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Updated by TechSolutions on Mar 22, 2021
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Tech Solutions

Tech Solutions will repair almost any smartphone, iPhone, iPad and iPod, for a fraction of the price compared to purchasing a brand new device!

Tech Solutions: Which Apple Ipad Tablet Should You Buy?

Apple is appealing to a wide audience by offering four different types of tablets: Apple iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. For basic features, the standard iPad is a great gadget. If you need portability, go with the iPad Mini. The iPad Air offers a good middle-road option for those who need more power and better graphics, but not to the level that iPad Pro users would need.

How to Decide If You Should Repair or Replace Your Old Tablet – Tech Solutions

You may be confused between repairing or replacing your old tablet. There are several factors that you need to consider while making a decision between repair or replacement. Tech Solutions will provide speedy repair for your tablet and great customer service. If you want to know how to decide whether you should repair or replace your tablet. Call Tech Solutions today at 757-243-2846 to get your devices repaired.

Tech SolutionsHow to take great night sky photos on your iPhone.

If you tried all the suggestions and still you are having difficulty come and stop by Tech Solutions and let us run a diagnostic scan on your device to see if there are any issues that need to be addressed.

Can I still use my cell phone with a cracked screen?

The answer is No. You should not use your phone with a broken screen. If your phone is broken bring it to Tech Solutions. We offer instant repairs. Read the blog to know more about why you should not use a broken phone.

Some Reasons Why Your iPhone Might Not Turn On – Tech Solutions

Malfunctioning phones are quite common these days. But having a dead screen on your iPhone could be a panic situation. In this blog, we've mentioned some reasons why your iPhone is not turning on.

Tech SolutionsTaking Underwater Shots With Your iPhone XS

We sure love to go to the beach or pool in summer. Taking photos is a common thing to do. But what about underwater? In this blog, we've mentioned everything about taking underwater shots with your iPhone XS. Read our blog to know more.

Tech SolutionsHow to protect your iPhone: passcode versus facial recognition.

In this blog, we have compared the passcode facial recognition method of unlocking your iPhone. There are 3 ways you can unlock your iPhone, fingerprint (Touch ID biometrics), security code and facial recognition. Each of them has pros and cons. To know more read our blog.

The Four Most Common iPad Repairs | Tech Solutions

Your iPad can get damaged just as easily as your iPhone, even if you don’t take it everywhere you go like you might with your phone. Cracked or broken screens, moisture issues if the iPad is exposed to water, battery replacement, and damaged earphone/charging ports are the most common issues. Fortunately, independent repair facilities can…

Cell Phone Repair | Tech Solutions

Tech Solutions provides the best cell phone repair service near Newport News. Our technicians are trained to offer professional cell phone repair within 30-45 minutes with a 1-year warranty. No appointment needed. Visit our website to know more.

Why You Should Keep Your Smartphone in Good Condition - Tech Solutions

Keeping your smartphone in good condition will provide you with years of quality service. This is not only more cost-effective than buying a new phone if a problem ever arises with your phone, it helps to increase the value of the phone if you decide to sell it when it is time to upgrade to a new model.

Tech SolutionsUsing the sound recognition accessibility feature in iOS 14

Apple announced that it will be adding a feature to the iPhone for the people with hearing disabilities. This updated launch is expected in September 2020. Read our blog to know about sound recognition features in iOS 14.

iPhone XR Repair | Screen & Battery Replacement | iPhone XR Service Center | Tech Solutions

Tech Solutions offers all repairs for iPhone XR like microphone, speaker, button, camera, screen, glass. Most repairs are done within 30-45 minute with a 1 year warranty. No appointments are needed.

The most serious types of iPhone problems and what to do about them

With the new technologies, iPhones are getting smarter and matter day by day. But no matter how advanced technology gets, it's still a machine, and machines get damaged or malfunctioned at a point. In this blog we've mentioned the most serious types of iPhone problems and what to do about them. For more information read our blog.

How to Make Your iPhone Last Longer. – Tech Solutions

So many things can shorten your iPhone’s life. In this blog, we’ve mentioned ways to make your iPhone last longer.

Tech SolutionsTips and tricks to optimize battery charging on your iPhone

Tired with the battery issue of your iPhone? Read our blog to know tricks and tips to optimize your iPhone battery performance. Tech Solutions provides all types of iPhone repair. For more information call us on 757-243-2846 now!

Tech SolutionsHow to choose the best mobile phone repair shop in Newport News

Confused about choosing a mobile repair shop? Visit Tech Solutions at Newport News to get your phone repaired at a competitive price and with a warranty on most of the devices. No appointment needed. Call us on 757-243-2846 now!