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Eyelash Extensions

Classic Eyelash Extensions: Holiday Edition

Through your eyes, all can feel the beauty of your soul. Dreamy eyes with gorgeous Eyelash Extensions can grab all the attention on you during parties, holidays, or even at the outings. You can make the statement by just looking superb with your Lash Extensions.

Do you eternally wish you could get fuller, featherier eyelashes without mascara? Looking to maintain a little time in your makeup routine? Wisp Lashes has the solution for you – Eyelash Extension service. With eyelash extensions, you get impressive, full lashes that last for days.

Wisp Lashes is pleased to spread the increasing trend that is eyelash extensions. Achieve beautiful, full eyelashes with ease. When applied by our experts, eyelash extensions are reliable for your skin and natural lashes and will leave you feeling elegant and bold. Glam up your look in this holiday season with Wish Lashes.

The most significant variation in the results you can achieve with each – Classic Lashes won't append much volume but will add length.

Classic eyelash extensions give you a smooth lash line that opens up the eye. It looks like you are ready from the moment you wake up and builds on your natural lash bloom.

Classic Lash Extensions are one extension applied onto one natural lash. A standard complete set of classic lash extensions can differ from 40 up to 150 extensions per eye, depending on how many natural, intense lashes you have to work with. Graceful and subtle, classic lash extensions come in different lengths and thicknesses and are ideal for clients wanting a natural yet remarkable look.

Classes lash perfect for:

Clients looking for a plentiful natural look

Clients with lots of natural lashes

Clients who are opting for an extension for the first time

Classic lash extensions come in various types of fibers, the most popular one these days is a Faux Synthetic Mink for its smooth and natural feel. Apart from this, extensions come in varied curls, length, and sizes which all play an essential factor in how a complete set of lash extensions will look on an individual.

Classic Eyelash Extensions involves the treatment of accurately applying a single extension fiber to a single natural healthy eyelash at approximately 5mm away from the eyelid skin.

A typical complete set of Classic lashes can vary from having 40 extensions up to 150 extensions per eye depending on the client's fancied look and of course, how many natural healthy lashes they have to start with!

This is the most popular form of eyelash extensions. We're considering a 1:1 ratio of one extension applied to one natural lash. This means we will only use as many extensions as you have natural lashes. An extension cannot be placed where there is no natural lash. So, if you have scattered lashes and wish to fill out your lash line, classic eyelash extensions will not be the reliable fit for you.

If you have a good number of lashes but want to add more length and curl to it to achieve that dramatic mascara look without actually using it than classic Eyelash Extension is just for you.

Book your appointment with our well-trained lash artist at Wisp Lashes and look beautiful in this holiday season as the dream of youth.

Little Lashes are a Little Expressive! Get Lash Extensions to Change The Game

A fashion vouge that will never go out of style is the long, luscious lashes. A good set of Eyelash Extensions is a real game-changer that instantly makes your eyes look more expressive and gives you a fuller, fluffier, more drama-filled lash look.

Many women don’t like to apply makeup everyday. Many of us think that we look tired without makeup on. Many women feel more confident with makeup, and they need that confidence makes their day.

  • When it comes to makeup and eye makeup takes a large amount of time, and mascara is the absolute worst.

  • It is clumpy, smudges, and the most important thing that you can’t sleep with it. Removing the makeup every evening and re-applying it every morning is a hectic process and might become a reason to run late.

  • Many women have fair eyelashes and mascara and eye makeup needed to elevate tired-looking eyes.

Don’t you want you could just wake up without makeup on? Eyelash extensions are the most effective way to look gorgeous without makeup, boost your confidence, and waking up fresh and beautiful.

It is perfect for the women who are always on the go, the traveler, and they’re ideal for all you low maintenance babes out there.

Here are some major game-changer impacts of the Eyelash Extensions.

                               **Time is valuable – and you’re about to save it


  • Eyelash extensions are ideal for the women on the go. As many women doing a job, and it takes time to apply makeup every day before going for a job.

  • If you don’t want to look unpolished, tired, or ill during working hours when all eyes are on you, just want that when people are looking in your eyes, you want them to be looking pretty and awake looking set of eyes.

  • After getting eyelash extensions, no need to apply eye-makeup, and that saves a ton of time getting ready. The extensions give you dramatic and fresh-looking eyes. This makes your getting ready time in half that makes a vast difference in your lifestyle.

                        **Dramatize shape of your eye with eyelash extensions**
  • Eyelash Extensions can make your eyes look wider or bigger. Our lash experts can slightly manipulate the appearance of your eyes through the arrangement of your extensions.

  • Smaller eyes can be opened up by the experts following the natural shape of the eye or by having the longest lashes that look very beautiful.

                           **   Incredibly luscious and natural-looking Eyelashes


Eyelash extensions are the best way to get dramatic, beautiful, and luscious lashes while maintaining a natural look. You will look and feel like real eyelashes, and that natural look is achieved by each separated eyelash getting its own thick, dark extension for enrichment.

Do you want to look naturally beautiful throughout the day? We are here to provide you the best lash extensions services that make you stand out among the crowd. Visit Wisp Lashes at Austin or Knoxville to get eyelash extensions for a fabulous look every day, everywhere!

Try Volume Eyelash Extensions For Feminine Look You Always Wanted

Let it be Jennifer Lopez or Taylor Swift, nowadays celebrities are proudly flaunting their eyelash extensions in public. Not just celebrities, but most of the ladies have started following this trend. Volume eyelash extensions do add life and melodrama to those natural eyelashes. Obviously, Eyelash extension lets you look classier and perfect like a princess.

That fulfilling experience that sets you apart! With Volume eyelash extensions, you get the most satisfying and gorgeous look. This is something every lady dreams of. Natasha is no exception to this. Being a model, she wanted to achieve that cult appearance. Hence she chose eyelash extension as a way to beautiful herself. The day finally came when she had to ramp walk on her dream fashion show. Behold! Everyone's eyes were on Natasha's eyelash. It set her apart from the fellow models who participated in the reputed show.

Cindy was a housewife who was chosen as the bridesmaid for her bestie's wedding. At the end of the wedding, everyone, including the bride, wanted to know where she had got her eyelash extensions. Her looks were applaudable in the photos. She made memories that would last longer!

It could be anyone, a Newyork based model or a Nottingham based housewife, eyelash extension experience can be defined in one word- Amazing! To get that dashing and killer looks, opt for our volume eyelash extensions at Wisp Lashes. We don't compromise on our quality at any cost. So choose us without any fears. This will help you to get those splendid looks that makes you the talk of the town.

Eyelash extension is nothing new. This has been in practice since times immemorable, but methodologies differ. Eyelash extension has helped ladies get that timeless and stunning appearance for ages. Now it's your turn! Create a limelight for yourself among your colleagues, friends and neighbors with that amazing volume lash extension.

At wisp lashes, we ensure that you get the best volume eyelash extensions at a more affordable price. According to your eyelash extension type, we ensure safer practices are used while handling your eyelashes. We knew how delicate your eyelashes are.

We offer 24x7 assistance and support. If you have any queries or concerns, you can contact us and let us know. Our eyelash extension services extend far and wide, to the width and breadth that is equivalent to your happiness and comfort level. If eyelash extension is the trend of the day, we are the trendsetters at Wisp Lashes.

