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Updated by interactlighting4 on May 26, 2020
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Are You Looking For The Reasons Why Good Lighting Is So Important in the Hospitality Industry?

Create an inviting space for guests by giving some attention to the details. It only takes a split second to make a good impression when a guest first enters a room, so make it count with warm and inviting hospitality lighting.


Influence Mood

Influence Mood

Proper hospitality lighting influences the mood of your guests. Well-positioned lights encourage positive feelings. LED lights mimic natural daylight, which is an improvement from yellow-hued traditional lights.


Activate The Senses

Activate The Senses

Bad lighting can make your décor, food and furniture less appealing. Great lighting invigorates your guests’ senses, even beyond sight. Luxurious rooms with thick duvet covers and fine furniture can be presented in the best way possible. Rich entrees and decadent desserts can be much more appetizing with proper LED light levels and colors.


Provide Convenience

Guests might not consciously notice these shortcomings, but they will certainly notice the convenience of good lighting when they find accommodations that do provide it.


Save Energy

Save Energy

Interact Hospitality can automatically turn down systems – including HVAC and lighting – when rooms are unoccupied. This allows managers to reduce electricity bills while ensuring rooms match guest preferences."


Improve Staff Efficiency

Hospitality lighting system is definitely helping us to improve our effectiveness, efficiency and interaction with guests.”


Enhanced Guest Satisfaction

Enhanced Guest Satisfaction

Interact Hospitality has helped us strengthen our brand pillar of enhancing employee satisfaction, which has in turn enhanced guest satisfaction


Commitment to the Environment

Consumers are becoming more conscious of who they do business with. When your hotel converts to using LED lighting, you show you are committed to making less of an impact on the environment.


Enhanced Safety

LED lights are much brighter and will not flicker. Your staff and guests will be able to roam around the premises with peace of mind.