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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 05, 2020
Headline for Must-Have Products for Your Next Golfing Getaway - Golf Travel Essentials
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Must-Have Products for Your Next Golfing Getaway - Golf Travel Essentials

When the weather starts to warm up and the grasses eventually start to turn green, you know what season comes up next! Yes, it's spring for the golfers out there and here's a list of things to take for your golfing getaway.


Golf tours - the new trend

For someone who truly loves golf, it becomes his whole life. Be it a family getaway that he plans or a business tour at a hotel in Chanthaburi, he never forgets to include a good golfing session somewhere amidst the schedules. Some people also plan special golf outings at places such as Chatrium Golf & Resort Soi Dao Chanthaburi so that they can enjoy their moments with their buddies who are also golf-lovers. When planning this special session, the venues and time periods are all important, but- what to take with you is also something that you can't give less importance to.


Sun Mountain ClubGlider

When golfers go on their golfing tours, they simply need suitable luggage in which they can pack all their elements. Generally, they take a rigid plastic coffin-like luggage with them, which sometimes may create harmful after-effects due to wrong postures and excessive weights. Sun Mountain's ClubGlider is a really good option that you may find in the market nowadays that can withstand any weight that you may probably be carrying on your golf trip.


Distance Glove

So this glove does two functions at the same time. It acts as a glove and a range-finder as well. In the market, you can find this in one package and it has a GPS device and a pair of single-size gloves as well. The GPS system gets easily connected with an app that can be installed on your mobile phone, and then your life becomes much easier. Talking about the gloves, they are quite comfortable and you don't need to worry about sizing them again.


Oakley Crossrange Sunglasses

For a golfer, a pair of good sunglasses is truly a blessing. They need to be comfortable, stylish and most importantly, if you are someone wearing contacts, your sunglasses should not really mess with them. Oakley has introduced a stylish series of sunglasses (Crossrange frame) that are highly suitable for golfers and they have interchangeable nose pads and temples providing utmost convenience. As golfers always need to better gauge distances, a good pair of sunglasses is never a bad investment.


ECCO Golf Shoes

It's a proven fact among golfers that they love ECCO branded shoes in their games. The main reason behind this is the comfort that they provide. These shoes are mostly light-weighted and this makes it easy for a golfer to run/ walk in these shoes.


Sun Mountain Elite Rain Gear

If you are going to a tropical country for your golf tour, then, it's okay not to be prepared for some rain. But be it in sports or in life, it is always great to be prepared for some accidental situations. So make sure you take rain gear with you in case you get hindered by rain. Sun Mountain Elite a waterproof rain gear, and it's proven that this rain gear is three-times more breathable than the other brands that you find in the market.