We follow the modern and most friendliest techniques to ensure you are always at ease. This leads you to get the most satisfying experience that you crave for. If you are a huge fan of volume eyelash extensions or just looking for a changeover, then we could provide you with the most compelling and soul satisfying experience ever at Wisp Lashes.

What makes you wait? Talk to our experts or book an appointment to groom your already finer looks. Yes, we believe that you are beautiful the way you are. All you need is a jewel in your crown in the form of Volume eyelash extensions.

3 Reasons Eyebrow Threading is Better Than Waxing!

Waxing and threading both are hair removal treatments for eyebrow shaping and define your eyebrows.

You know that eyebrow plucking isn't the proper way to shape your brow. Instead of that, you'll find two other options as well: eyebrow threading and eyebrow waxing.

What you choose is ultimately depends upon you. Either way, both are a great way to get rid of your fluffier eyebrows and giving them the exact shape that you want to be according to the shape of your face.

What you choose is ultimately depends upon you. Either way, both are a great way to get rid of your fluffier eyebrows and giving them the exact shape that you want to be according to the shape of your face.

What is threading?

Threading is a quite typical and straightforward process that involves a single piece of cotton thread. First of all, wipe the eyebrow area clean, then twist the thread and pulled along areas of unwanted hair and lifting the extra hair directly from the root without the use of any chemicals or random tugging on delicate skin.
What is waxing?

Waxing means spreading a thin layer of hot or cold wax over the area of unwanted hair and then placing a strip on that. Uproot the strip off in a rapid motion that removes both the wax and the unwanted hair.
1 Threading is a chemical-free process
Eyebrow Shaping by the Threading process doesn't use any chemicals, unlike other hair removal procedures. There are no unnatural products or ingredients that can affect your skin and cause irritation.

Threading is a better option for those who are fans of safer beauty trends as you know that no chemical elements used in this process. Wax contains harsh chemicals and ingredients that include resins, carcinogenic parabens, artificial fragrances, and dangerous dyes.

The greatest thing that makes thread better is that it has no chemicals. No pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers are used in growing cotton.

Someone who has sensitive skin that causes redness or itching would benefit from the natural way like threading. If you are allergic to those chemicals, a cotton thread is a safe option to reduce skin irritation. It's also safer for beauticians who practice threading by holding one end of the thread in their mouth.

** 2 Less Pain

Eyebrow threading is not as painful as waxing or other hair removal process. The skin around the eyebrow is thin and can be sensitive; thus, the technique that directly pulls this skin typically causes more pain.

The fact is that the thread doesn't touch the skin during hair removal while in the waxing process, a hot chemical has been applied to the sensitive skin, and then it will be pulled by the strip that causes itching and redness.

** 3 Accurate shaping **

The most significant benefit that threading has over other procedures is the ability for Eyebrow Shaping with astonishing accuracy — having the accuracy combining it with waxing ability to remove unwanted hair simultaneously.

Threading can remove a clean line of extra hair at once and lets threading expert to perfectly shape your eyebrows. A threading specialist has a comprehensive view of what he or she is doing at the time, unlike waxing. As there are no other elements besides the thread, there is nothing to divert their vision.

Choosing between threading and waxing is really a personal preference as according to the sensitivity of your skin. As per experts, threading is the most requested procedure.

Book an appointment at Wisp Lashes and shape your eyebrows by our experts to enlighten your look.

5 Factors To Consider Before Getting Eyelash Extensions - eyelash-extensions lash-extensions eyelashes lashes austin ...

The emerging need for Eyelash Extensions among the Gender F has grown rapidly. The wave has currently taken a huge spike giving other females the eyelash extensions goals. Females today want to make sure their apparel, brows & eyelashes are done perfectly so they can rock the look for any event. But, getting apparels & brows is much more easier from getting eyelashes as it has to be done by the professional hands. However, it can be made easy by having a pre-check done for it.

And, to make your experience smooth and at ease with eyelash extensions, let's learn more about 5 crucial factors that you should consider before getting eyelash extensions.

*1. Costing:

The best thing never comes at a cheaper price.' Whenever you are going to get eyelash extensions from a lash lounge, you should ensure that the costing is suitable to you. The best eyelash extensions usually costs around anywhere between $150 and $250. They would last for 2 to 4 weeks. It depends on the care you provide. If a lash lounge promises you a lower price, beware of the quality they give.

2. Shape of the curl:

There is nothing called the perfect curl. The curl might be anywhere between J curl to C curl. From faux mink to human hair, you have a variety of options to choose from. Make sure that the eyelash extensions are suiting you. Once you do it, there should not be any looking back.
3. Preparing before appointment:**

Once you insert the lashes, you are not supposed to wash it with water for the next 24 hours. Hence, maintain your sanitation level before you visit your lash lounge for eyelash extensions. Take a shower and wash your eyes before you set out.

4. Take care of the risks:
The risk with the eyelash extensions is that it might become irritable and can cause rashes and allergy. Hence, ensure that your eyes are always clean. Consult with your eye specialist and the beautician if you are uncertain of the safety level after completing your eyelash extension process.
5. How do you remove it?

You have two choices at your disposal. Either you can move to the lash lounge to remove them or you can let it fall by itself. The best eyelash extensions procedures would involve removing them with the help of professionals.

Are you planning to get those eyelash extensions to look gorgeous this wonderful season of summer? If yes, get those evergreen eyelash extensions from Wisp Lash Lounge! If you are thoughtful about some tips for eyelashes, here we have a giveaway for you, checkout 6 Tips To Consider While Applying Eyelash Extensions. We are here to aid and assist you through the entire process. Appear trendy and set the stage on fire with those best eyelash extensions!

Your eyes are the window of your soul, and your eyebrows are the cutesy curtains... - Wisp Lashes

Your eyes are the window of your soul, and your eyebrows are the cutesy curtains that fancily frame your face and give it shape.

Eyebrows are the most important factor on your face. Framing your face and catching attention to your eyes, brows figuratively really big nowadays. An amazingly full and defined pair of eyebrows are a beauty requirement.

Wisp Lashes
serve up a few ways for Eyebrow Shaping , create a realistic look, and taking you from brow to WOW! Too cheesy?

If you're nor blessed with full eyebrows, you can still get amazing brows, and we're here to show you how. Here are 11 easy eyebrow hacks that are going to change your beauty game

Before you start, determine the growth of your Eyebrows. Don't worry if you come to know that your eyebrows aren't meet standards for thickness. Try massaging your eyebrows for 5-7 minutes using castor oil or almond oil for faster hair growth before going to bed - no need to wait too long for full brows.

Which eyebrow shape suits you?

Round face

Make as high an arch as you can. Consider an eyebrow shape that serves a straight line to the peak of the brow and doesn't try a round brow shape.

Square Face

Try to consider a curved brow shape, hard or soft-angled shape. Get a cleat of thin and short brow shapes.

Heart-shaped Face

Consider a low arch and rounded brow shape that creates a more natural look. Stay away with a highly arched brow.

Oval Face

Go with flat and soft-angled eyebrow shape that should go straight up and then gently curve around at the top.

How to Get Perfect Eyebrow shaping?

After choosing which eyebrow shape looks amazing on you. Let's start by giving your eyebrows a perfect shape according to the shape of your face.

  • Ensure that you feel comfortable and have good sun lighting.

  • Use a high-quality pair of tweezers for tweezing the eyebrow and grabbing the hair.

  • Be careful while plucking the area above the brow. Don't over pluck it; otherwise, it looks unnaturally thin.

