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Indonesian Dishes for Vegetarians – Meals Minus Meat

Travelling to Indonesia brings many new experiences. Its spectacular surroundings and delectable dishes are enough for many tourists to consider making Indonesia their home. But vegans may be doubtful as the native cuisine always seem to accompany meat in their meals, which isn't the case at all!



With its roots lying in Jakarta, Ketoprak is an all-time favourite vegetarian dish of the Indonesians. It tastes tantalising with its fried tofu, boiled rice vermicelli, and ketupat or lontong, which is basically rice wrapped in a banana leaf for a delightful taste. The dish is made more tantalising with ground and fried peanut along with a mixture of chilli, garlic, salt and sweet, sweet soy sauce. The vegetarians can relish in the sliced cabbage, bean sprouts and slices of cucumber that are immersed in the ocean of deliciousness of this meal. Ketoprak is usually served with peanut dressing sauce along with a sprinkling of fried shallots to please the eye.


Lontong Sayur

Lontong Sayur is a meal that is a combination of two delicious dishes that make it all the more flavoursome. Lontong, or rather rice cooked while wrapped in a banana leaf is mixed with vegetable coconut soup to make this tasteful recipe of the Indonesians come to life. The flavour lies in the soup, which is caused by boiling young jackfruit with coconut milk with a dash of spice and similar ingredients. The dish is presented with small cakes of Lontong dipped in the soup along with egg, fried shallots among several other delicious additives.


Gado – Gado

Gado – Gado is a popular salad made of vegetables in Indonesia. The catchy phrase of this dish can be translated into English as "mix-mix." The meal truly reflects its name with a mixed variety of fried tofu, fragmented soybeans called tempe, and a multitude of vegetables bathed in peanut sauce and a dash of lime juice. Like most other dishes in the country, Gado – Gado is served with Lontong. Garnished with emping, which are Indonesian-style fried crackers and fried shallots, this dish can be enjoyed more with the taste of a boiled egg if one wishes.


Nasi Goreng Biasa

Nasi Goreng has to be among the top-favourite Indonesian dishes of a vegetarian. It is a type of fried rice that is sold in almost every part of Indonesia from famous hawker centres to humble stroller carts. Nasi Goreng Biasa includes an array of vegetables to soothe the taste buds of any vegetable that comes across its way. The vegetables come mixed with rice that is flavoured with chilli, garlic and sweet soy sauce. If one prefers, scrambled eggs, slices of cucumber and a garnish of fried shallots can be added to the dish.


Mi Goreng

Also known as fried noodles in English, Mi Goreng is a divine meal that refreshes the dreams of every foodie that gets a taste of it. The delectable dish comprises of yellow wheat noodles or rice vermicelli that are readily available in Indonesia and its surrounding countries. Mi Goreng can be tasted from many restaurants in Seminyak while vacationing in the country. Properties by popular chains such as Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spa offers several hotel restaurants where one can be engulfed in the mouth-watering tastes of various kinds of Mi Goreng dishes. Although there are Mi Goreng dishes that incorporate meat into them, it can be enjoyed just as well by the vegetarians out there with an assortment of vegetables infused with spices and other enticing ingredients. Therefore, when you're ordering for a Mi Goreng, specifically request for a meat-free dish.