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Updated by Sev7n The Education Network on May 26, 2020
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Following is the list of blog posts which we had done on our website

The importance of online learning during Coronavirus scare lockdown? – Sev7n Blogs

COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected the entire human race on our planet. In these difficult times, every human is making a sacrifice and contributing in the best way he/she can to deal with the situation.

Sev7n Reviews: Find Out TISAgra’s OnSite Review Of Amenities, Infrastructure & Values – Sev7n Blogs

We did TISAgra’s onsite video review where we reviewed the school infrastructure, amenities and what values does the school impart to it’s kids.

What is the impact of COVID-19 on school going kids? – Sev7n Blogs

Coronavirus spread has deeply affected the daily routine of the kids. Now they are mostly confined to their home which is having a huge impact on their studies.

Online Video Classes During Covid – 19 Lockdown – Sev7n Blogs

We at Sev7n conducted a survey to see how the kids are managing their time during this Covid 19 lockdown. We found that many schools have started giving their students online video classes and trying to meaningfully engage them. We are very pleased that in this way the kids will not lose their studies SUBSCRIBE to our channel for the latest updates about schools, reviews and ratings.

How Sev7n Helps Parents Know More About Their Child School – Sev7n Blogs

Shailey Valecha, Founder & Director of Sev7n – The Education Network explains how our website helps a parent’s concerns about the school where their child goes.

The Tangible and intangible influences in schooling decision – Sev7n Blogs

Undeniably, schooling decision is one of the most important choices in the lives of the parents. The choices are influenced due to factors like cost, distance, past results, safety and security, quality of teaching, curriculum, brand name and many more such things. These determinants exhibit perceived risks in the schooling decision-making process. It is risky because some of it is tangible, clearly visible while some are intangible, or I would say hidden. Over the years we have developed a great sense of distinctive differences between the two as some of us value the tangible factors while others prefer the intangible characters in defining a school. Clearly, most schools would earn tangible aspects in its initial years of operations while it takes a noteworthy amount of time period to achieve the intangible values.

Best School In Agra – Sev7n Blogs

Agra is one of the most famous historical city in India. The city is very much famous for the Taj Mahal which is situated on the banks of Yamuna in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

11 Common Misconceptions About Teacher 2020 – Sev7n Blogs

Mark Van Doren once said that “The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” Now, according to me, this is the perfect definition of modern era teachers. Moreover, it is one of the most rewarding platforms; however, it’s challenging too.

Top 7 Qualities of the Best CBSE School – Sev7n Blogs

Every student in the world needs an effective school. Now choosing the best CBSE school for your kid is quite a challenging task. However, there are some of the qualities that grant overall effectiveness in the schooling contexts.

Common Mistakes to Avoid while Searching for Schools – Sev7n Blogs

Selecting a new school is a challenging task. While looking for a new school, choosing the best one among so many schools can be actually very difficult because reviews are almost the same.

Top Tips to Prepare for School Admission Test! – Sev7n Blogs

Well, the very first thing which strikes your mind whenever it comes to joining a new school is the entrance test, and of course, the entrance test is the very first step for admission to the new school.

24 Hours to Improving Students – Sev7n Blogs

Improving the overall skills of the student takes time. Sometimes even the most well-initiated and educated teachers lack the skills to keep kids on track. However, with small changes and tips, you can help your child to encourage them for their true potential.

7 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference With Your Students – Sev7n Blogs

Sometimes a small change in life makes a big difference. Whether it’s a student or an individual who is fighting for their dreams, changes are so important. Once Bernard Shaw said that “Those who cannot change their mind cannot change anything.”

The Biggest Problem With Students, And How You Can Fix IT – Sev7n Blogs

We all are aware of the education system of our country, and cursing or criticizing the system won’t bring a change. You can certainly change things in your hands, and so today, I bring out some major issues with students who can certainly be fixed. If you are a student, then you’ll relate to every single thing that I discuss in this comprehensive article, so read it thoroughly as a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

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