  • After every few tweezers, take a break to see the bigger picture and evaluate the result.

  • Use a proper brush to comb your eyebrows and trim the hairs that are above the brow line with eyebrow scissors.

  • Roll an ice cube over your browses to reduce the redness, swelling - apply skin moisturizer.

  • While filling your brows, use an eyebrow brush to brush brows hair lightly, mark a line at the bottom curve of the eyebrow and then fill in the hairless spots.

  • Outline the top and bottom edges of your eyebrow and make the tail if needed.

  • Don't apply too much color, and be careful with the margins of your natural brow shape.

  • Highlight the skin between the eyebrow and eyelid for the more elegant look.

Be a proud owner of a perfectly gorgeous eyebrow shaping. Book an appointment at Wisp Lashes . Our Lash experts are ready to help you and guide you to look more attractive.

Be The Talk Of Your Town With Eyelash Extensions This Spring - eyelash-extensions lash-extensions eyelashes lashes

Flow yourself with this season of Spring with classy eyelash extensions and be the beauty of your town.

An Eyelash Extensions can lead you to look smarter and classier like never before. Eyelash Extensions can do wonders to your appearance by transforming you into a wilder looking diva from an innocent looking girl.

Love Spring, you'll love Eyelash Extensions too

Spring is the season of love. So, this season, get those captivating looks with best eyelash extensions. We at Wisp Lounge, offer a great variety of eyelash extensions at extremely affordable prices.

It is no more in hush-hush that we all love fake lashes. It has become one among those trademark products. Owing to their transformation and captivating power, they are a wide favorite among many people.

Are you a selfie lover? Do you want to beautify yourself without filters? Then, undoubtedly , eyelash extensions are the best among those plenty of other options laid in front of you.

This spring, do you want to be termed as the “Queen of Groupies?” At Wisp Lounge, you will be amazed with the exquisite eyelash range exclusively for all types of occasions. Yes, so just don't waste much of your time and get yourself lashed.

Can Lash Extensions Damage Your Natural Lashes? - lash-extensions lashes lashes austin

Lash artists all over agree that the single biggest myth about getting eyelash extensions is that it can damage your natural lashes! This common misconception is responsible for a lot of clients being nervous about their appointments for no reason.

Saying lash extensions can damage your lashes is like saying that cooking will burn your food. It is not true unless done improperly. In fact, with proper technique and application, lashes are anything but damaging!

Getting Eyelash Extensions is a completely pain-free experience. But here are some steps to keep in mind when you prepare for your appointment:

  • Avoid the use of mascara three days prior to your appointment. The compounds of this mascara tend to stay in your lashes even after proper cleansing which can prevent the adhesive from bonding properly.

  • Clean your lashes and face before arriving: The adhesive used to apply cannot bond properly if there are residual oils and makeup. Never arrive at a lash salon wearing a full face of makeup as it will cost time from your appointment to remove the makeup.

  • Avoid oil-based products in and around your eyes: If you use an oil-based makeup remover, make sure you remove it too from around your eyes completely.

  • Arrive freshly showered and with clean hair as you won’t be able to wet lashes 24 hours after the initial application.

  • Remove contacts in case you wear them. We recommend you stick to glasses on the day of service. Being contact-free is a safety precaution we recommend so your eyes stay healthy and happy. Be prepared to wear glasses even after the application of your lashes is complete, as your contact solution may wet the lashes.

  • Keep water away from your eyes in all circumstances for 12 to 24 hours after getting your lashes done. This is because water can weaken your lashes causing them to fall off.

  • If you experience any sort of discomfort during the procedure, inform your artist immediately. You may need to change the glue. Getting lash extensions is a completely pain-free experience and should not cause even a slight bit of pain or discomfort.

  • The most eyelash extensions can do is give you allergies. Although it is highly dependent on the kind of glue that is applied.

  • It is also advised that you avoid using waterproof mascara as it can be difficult to remove and can pull off lashes prematurely when trying to take it off.

Lash extensions can make your no-makeup look an instant reality. They easily enhance your eyes by bringing attention and highlight the color of your eyes.

As lashes are eyes are a sensitive area it is a must that you find professionals who are properly trained and certified to be sure that they can apply lashes without damaging your natural lashes or eyes.

At Wisp Lashes, lash artists are highly trained to always deliver a smooth and hygienic experience. If you are still in a dilemma, you can chat with our experts to guide you through the process. Happy lashing!

Find Eyebrows That Flatter Your Face Shape - Eyebrows Eyebrow Shaping

One of the biggest transformations you can make on your face is your eyebrows. Unruly and negative eyebrows can draw negative attention. Good eyebrows are important as they highlight the best features of your face. Perfect eyebrows symbolize good grooming and self-care. Perfectly sculpted eyebrows are the secret to looking pretty barefaced or with minimal makeup.

  • Eyebrows come in all shapes and sizes but finding the perfect one for you is every woman’s dilemma.

  • There lies a simple secret to achieving the perfect eyebrow and it is determining your face shape. Knowing your face shape will help you pull off eyebrows that bring your look together.

Here’s a guide to the different shapes and the best brows for them:

1. Square

Square shapes usually have the same width of temples and jaws and a prominent jawline. To create an illusion of a less boxy look and soften the face, your brows must have an arch. You can achieve a long, narrower face appearance by adding an angle to the peak of your brows.

2. Round

If your face has almost similar height and width, then it may be a round face type. The aim of your brows should be to add definition to your face, slim it down to enhance your cheekbones. Long, structured brows with arched angles are crucial to define your face and create the illusion of an oval face.

3. Long

If you have an elongated face and prominent features, you might have this face type. Opt for shorter brows to achieve a fuller effect that will plump your face. Paying close attention to where the end of your brows is key to achieve this. And if you would like to play up your horizontal features, keep the arch to a minimum while lengthening the tail of your brows.

4. Heart

Heart-shaped faces are known for their angular features with a prominent forehead including a pointed chin and a defined jaw. Choose curvy and fluid eyebrows that will complement your sharp angles. To balance out your features, create brows that are soft and are a natural color.

5. Oval

Oval is the most common and known as the most ideal face shape. Oval faces often have a wide forehead and large eyes and lips with defined cheekbones, if you have similar features, opt for thicker brows. In case, you have smaller facial features, go for smaller arches.

  • Bonus tip- If you want a more feathered look, try tweezing only the lower half of your brows and letting the upper half grow.

  • Always start shaping your eyebrows from the inner corner, arching at the pupil, and ending at the corner.

If you’re still unsure about which shape to pick for your brows, the best way is to get the perfect shape is to go to an elite eyebrow shaping salon.

At Wisp Lashes, we offer personalized eyebrow shaping services to ensure beautiful eyebrows that match your face structure and personality

How to Take Care of Your Eyelash Extensions - lash-extensions eyelashes lashes eyelash-extensions

Show your lashes a little love to keep your natural lashes and lash extensions looking their best and last longer. Consult our experts for more details.

The Eyelash Extensions lasts around six to eight weeks depends on everyone's natural lashes to grow at varying speeds. After this period of time, you will go back to a lash expert for filling if you want to continue with your lash extensions.

The more you care for the extensions, the better they'll look and less work they'll need to be done when you go for a fill. Saving money and time is the main reasons why proper eyelash extensions care is important, but there are other considerations.Add paragraph text here.

