in Mozambique, although many natives prefer to substitute it with ncima, which is a type of porridge made from ground corn flour.


Galinha Asada

The Portuguese Galinha Asada, which can be translated as "roast chicken," is a popular dish among the Mozambicans. The dish has been influenced by the culinary secrets of the natives of Mozambique. Instead of roasting, the chicken is either grilled or barbequed before being infused with the ingredients of one's preference before serving. Although it can be prepared in different ways, the most popular dish must be the Piri-Piri chicken. It varies from the traditional recipe as it is more often than not marinated in a tasteful sauce before being subjected to heat sources. Another variety of this Portuguese dish can be found in the Province of Zambezia where the chicken is marinated using fresh milk of the coconuts.


Mozambican Beer

Mozambique produces two of the highly acclaimed beers in Africa that go by the names of Laurentina Clara and Laurentina Preta. The latter is a dark lager that ranges in colour from amber to a darker brown with reddish hues. The former is a pale lager which has a milder flavour that compliments its beautiful golden colour. These beers are rather popular in the world and have a high demand in countries such as South Africa and even in the United Kingdom.


Tipo Tinto

For any liquor fans out there, Mozambique is a haven to make your senses soar with its famous liquor varieties. Out of many awesome brands, Tipo Tinto has to be the best. It is also the most famous liquor in Mozambique. Tipo Tinto is a dark rum that is brewed locally offering a unique flavour that makes the taster keep craving for more. Be warned though, drinking it straight can cause you a hangover that would linger for a day or two. Therefore, when staying in the comforts of one of the Mozambique hotels of the likes of Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort, make sure you enjoy Tipo Tinto with R&R or rather Rum & Raspberry that is made with Sparletta's Sparberry flavour cool drink.