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Tillage Equipment

Find here details with pictures of various tillage equipment such as Plough, Mould-board plough, Reversible MB plough, tractor plough, tractor rotavator Rotavator or Rotary Tiller, Disc Plough, Disc Harrow, Power tiller, Cultivator, Harrow etc.

Mould board Plough | MB Plough

Mould board plough offered by Fieldking comes with special wear-resistant steel blades that invert the soil completely. Extra furrow or repositioning units allow extra clearance. Suitable to use in weed-infested and hard lands.

Rotavator| Tractor Rotavator | Rotavator Price

Rotavator or Gold Rotary tiller offered by Fieldking has semi-automatic dual speed gear boxes. Rotating shafts or blades ensures perfectly leveled and finished seedbed with high performance in all working conditions. Check Rotavator Price here.

Farm Mechanization USA: Modern Tillage Equipment for Contemporary farmers

Before a farmer plant a new crop, he needs to first till the
land. New improvements in conservation and proficiencies have created additional
options than earlier, as farmers use modern farming methods and equipment to
get the most from their land.

Ploughing or Tilling – A Traditional Farming Practice with Modern Equipments - Agricultural Machinery

Unlike the use of hoe or digging stick, the modern plough requires substantial upper body strength, grip to hold, and lots of power, needed to pull the plough. Following are types of Tractor plough commonly used to a greater or lesser degree in farming today.

Tractor Mounted Mouldboard Plough Manufacturers & Suppliers - FieldKing

This Mounted Mould Board Plough offered by Fieldking is designed with special wear-resistant steel blade and bar points for toughest ploughing jobs in all types of soil, for soil breaking, raising and soil turning.

Conservation Tillage – An Overview and Its Benefits – Farm Implement

Like any other business Agriculture is a sector where farmers face constant challenges to meet the needs of today’s food demand. Every farmer wants to build a farm for the future. There are plenty of methods that are considered as the best ways to grow and manage crops. Modern farming methods and farm equipment not…

Plough – An Overview and Types of Plough - Agricultural Machinery

With the increased use of modern no-till farming techniques, the requirement for routine spring and fall ploughing has reduced to some extent. The farming cultivator has replaced the moldboard plough in lots of cases.

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Rotary cutter offered by Fieldking, is powerful enough to cope with tall weeds and small bushes, giving a satisfactory fine cut on turf areas mounted with the optional rear tyre. This tractor-mounted rotary cutter provides a very cost-effective grass cutting solution.

Farm Equipment to Consider When Starting Own Farm Business - Agricultural Machinery

When you start a business it may have its own pros and cons, specifically one like farming. A farmers needs to care about lots of things when starting farming business like farm land and farm equipment that is highly expensive. Buying strong, durable and high quality farm equipment initially at the time of starting can a farmer from large expenses later.

Farm Mechanization USA: Tillage Equipment & Machinery– An Overview and Uses

Tillage is the term that refers to the modification of soil properties
for crop production. Tillage equipment is tools used to manage soil before
planting seeds.

plough, mould-board plough, rotavator, rotary plough, disc harrow, seed drill, cultivator, planters

Tractor Mounted Disc Plough Manufacturers & Suppliers in India- FieldKing

Fieldking offers Mounted Disc Plough that comes with extra heavy-duty pipe frame for high trash clearance and allows it to work despite heavy crop residue and even rocky and rooted areas. The disc plough breaks, raises, turns and mixes soil making it suitable to create perfect seedbed in all types of soil conditions.

Mounted Disc Plows For Sale in USA

This disc plow is designed by Fieldking and works in all types of soil for breaking, raising, turning and mixing soil giving it a perfect structure to create seedbed. It is used to plough the new fields and to work in the stony, rocky and rooted areas easily.


Reversible Mould-board Plough

Reversible Mould-board Plough

This Reversible MB Plough works in all types of soil for functions such as soil breaking, soil raising and soil inversion.

Farm Mechanization USA: Ploughing and Its Advantages

A Plough is the primary tillage equipment, used to cut, break and turn the soil partially or entirely. Ploughing is an ancient practice that is done to break the upper layer of the soil and its clods, to make it suitable for sowing new plant seeds.

Reversible Mould-Board Plough Manufacturer | Reversible MB Plough

The reversible mould-board plough manufactured by Fieldking is designed for toughest ploughing jobs. Is has special wear-resistant steel bottoms with points that can handle the toughest ploughing job with excellent penetration performance.


Landscape rakes manufacturer

Landscape rakes manufacturer

Landscape Rakes are perfectly suitable to use by landscapers, contractors for rental yards, housing and road construction projects, golf courses, terracing sites, run-off control projects.

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​Benefits of using a Disc Harrow in Farming - Agricultural Machinery

A Harrow is the most common type of farm equipment used for creating seedbed. Although different types of harrows are used in this process they all have the same goal to prepare the soil for growing crops. The disc harrow is a set of steel or iron discs that help plough the soil and digs up and remains of old crops and weeds.

What is Tillage and Tillage Equipment?

Tillage is an important soil management practice done with various types of farm equipment. Equipment specifically used for soil tilling are also known as tillage equipment. These tools or equipment help in breaking up clods and hard surface crusts of soil, improves soil particles and surface uniformity.


Hunter Series Mounted Offset Disc Harrow Manufacturer and Exporter

Hunter Series Mounted Offset Disc Harrow Manufacturer and Exporter

This Hunter Series Mounted Offset Disc Harrow manufactured by Fieldking USA has adjustable front and rear gang at different angles to set the disc to different field conditions. Its Heavy-duty tubular structured and sturdy frame design helps to break heavy clods of the soil effectively. Its heavy-duty sealed gang bearing hub keep all the components lubricated and free of dust.

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Compact Disc Harrow Manufacturer | Fieldking USA

This Compact Disc Harrow is manufactured by Fieldking USA and is best suitable to be used in open field for the superficial ploughing, for the shattering of clods, preparation of soil for sowing, burial of organic substances and remains. This harrow is easily transportable and can be used in both forms i.e. mounted as well as trailed.

PLoughing – Overview |What are the benefits of Ploughing the Soil?

What is Ploughing? Ploughing is a very ancient and traditional farm practice in farming, where a farmer prepares the land for sowing seeds. It is a process of making the soil rich


No Till Multi Crop Drill Manufacturer

No Till Multi Crop Drill Manufacturer

This No Till Multi Crop Drill is manufactured by Fieldking USA and comes with Category-I and ll quick hitch option to provide it easy 3-point mounting on various types of tractors. Its larger and separate box for seed reduces downtime resulting in more acres per fill.

Zero Tillage – Advantages of No-till Farming – Farm Implement

No till farming is a process of sowing seeds and mix fertilizer into the ground without tilling and ploughing. The zero tillage or no-till seed drill are used in this process that placed the seeds under the upper layer of the soil by digging a hole at leveled spaces. There are some significant advantages…

Harrow - An Overview and Types of Harrow - Agricultural Machinery

A disc harrow is a set of steel discs mounted on a common shaft that runs through the fields attached to a tractor, shattering the clods in the soil and digging weeds. It is one of the most advanced farm equipment typically used to cultivate the soil.

Farm Mechanization USA: Tractor Rotavator – An Overview and Advantages

The use of farm equipment does not only increase the value of
production but also saves time and improves the quality of the harvest. The
modern farm equipment is used everywhere in farming operations from
cultivation, seedbed preparation and harvesting. Tilling the soil is one of the
most important operations performed in agriculture for loosening the upper
layer of soil, to make seedbed and mix fertilizer in the soil, removing the
weeds and old crops residue.