Look better for longer

  • The more you care for your lash extensions, the longer they'll look good. Well maintained lashes look stunning even up to the day of your fill-in.

  • If you want to look better for longer, then follow the recommendations provided by lash experts; otherwise, what's the purpose of spending time and money on this treatment.

Improved lash health

  • If you don't care for your lashes, it might cause natural eyelashes to fall out faster along with the extension.

  • Doing care for your lash extension means you're caring for the health of your natural lashes as your natural lash won't be damaged, and you can continue to get extension fill for the flawless look.

  • Caring for your eyelash extensions keeps the area around your eyes cleaner that prevents the eye infection and any other unpleasant occurrence.

  • Thank the beauty gods for such an amazing beauty treatment, but there are some things you should keep in mind after the process of the lash extensions.

How to keep eyelash extensions in tip-top shape long after you get them done?

Avoid water for 24 hours

  • You must avoid the use of water for 24 hours after the treatment of Eyelash Extensions. You have to wait till your adhesive that uses for your extension must be dried out.

  • Avoid shower, swimming, and exercise. We suggest to wash around the eyes when cleansing your face and use oil fress makeup remover for cleaning makeup.

  • Keep the use of minimum eye makeup to avoid washing the lashes within the first 24 hours.

Avoid the use of oil-based products

  • We suggest not to use oil-based products for your lashes because of oil breaks down the glue that holds the lash extensions.

  • You should avoid oil cleansers, oil-based makeup removers, and other oil-based products. Instead of oil-based products, you should try gel-based products to avoid dissolving the adhesive.

Don't pull the lashes

Don't play with your lashes, or don't try to remove it by yourself. You have to care for it, especially when you are cleaning your lashes. Brush them daily but not pick or pull out the false lashes as it can damage your natural lashes. Sleep on your back and use a soft satin pillow to avoid friction that reduces fallen out of your lashes.

Keep these tips in mind before heading for your eyelash extensions appointment. Know the right information, and you'll be on track to have the best eyelash extensions. You'll know what to do to make your lashes last as long as possible and keeping your natural lashes healthy.

Now, what are you waiting for...??? Book an appointment at Wisp Lashes and get your eyelash extensions done for an elegant and ready-to-go look.

Eyelash Extensions: Making Beauty Sleep a Reality!

Are you envious of the fuller and luscious eyelashes of Mila Kunis or the Kardashian sisters? Have you ever given a thought of having such beautiful eyelashes that can do the talking on your behalf? Well, thanks to modern-day technology, it is no longer an impossible task.

YES, you read it right. Now, you can live your dream of having those sparkling eyes with eyelash extensions, if you invest your hard-earned money at the right place.

Someone has rightly said that “Eyes can speak thousands of words without uttering one”. To add a cherry to the cake; long, thick, and voluminous eyelashes can play an instrumental role in making your eyes look not only attractive but alluring at the same time.

Eyelash Extensions

A thing of beauty is a joy forever!

This famous line written by John Keats says that a beautiful entity is a source of endless joy. Eyelash extensions make your existing eyelashes look longer and thicker to let you cherish the joy of your beauty.

Now, you can seek advice from our professional experts at Wisp Lashes. Needless to say, professionals suggest you the right type of eyelashes complementing your style in terms of color, thickness, and degrees of curl.

It’s only a matter of a few hours that you can possess the eyelashes of your dreams and flaunt them in front of your family and friends.

However, listed below are some of the important factors which you need to take care of :

  1. Certified Technicians

When it comes to eye health and vision, you need to be extra cautious. Therefore, make sure that the technicians are certified in order to mitigate the possible risks.

  1. Allergic Reactions

Although there are rare chances of allergic reactions during this procedure, they might knock your door. So, make sure you don’t have any sort of allergic history to those products.

  1. Product Quality

Quality matters everywhere so do the products in eyelash extensions. Make sure the products they use are premium quality
and safety.

Why do you need to get eyelash extensions done once in a lifetime?

When you get your eyelashes done, we bet you will fall in love with yourself once again. Get the look you crave for according to your preferences. If you are someone who doesn’t like putting on too much makeup and still look stunning, eyelash extensions can turn out to be your new obsession. With your extensions on, you can look amazing like never before.

Are you worn out with all the DIYs you tried to make your eyelashes thicker and longer and still got no good results? If yes, then this is high time you must experiment with your looks by trying out something unique and different. Also, save your money by investing in eyeliners, mascaras, and eye shadows.

We, at Wisp Lashes, can certainly help you with eyelash extension sat extremely affordable prices. Our expert professionals can suggest the best treatment methods that can truly reinvent your look to let you shine like a diva. Thus, without any more delay, schedule an appointment with us for a gorgeous makeover and make your beauty sleep reality!

Tips on Eyebrow Shaping: Maintaining bushy eyebrows at home during lockdown | Wisp Lashes

With the recent COVID -19 global pandemic that has plagued the world, most countries around the globe are in a lockdown where life has almost come to a standstill. Like other services women are unable to enjoy their luxury beauty treatments at beauty parlors and salons making them feel like a damsel in distress sometimes causing anxiety and often leading to low self-esteem. Several beauty treatments can be done with great ease without expert help; however, when it comes to women woes that make them cringe each time they glance at their bushy outgrown eyebrows, many believe that they will have to wait till the lockdown is eased to pop at salons for their Eyebrow Shaping appointments with their beauty professionals.

Well! Leave those worries aside as we are here to provide you with some easy techniques that will uplift your spirits, letting you face the virtual world on chats or meetings with optimum confidence along with a well-groomed eyebrow as this is an extremely important facial feature that highlights your eyes and eyelashes.

So let’s begin our journey to maintain those bushy eyebrows with all that we have from the comfort of our homes.

Our Simple 5 strategy plan to get you the right shape:

1) Use Dual mirrors

  • Your dressing table mirror might not suffice alone in this scenario. You would need a magnifying mirror to check out the minute hair when tweezing, but to take a precise look at the larger picture a big mirror is highly recommended so that you do not over pluck making your eyebrows look wonky.

2) Tweeze few strands only

  • Over tweezing is a strict no-no as it may affect your hair growth in the future.

  • Some experts suggest that you must leave your brow untouched, apply castor oil to experience fuller and thicker brows and then pluck the stray hairs all at once when they have sufficiently grown, while others recommend that daily plucking a few strands would assist is adhering to the shape and ease the painful experience.

  • It is also advisable to take a hot shower or place a hot compress before you commence the procedure to soften the skin opening up the pores thus making hair removal painless.

  • A sharp pair of tweezers is a must, making sure that you pull out only one hair in the direction of hair growth. The skin must be pulled tightly to ensure easy latching of tweezers to the hair decreasing any discomfort.

3) Stick to your natural brow shape

  • To mark your natural brow shape start by placing a pencil at the inner corner of your left nostril facing towards the forehead: this is your starting point.

  • Keeping the pencil in the same line of direction, move it past the eyelids to the other corner of the eye: this is your endpoint.

  • The brow bulge or arch can be determined by placing the same pencil at a 45 degree from the nostril. Try to focus only on the rouge hair around the eyelid and under the brow bone.

4) Trimming for a final touch

  • Trimming any hair beyond the shape of the brow after the tweezing will let you regain the perfect look.

  • You will need a sharp pair of scissors and a spoolie brush to brush all the hair up. Anything that stands beyond the shape of your brow is what you trim.

  • But be a tad be careful as you must be patient and do it slowly to avoid a disastrous eyebrow grooming session.

