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Updated by Joanna James on May 24, 2020
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7 Must-Know Hong Kong Travel Tips – for an easy trip in Hong Kong

Be it on a business trip or on a leisure trip, Hong Kong can be quite overwhelming! Never fear, given in this article are a few tips that will prove to be useful when travelling here. Prepare to visit attractions with ease with a few easy things to remember!


The airport express

Arrive at the airport and after your customs check-in, head right over to the airport express. However, there is a massive queue for the express. If you want to avoid the line though, it's best you purchase your tickets online. The rate online is 10% cheaper as well and more convenient. It's just a 24-minute ride from the airport to Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. A one-way trip is just $6.


Octopus card

An Octopus card is the best option when it comes to travelling in Hong Kong rather than struggling with unfamiliar cash and coins. This is like a prepaid debit card that you can use for pretty much all your purchases in Hong Kong. All MRT stations have an outlet where you can sign up for one of these cards. You can then purchase items with just the swipe of a card! Even payment for the MRT ride is made easy with no waiting in lines for tickets.


Stay in a central location

Another good tip is to book your hotel accommodation in Hong Kong in a central spot where attractions and malls are easily accessible. Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong and the likes will make for good options. If you are not into luxury hotels, then book an Airbnb or a hostel stay which are still available in good spots in the city. Look into hotel sites like Agoda for a range of options.



The MRTs are the best way to travel in Hong Kong without a doubt and also the cheapest way of travel. There are several locations with attractions that have some stops for you to easily access it. It's even better if you have the Octopus card to help with buying tickets.


Eat cheap

Hong Kong is an expensive destination, nevertheless, there are also a few cheap places you will come across especially when it comes to food in Hong Kong. The little kiosks on the wayside, the street vendors and other small restaurants offer some great food for a good price too. A food tour here in Hong Kong is the best way to go about exploring the local delights here.


Best Hong Kong skyline

Looking for the best spot for a grand picture of Hong Kong? Well, hop aboard the Star Ferry which will take you to Victoria Harbour in just a few minutes. Just in front of the Hong Kong cultural centre is the place to be. There is a connecting MRT station near Tsim Sha Tsui.


Carry an umbrella

The umbrella is definitely necessary when it comes to walking about in Hong Kong. Why you ask? The weather in Hong Kong is unpredictable.

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