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5 Must-Try Water Sports in Sri Lanka – A Water Sport Holiday!

You may not realise that Sri Lanka is an island when comparing how versatile it is in terms of activities that tourists can do when they are in the country. For a small island, Sri Lanka has it all. And it is home to some of the best spots to carry out some adrenaline-pumping sports.


Scuba Diving

Hikkaduwa, known affectionately as Hikka by the locals, is the number one scuba diving location on the island. If you want to get a certificate or if you are a seasoned diver that has been doing it for a while, anyone is welcome to go underwater and get to know the lush marine life in Sri Lanka's seas intimately. You can even make a list of marine critters you want to see because Sri Lanka has it all.


Whitewater Rafting

Go up the hills away from the sea and there's still a lot of water activities you can get involved in. The most popular of these is white-water rafting. You can go all the way up to Kithulgala for the best white-water rafting experience. The tributaries that make up the Kelani River that flows out in Colombo, are known for great rapids at that height. All you need is some courage and a life jacket. Some tours have been doing these adventure activities safely for a very long time and have experienced guides who will look after you. So, there's nothing to worry about!



If you are looking into beach hotels in Colombo, you should consider something in the city like Berjaya Hotel Colombo from where you could try out some snorkelling in the west and south coast of the island. There are some formidable reef collections around the island where reside thousands of colourful fish species and coral formations. The best time to take in some snorkelling is during the months of April to May.



Sri Lanka is the paradise of surfers. Some beaches are popular among international surf champions for their impeccable breakers. There are waves in the island for all kinds of surfers, with some waves rising as high as 8ft during the high season. If you are new to surfing, don't worry about it. There are plenty of surfing schools all over the island where you can get certifications and anything from thorough lessons to a couple of pointers.


Deep-Sea Fishing

The Southwest coast of Sri Lanka is great if you would like to try your hand at some deep-sea fishing. Some experiences will take you out to sea in their boats and provide all the gear that you require, including, in some cases, breakfast and water bottles and maybe some lunch for a nominal fee. It is an experience that would be great for friends or family making it a fantastic opportunity for you and the people you go with to bond while out at sea. Thanks to the abundant waters of the country, you are almost always guaranteed to make a catch.