5) Eyebrow Waxing

  • This is a great option to get rid of the minute hair easily than tweezing or threading. In addition to this, it leaves the skin looking softer and smoother due to the exfoliating properties of wax.

  • Though this is recommended under strict professional supervision, if you have the guts you can give it a try.

  • Wax must be primarily tested on the hand first before applying it to the brow to check the temperature.

  • Only the unwanted bulk hair surrounding the main brow should be waxed, keeping the brow shape intact.

  • A perfect shape can be achieved later by tweezing the extra unwanted hair. Tightly hold the skin before pulling the strip to prevent skin lifting and hurting.

Is Eyebrow tinting safe?

A question that perturbs most ladies during this time.

  • This is something which is purely an expert arena, thus one should avoid trying this at home.

  • This phase is not going to last forever, and it is not worth experimenting at this time as no expert advice would be possible if something goes wrong.

Wisp Lashes is the most sought after Eyebrow shaping service in Knoxville as our expert team takes each aspect of brow shaping into consideration for giving the most coveted facial feature its due treatment. We are sure that this tough time will wade out soon and if you try the tips and tricks you might be satisfied with your achievement to temporarily manage your growing roots. Although brow shaping can be mastered with perseverance and skill, maintaining your lash extensions healthy can be a tough task at hand. Even though the existing scenario has created a distance between us, we are sure to bounce back with the same vigor ensuring maximum hygiene and sanitation. Our team at Wisp Lashes is ready to welcome you with open arms. Book your appointments now!

Life Isn't Perfect, But Your Eyebrow Shaping Can Be - Eyebrow Shaping Brow Shaping Eyebrows Austin Knoxville

Life can throw lemons at you, but crush those lemons and make lemonade. Life isn't fair and perfect all the time. It's true, but your eyebrows can be perfect. If your eyebrows are imperfect, shape them up according to your wish. If getting those best ever eyebrows is your dream, we are here to cater it.

Get the pleasure of beautiful eyelashes at an inexpensive price at Wisp Lashes. Woo-hoo! That does not stop at perfect Eyebrow shaping. It gets converted into glimpses from your fellow peers, applauds from your family members and a few gasps from those jealous neighbors (Who doesn't love to show off a bit?)

Do you have to send more to get that classy eyebrow shaping? We bet on no! Nobody wants to spend a gazillion bucks. No, we do not demand that. We just want you to taste the applauds you get with those gorgeous and sassy looks after getting those eyebrow shaping.

Yes, we get it right, each time when you get it done by us. We walk our talk. We deliver those wonderful looks with our eyebrow shaping which we have promised to deliver you with a sense of commitment.

Our experts work tirelessly on providing you with a satisfying look. Let it be through gentle waxing or tweezing your eyebrows, we ensure that you get it as you desired. Be it mapping the perfect arch or thickness of your eyebrows, we provide you the best eyebrow shaping services ever.

Our services are going to set you apart from the crowd. Who does not love to gaze at those perfect eyebrows? Remember, during your first meet, looking directly at the eyes of your opponent would leave an everlasting impact on you.

If your eyebrows are properly shaped up, isn't it just an added bonanza? We, at Wisp Lashes, ensure that you get this experience every single time. A satisfied client would be every businessr's dream. The same goes to us. We just want to make sure that you enjoy those perfect eyebrow shape every time.

Don't have time for a makeover? Could not prove your mettle in properly maintaining your eyebrow shape? We are here to help you out. All we need is our customer's love. We envision it every single day. With our eyebrow shaping services, we are sure to achieve this feet.

Safety and sanity are the foremost factors that we care for. Our Brow Experts would initially apply wax to remove excess hair. Then they would tweeze the remaining hair to complete the entire shaping process. The entire process would go on in a more hygienic and safer manner. We assure you this since we know how important it is to maintain that level of sanity.

If you are looking for the best ever eyebrow shaping services, don't look further. We are here to offer you with the best ever eyebrow shapes that would match like a needle and thread with your thread.

Contact us to know more about our eyebrow shaping services. We promise, deliver and serve at our best. We put efforts to get it right without any compromise or reasons every time.

What's It Really Like to Get Volume Lash Extensions? Here's the Truth - eyelashes lashes eyelash-extensions lash-exte...

It's a fantastic experience when someone looked into your eyes and couldn't look away. That's the magic of your lashes.

If you ever wanted to have lengthy and luscious lashes, then Eyelash Extension will be in your beauty treatment.

Most trendy services at eyes on you are Eyelash Extensions. It's a way to accentuate your eyes without the application of mascara or fake lashes every day. You can choose your lash style according to your desired look you want to achieve with your lash extensions.

In the last few months, the eyelash extension trend is going on. All the beautiful ladies can look more grateful by the lash extension treatment, but before going for this process, there are lots of questions that arise, such as how I care for them how I make them last so long?

For an elegant look, extend your natural eyelash and make it fluffier, so it looks like you're wearing mascara. It makes it easy to get ready every day.

Nowadays, one of the latest trends in volume lashes. In this process, the lash artist will apply 2-6 lightweight lashes to each of your natural lashes. Volume lashes are generally composed of silk or mink.

All are having various lashes, and on the basis of the condition of your natural lashes, you can choose length or thickness.

Volume lashes are all in the trend! For many clients, classic extensions are not enough, and they want full and voluminous lashes.

Wisp Lashes are here to break down the different types of volume lashes with the benefits of adding volume lashes.

Volume lashes are the art of bonding 2-6 lashes attaching to a single natural lash with each extension 1-2 mm longer than your natural lashes.

Volume lashes give you more scattered natural lashes to enjoy the fluffier look by applying more than one extension to each natural lash.

Allowing you for the customization each set of volume lashes. It makes the volume an especially option for long run clients who are ready to up their everyday look.

Let's go to the benefits of the Eyelash Extension

  • Lash Extensions help you to get fluffier lashes

  • Elevate your eyes and your look.

  • It never damages your natural lashes

As now you know all the benefits of eyelash extensions and our well-trained lash artist put a list of the most commonly asked inquiries about eyelash extensions.

Let's go through the most asked questions

Which type of Eyelash Extensions can I get?

You can choose from various sizes from 6mm to 17 mm, and thickness can vary from 0.05mm to 0.25mm. You should choose according to the strength of your natural lashes.

How long it takes for the lash extension treatment?

The full set of lash applications can take one and a half hours to a maximum of two hours. Time may vary according to which type of lashes you choose to enhance your look.Add paragraph text here.

How long will the lash extensions last?

It never damages your natural lashes, and your lash extension will long-lasting. It can fall out with your natural lashes according to the natural cycle.

Now you have all the necessary information related to the Eyelash extensions, so book your appointment at Wisp Lashes for an elegant look with lengthy and voluminous lashes.

Eyelash Extensions Make Every Day a Fabu-LASH Day! Have you ever wondered how even after spending thousands of dollar...

Have you ever wondered how even after spending thousands of dollars on expensive makeup brands and long hours in front of the mirror, you seem to look the same every day? In the meantime, other women around you are becoming more and more glamorous each passing day? One beauty trend that is optimizing the natural beauty of women around the globe is individual eyelash extensions. Visit Wisp Eyelash Extension and Eyebrow Shaping salon to get effortless, healthy, voluminous eyelashes and perfectly shaped eyebrows.Add paragraph text here.

