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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 05, 2020
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5 Best things to do and explore in Gold Coast in 2020 – Your Fun Gold Coast Itinerary

Famed for its sandy beaches and warm weather, the Gold Coast is one of the most beautiful regions in Australia. Located south of Brisbane, on the continents east coast, this strip of coastline is ripe excitement and adventure. Here're five of the best things you can do on the Gold Coast.


Explore the Cougal Cascades

While the beaches get all the fanfare when talking about the Gold Coast, there are some truly beautiful scenes of natural beauty that are just as spectacular. Now many people might then be inclined to look to the Hinterlands – atrip that'll take up half a day at least. But did you know there's something much closer? Say you're staying at a Gold Coast hotel – such as the Oaks Gold Coast Hotel, just 20-minutes away from your establishment you're likely to find cascading waterfalls and verdant nature walks! The Cougal Cascades at Springbrook National Park is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, sit here alone in tranquillity with the sounds of nature for company.


The Flavours of Gold Coast

Dining your way around a destination can be an adventure all unto itself, and the diners around the Gold Coast are perfect for this. The culinary scene has well and truly exploded in the region during recent times and you'd be hard-pressed to find a street that doesn't have an open restaurant, coffee shop, or bar for you to step into. This is a perfect activity to try out if you have around half a day to wile away, just head out onto the streets and see where the flavours take you!


Hike Up Burleigh Hill

Now, if you really want to head out and see the full beauty the Gold Coast has to offer, you might want to consider a day's hike up Burleigh Hill. This hiking opportunity is located in the serene Burleigh Hill National Park, a wild expanse of lush rainforest and rolling hills. Along the way up, you'll surely run into the many unique marsupials that call the park home as well as a diverse array of avifauna. Once you reach the end of the trail, you'll be rewarded with an unparalleled view of Palm Beach in the distance, a sight that will truly make this whole trek worth it.


Some Family Time

If you're on the Gold Coast with your kids, you might be looking for fun activities that the family can enjoy. Well, there's plenty of options in this regard – in fact, there are so many, that you might even have a hard time deciding on what to do! Some highlights include indoor skydiving, learning to wakeboard, and playing mini-golf. Several swimming pools also help everyone stay nice and cool when the midday heat starts to crank up.


A Relaxing Bike Ride

Without a doubt, one of the best experiences you can have on the Gold Coast is a relaxing bike ride along the never-ending beaches. The path itself actually stretches for over 30km, and with each second spent racing along with it you'll be treated to stunning views of the sandy white coast and the azure blue waves of the ocean in the distance – it's truly an experience you won't soon forget.