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Here you will find great news and a lot of information about Corona virus. Here you will find a lot of information....

Reptile Poaching In Balochistan (Pakistan) Is On A Decreasing Trend But Still Troublesome

Since 2013, following strict enforcement of provincial wildlife legislation in the less studied regions of Asia, the overall trend of illegal reptile poaching is steadily decreasing. But it's too early to claim that the issue is solved. Poached reptiles are largely destined not only for the pet trade, but also folk medicines and snake charmer shows, according to the recent study led by the scientists from the Pakistan Museum of Natural History and the University of Peshawar published in the open-access journal Herpetozoa.

Mobile Location Data And Covid-19: Q&A

Governments and the private sector are increasingly relying on data-driven technologies to help contain the novel coronavirus, Covid-19. While some see technological solutions as a critical tool for contact tracing, quarantine enforcement, tracking the spread of the virus, and allocating medical resources, these practices raise significant human rights concerns. Human Rights Watch is particularly concerned about proposals for the use of mobile location data in the Covid-19

Covid-19 Has Been Brutal In Indian Country — Just Like Past Epidemics Were

The coronavirus is the latest epidemiological invasion in a long history of unwelcome foreign pathogens for indigenous people of the Americas. Since Columbus reached the Americas for the first time in 1492, foreign diseases have reshaped native communities.

Boasting a technology that can dramatically increase the capacity of existing polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing used to identify people infected with COVID-19 and other illnesses, ChromaCode has attracted new funding from Bill Gates-backed Adjuvant Capital.

Major Tech Companies Are Letting Their Employees Work From Home. But Apple Thinks Different.

Major Tech Companies Are Letting Their Employees Work From Home. But Apple Thinks Different.,But Apple Thinks Different.
Apple is reportedly asking some employees to return to work throughout May and early June, signaling a departure from the reopening strategies of other major tech firms.


WORLDWIDE IMPACTS OF CORONAVIRUS The outbreak of coronavirus is certainly a tragedy which has affected hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. It spread across the globe like a wildfire, claiming many lives and rocking global economy, Coronavirus has had significant social, moral, political and economic effects on the

Country Calendar: Banana Business Booming In Northland

Frida Lotz-Keegan and her father Klaus Lotz in their banana plantation

So it might come as a surprise to some people that bananas are commercially grown here, albeit on a small scale.