  • Wisp Eyelash Extension serves in Austin, TX, and Knoxville, TN enhance your natural beauty by adding eye-opening, long and dark synthetic Mink Eyelash Extensions on top of your natural lashes.

  • Our synthetic eyelash extensions are made and designed to suit your natural eyelash stature and don’t look obviously artificial. With an expert team of trained artists, you will receive customized mapping ensuring that the length and shape of your eyelashes are perfectly complemented.

Wisp Eyelash Extensions are a great way to add glamour to your look without an added step to your everyday beauty routine. Though the length and lash density vary greatly among clients, there are two main types of eyelash extensions that clients choose from: Classic Lashes and Volume Lashes. Add paragraph text here.

  • A Classic Lash Set is a more traditional, mascara look. Each set of Classic Lash Extensions are a 1:1 bond. This means that 1 eyelash extension is placed over each natural lash that a client has, effectively doubling the volume of the client’s lashes.

  • Classic eyelashes are recommended for clients who have naturally healthy and long lashes who are desiring a longer, darker lash.

  • Wisp Lashes also offers the Russian Volume Eyelash Extension. Handcrafted fans of 2-5 eyelash extensions are made by the lash artist and applied to each natural lash.

  • Just like with Classic Lashes, the artist keeps in mind the client’s eye shape, face structure, and position of their cheekbone when mapping a volume lash set. Each fan is made of 2-5 separate eyelashes, giving a fuller and voluminous lash line.

Wisp Lashes is part of a revolutionary movement in the new fashion trend among women who love to flaunt a natural, flawless and makeup-less look. Complementing the shape and style of their natural eyelashes, the extensions work like magic giving a deeper and fuller lash curve over your eyes. Our teams of Professional Artists make keeping up with your eyelash extensions a breeze: simply schedule regular Fill appointments every 2-3 weeks to keep your eyelash extensions full and healthy! Add paragraph text here.

Wisp Lashes lash artists are specifically trained in the art of eyelash extensions. With a customized consultation and excellent service packages, you can get the mesmerizing look you had been longing for.

So, what are you waiting for? Wake up beautiful! Book an appointment instantly with Wisp Lashes and get your long-awaited makeover done.Add paragraph text here.

What is your best advice on how to groom Women's eyebrows?

In the current fashion trends, there is nothing as distracting as unruly eyebrows. Nowadays, how good looking brows are considered as one of the biggest trends.

What to do to make sure that your eyebrows are looking perfect? During eyebrow shaping keep in mind to turn heads to experts and trim them from regularly to ensure they stay clean and groomed.

Eyebrow shaping can be quite tricky because of having thick eyebrows look more unruly. Eyebrows can be delicate to groom. Doing it correctly and having well-groomed and charming eyebrows can make a significant difference to your look.

Ready to get perfect eyebrow shaping?

Let your eyebrows perfectly grow.

Too-thin eyebrows are out of trend right now, so before getting them trimmed, let them grow out properly. Experts counsel a growth period of one to two months before you start out tweezing.

Use the right tools for trimming.

Generally, experts use various tools such as a spoolie brush, pair of tweezers, eyebrow scissors, etc. Spoolie brush is useful to comb the brow hairs and tame them. Sweeping in the direction of natural hair growth will make trimming easy.

A pair of eyebrow scissors with ultra-straight blades is required. It’ll let you accurately trim away long brow hairs. Tweezers can be useful to pluck them away and clean the edges of your eyebrows.

Map out eyebrow shape

Before getting trimmed eyebrows, it is suggested to have an idea of how you would like them to be shaped.

Mark the points from where you would like your eyebrows to start and end for the easiness of the trimming process.

After marking that point accurately, turn the marker to the outside of your iris. That’ll work as the arch of your eyebrow. Swing the marker to find the end spot.

Start with slow snips.

It’s a better way to trim eyebrows with slow and careful snips. It is the best way to keep away from making a resolute mistake.

Start brushing the brow hair with the spoolie brush and ensure to use an upward movement. Then use brow scissors to trim a small amount from the top and leave the natural shape unscathed. Continue brushing your eyebrows in the direction of the growth and cutting the overly long chunks.

Eyebrow Plucking

Directly plucking your brow hairs can hurt your skin, so it’s best to massage with oil on your brow bone before plucking your brow hairs.

It keeps your skin and hair lubricated and prevents hair wreckage. It also prevents your skin from irritating skin, redness after a tweezing session.

Clean up remaining hair

To get a painless tweeze in the direction of hair growth while holding your skin taut. Pluck the hair and make sure to stop every once while reevaluating

You can use a magnifying mirror while tweezing to get a closer look. Don’t forget to go a few steps back and take a look in a normal mirror to make sure how your eyebrow shape looks.

Fill in sparse spots.

After trimming, calm your irritation skin by your favorite soothing gel. Now you can perfect them by filling in sparse patches with your favorite brow pencil and brush them with a spoolie to blend them for finishing touch.

To get a professional eyebrow shaping service, book an appointment with brow experts. The specialist can help you to trim your eyebrows and create an attractive shape.

Lash Care: Tips to show love to your Natural Lashes. | Wisp Lashes

Eye Lashes though small are significant facial features as they act as protective curtains, and prevent the micro debris, sweat, dirt from entering the eyes. Other than that it is also an impactful feature of a women’s personality, that’s probably why over the year’s women have experimented with different techniques to doll them up- be it mascara, lash lift, tinting and in more recent times Eyelash Extensions.

With the use of cosmetics or professional beauty service to make your lashes stand out, there are also a few natural ways to show some love to your lashes. Basic lash care is as important as your daily hair care routine. These tiny hair follicles above your eyes must be protected & taken care of by using safe products & resorting to lash care tips that can help one maintain their natural lashes effortlessly just like their hair.

Read on to learn a few Lash care tips that can add to your natural beauty & give you a more surreal look with lush & healthy lashes.

Exceptional ingredients for lash care.

Avoid using anything that contains parabens, phthalates & ethyl alcohol & resorts to the below best ingredients that can help in your lash hair growth & make them healthier.

Keratin: This is a protein that helps in smoothening the cells that overlap to form the hair strands. It helps in adding volume & strength.

Castor oil: This magic oil helps in thickening your lashes & stimulates lash growth.

Biotin: This is a B vitamin that helps in improving hair health by straightening Keratin.

Effective Nutritional diet for Eyelashes.


  • Vitamin B-3 known as niacin helps you get rid of brittle & dry eyelashes, boosts eyelash growth &improves blood flow in hair follicles. Some natural sources are peanuts, mushrooms, etc.

  • Vitamin C helps repair follicle damage & enhances collagen production; is included in foods like tomatoes, cranberries, etc.

  • Vitamin E is like a conditioner to lashes & seen in foods like spinach, almonds, etc.

  • Vitamin H, known as biotin, thickens the eyelashes & promotes growth; natural sources are walnuts, soybeans, etc.

Other food items: Eggs provide protein & biotin that helps in the growth of lash hair. Yogurt is a great source of Vitamin B-5 that offers excellent benefits to both scalp & eyelash hair. Fatty fish, omega-3 fatty acids, helps in reducing hair fall & increase the density of scalp & eyelash hair. Beans consist of iron, biotin, zinc, folate & plant-based protein that improves hair strength.

Essential eyelash care tips.

Cleansing your face: Eyes must be cleaned carefully using products that don’t cause any irritation or burning sensation. Gentle cleansers like baby shampoos can be used to remove eye-makeup & wash the eye area.

Avoid scrubbing/rubbing: Sleeping with makeup on or scrubbing/rubbing eyes continuously are a complete no-no as it equally harms the eyes & the skin around the lashes.

Use oil: This is good for hydrating your lashes & removing eye-makeup gently.

Brush them: For distributing natural oils along the eyelash length, brush & comb them twice a day for making it stronger.

Avoid over curling: Curling too much or squeezing them too hard will further damage your lashes, making them weaker & lead them to fall out. Always use sanitizers for eyelash curlers to keep away from bacteria.

Eyelash Extension has become a common thing in today’s world, from makeup to fashion industry, even ordinary people prefer using extensions in everyday life to look more confident and enhance their overall appearance. However, the downside comes especially when application and removal are not done in a proper way. In case of falsies which are generally self-applied, must be carefully put and removed as you may pull your natural lashes or damage them if not done in a proper way.

In the case of Eyelash extension going to a professional lash bar is recommended. At Wisp Lashes we provide our valuable customer with proper service, guidance & all required Lash Extension Care Tips, so all you need to worry is the aftercare.

Whether you choose lash extensions or not, your eyelashes like the rest of your body deserve utmost care & love. Shower your lashes with all the love by gifting them a salon visit.

What Should You Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions?

Want to look gorgeous with full and fluffy lashes? Lash Extension is the exact solution to save both time and effort, its intent is to uplift and magnify the shape of your eye, without thinking about slapping on eyeliner or other eye makeup.

Don’t want to deal with mascara or false eyelashes every day? Go with the Eyelash Extensions for a chic look.

Like long-wearing eyelashes, extensions are intended to uplift and magnify the shape of your eye. And, as a bonus, once you have applied them, you don’t need to worry about slapping on eyeliner or eye makeup.

What is Eyelash Extensions?

Lash extensions are long-run, synthetic, faux mink or silk fibers that are applied by well-trained lash artists with specially formulated non-irritating adhesive on your natural lashes to intensify your eye shape.

Extensions connect to the natural lashes themselves, so they grow out naturally and can be customized to create specific depth and length to your eye shape for the accurate effect you crave.

What are the types of Lashes?

  • Classic lash extensions are one that will be applied to one natural lash. A conventional complete set of classic lash extensions can differ from 40 to 150 extensions per eye, based on how many natural healthy lashes you have. Elegant and exact classic lash extensions come in various lengths and stiffnesses and are proper for customers wanting a natural yet noticeable look.

  • Volume lashes also commonly known as Russian Lashes is a technique wherein lash artist will apply a number of extensions, the lash artists will apply several extensions (from 2to 6) to each natural lash, which is a 6:1 ratio. Based on the number of lashes used in a fan, it’s referred to as 2D volume eyelash, 3D volume eyelash up to 6D volume eyelash. The volume lashes are thinner as the diameter of this is 0.03mm, 0.05mm,0.07mm,0.10mm. It can’t damage your natural lashes as it is light in weight.

  • Hybrid eyelash extensions are a half-way stop between classic lashes and a Russian volume lashes. A set of 1:1 lashes and volume style lashes that give a stunning, texturized, and non-uniform lash look. It is also referred to as a “mixed set” that offering massive, opaque look than classic lashes but without the consistency and mellowness of a typical Russian volume set.

Things You shouldn’t Do When You Have Lash Extensions?

  • Never use an electrical eyelash curler with your Eyelash Extensions.

  • Need to avoid steam and to wet your lashes for 24 hours after the treatment.

  • Be careful that no water touches your lashes while washing your face or taking a shower.

  • Do not rub your eyes too long.

  • Don’t sleep on your face a lot.

Get the customize sizes and shapes according to your look, the shape of the eyes, and the health of the natural lashes. You can have a very staggered, contentious looking wavered Eyelash Extensions, or you can have a shorter, more natural-looking wispy set

Lighten up your look in this season by getting Eyelash Extensions. Pick up your phone and book an appointment to get an amazing lash look.

Everything You Need To Know About Eyelash Extensions

Honestly, everyone wishes to look like a diva and slay the world with thicker and luscious eyelashes. But spending hours in achieving the result with false eyelashes and coating with layers of mascara to get that mesmerizing look is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Fortunately, Lash Extension is the exact solution to save both time and effort, its intent is to uplift and magnify the shape of your eye, plus you don’t need to worry about slapping on eyeliner or eye makeup.

Don’t want to deal with mascara or false eyelashes every day? Go with the Eyelash Extensions for a glamorous look.

Like long-wearing eyelashes, extensions are intended to uplift and magnify the shape of your eye. And, as a bonus, once you have applied them, you don’t need to worry about slapping on eyeliner or eye makeup.

What is Eyelash Extensions?

Lash extensions are long-run, synthetic, faux mink or silk fibers that are applied by well-trained lash artists with specially formulated non-irritating adhesive on your natural lashes to intensify your eye shape.

Extensions connect to the natural lashes themselves, so they grow out naturally and can be customized to create specific depth and length to your eye shape for the accurate effect you crave.

Types of Lashes: Classic Lashes, Volume Lashes & Hybrid Lashes

You are free to choose your style, but our experts suggest you according to your look and the shape of the eyes as well as the type of natural lashes.

The most common styles are Classic and Volume, but what is the difference between them, and how to decide what suits you best? Read on to take a deeper look into Lash Extensions and its procedure.

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Classic lash extensions are one that will be applied to one natural lash. A conventional complete set of classic lash extensions can differ from 40 to 150 extensions per eye, based on how many natural healthy lashes you have. Elegant and exact classic lash extensions come in various lengths and stiffnesses and are proper for customers wanting a natural yet noticeable look.

Volume Eyelash Extensions

Volume lashes also commonly known as Russian Lashes is a technique wherein lash artist will apply a number of extensions, the lash artists will apply several extensions (from 2to 6) to each natural lash, which is a 6:1 ratio. Based on the number of lashes used in a fan, it’s referred to as 2D volume eyelash, 3D volume eyelash up to 6D volume eyelash. The volume lashes are thinner as the diameter of this is 0.03mm, 0.05mm,0.07mm,0.10mm. It can’t damage your natural lashes as it is light in weight.

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

It is a half-way stop between classic lashes and a Russian volume lashes. A mixture of 1:1 lashes and volume style lashes that give a stunning, texturized, and non-uniform lash look. It is also referred to as a “mixed set” that offering massive, opaque look than classic lashes but without the consistency and mellowness of a typical Russian volume set.

Difference between silk, mink and flat/cashmere eyelash extensions

No need to worry about choosing the lash material, our lash experts will be happy to select lashes for you and suggest you on the basis of the shape of your eyes and the density of your natural lashes.

Here’s a little rundown on specific type:

Silk Eyelash Extensions

These are the less-weight type of lash extensions and are more delicate. Silk lashes are more abundant than any other type of extensions. Silk eyelash extensions are the least comfortable type of extension and are best used for special occasions.

Mink Eyelash Extensions

The charm of extensions made from mink hair is so it has a natural quality to them that you can’t get from synthetic material. Original Mink lashes come from the Mink tail, normally coming from either the Siberian Mink or the Chinese Mink. With Mink extensions, you can get a light, feathery, smooth, natural look. Real mink lashes usually last longer because they are lightweight.

Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions

Faux mink eyelash extensions are the most famous extensions used by lash artists nowadays. These man-made lashes come in a variety of lengths, diameters, and curls, and have good flexibility. No need to curl or use mascara on these types of extensions. The Faux Mink lashes are bolder, lightly shinier than the Silk and Mink. Because of their variety of sizes and lengths, they’re famous for customizing certain looks for each client.

Flat eyelash extensions

These are a relatively new addition in lashes – with flat lashes, the cross-section of the extension. This means it gives a thicker, more made-up look without any extra weight. Flat lashes are more beneficial for those who like a glamourous, more mysterious look.

Do Lash Extensions Damage Your Natural Lashes?

Never, extensions won’t damage your natural lashes. Lashes can be damaged only as a result of incorrect extension applications or if you choose the improper type of extension, which won’t match your natural lashes.

Can You Wear Make-up On Extensions?
Basically no need to wear any kind of make-up on your eyelash extension as you technically wear it. Then also if you want some touch of make-up to elevate your beauty make sure you should not select waterproof make-up kits and avoid oil-based products for your lash extensions.

What Are The Best Products to Maintain Your Extensions?

You can use a cleanser to remove makeup. We suggest using advanced eyelash conditioners, Conditioning Lash Primer, Eyelash Conditioning Gel.

Things You shouldn’t Do When You Have Lash Extensions?

  • Never use an electrical eyelash curler with your Eyelash Extensions.

  • Need to avoid steam and to wet your lashes for 24 hours after the treatment.

  • Be careful that no water touches your lashes while washing your face or taking a shower.

  • Do not rub your eyes too long.

  • Don’t sleep on your face a lot.

We finally customize the sizes and shapes according to the customer’s look, the shape of the eyes, and the health of the natural lashes. You can have a very staggered, contentious looking wavered Eyelash Extensions, or you can have a shorter, more natural-looking wispy set.

Lighten up your look in this festive season by Eyelash Extensions. Pick up your phone and book an appointment at Wisp Lashes, Knoxville. We are waiting to become your lash artist.

What is the best, most affordable eyelash serum?

All beautiful women like long and tempting eyelashes. Volumizing mascaras do such a lot and help in the growth of the eyelash extensions. You can use the hair growth serum that is specially formulated for the plentiful and luscious eyelashes that give you an extraordinary look every day.

You'll get the eyelash extensions that give the length to your natural lashes without having any kind of cosmetic makeovers. You can apply eyelash serum to keep your lashes healthy and fluffier. While going to buy serum there'll be lots of questions arriving in your mind such as Do they actually work? Are they safe? How to apply it on the eyelash? and etc. Let's have a look in the details that'll help you to choose the best eyelash serum.

Many eyelash serums take short time duration to show full results because your eyelashes are on 30 days to 45-days growth cycle. Get the thicker lashes with the safe application of the eyelash serum.

Find the perfect growth serum for your eyelashes is the most important task. Notice the customer’s reviews on the web and choose the proper serum that'll do wonders for your lash health.

How does eyelash serums work?

  • Eyelash serum helps you to make your lashes more resistant to breakage and look healthier and fluffier. Make sure to choose only FDA-approved eyelash serum.

  • Moisture is the key to healthy lashes and healthy skin as eyelashes will be prone to breakage so the use of the serum makes your skin and lashes healthy and pretend them from breakage.

  • The ingredients are used in specific proportions that contribute to improved appearance and enhance the beauty of the natural eyelashes. Eyelash serums work to condition and strengthen lashes so it prevents them to break or fall out and boost your lashes with protein and vitamins and add shine for the fluffier lash look.

  • Using serums you can set maximum eyelash growth by making a few makeover changes. A healthy diet will also provide vitamins and proteins that make your lashes healthier.

  • Eyelash serum is the beauty product that allows your lashes to grow thicker and longer. The eyelash serum contains special ingredients that help for the growth of the lashes.

  • Eyelash serums improve the health of the eyelashes and restore the root of the follicle and make the, more strong.

Are the eyelash serums safe?

  • Most effective eyelash serums are mainly based on the natural ingredients that are mostly plant-based and safe for the sensitive part of the body.

  • Most serums contain papaya extract, pesticides and essential oils that are beneficial for the growth of the lashes.

  • Make sure the serum you use should FDA-approved and meet the highest standard and are only for external use. Carefully apply it on your eyelids only and ensure that it doesn't fall into your eyes.

Before applying serum make sure your skin is clean and remove the makeup gently. Don't forget to remove the contact lenses before using eyelash serums.

Choose the best serum for your eyelashes that will make your lashes longer and healthier. It helps you to enhance your lash look for each and everyday look.

How To Make Eyelash Extensions Look Natural - Wisp Lashes

What are the Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are one kind of fibers attached to your natural lashes. It makes your natural lashes look darker, fuller, and longer. One extension is applied per natural lashes using the formulated glue.

Mainly lash extensions are made of mink, silk, or synthetic fibers. Wisp Lashes provide you to choose the perfect lashes that look natural. The lash extension comes in various lengths, curls, and colors. You can choose according to the look you want to achieve.

How to get natural-looking lashes extensions?

Do Analysis

Before going to get the eyelash extensions, decide what look you want to achieve. According to that, make sure you want to add volume or add length to your natural lashes. Select the type of eyelash extensions like volume lash extensions or classic lash extensions.

Choose Extensions

Based on how you want to look, choose the eyelash extensions’ material- synthetic or natural.

If you want to make your natural lashes look longer, then go with classic eyelash extension. To achieve the fluffier lash look go with the volume eyelash extensions.

You can also choose the mixture of both classic and volume that is known as hybrid lash extensions.

Choose the perfect length, curls, and shades according to the desired look. You can ask lash artists to suggest the eyelash extensions that suit you the best.

You can also choose the mixture of both classic and volume that is known as hybrid lash extensions.

Choose the perfect length, curls, and shades according to the desired look. You can ask lash artists to suggest the eyelash extensions that suit you the best.

Make sure to choose the lash extension as per the shape of your face.

Ready to Proceed

After deciding everything, it’s time to apply the lash extensions to your natural lashes.

You just feel relaxed and lay down on the bed. Our lash specialist will apply the extension using professional eyelashes extensions glue.

It takes some time to apply for the eyelash extensions. Follow the instruction of the lash artist, that will make you feel comfortable.

Finally, you’ll get the eyelash extensions and achieve the fluffier and longer lash look.

The main concern is how to keep your lash extension longer. Let’s go with some care tips that help you to keep your extension healthy for a long time.

After getting lash extensions, avoid getting wet for the 24 hours after the process. Make sure you don’t take showers, saunas, and also avoid exercise that causes sweat.

Sleep on your back. Because sleeping on lashes will increase the friction and chances to fall out lash extensions.

Never play with your lashes or tug them or pull them. It may cause fall out of the eyelash extension and also damage your natural lashes.

Avoid using oil-based makeups products or makeup removers. It will harm your extensions as well as your natural lashes too.

Do not use the electrical machine to curl your lashes. It may cause early fall down of the lash extensions and also ruin your natural lashes.

If you have any kind of allergies or sensitivities, don’t forget to discuss it with your lash artist.

It’s essential to choose the lash artist for the perfect process of the eyelash extensions. Contact Wisp Lashes to getting the solution about your lashes. Get the fuller and longer eyelashes and flaunt your look. You can ask lash specialists about how to make eyelash extensions look natural and stylish. Our experts are ready to help you forever!