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Income Tax Forms

Apply PAN Card Online | PAN Card Online Application - Brainz Media

In this post, we shall discuss about how to Apply for PAN Card Online – Permanent Account Number Online. What are the Documents required to get your Online PAN Card in India. Make sure you checkout other posts which are related to PAN Card, so that it becomes to apply for a PAN card online.

Know your PAN Card | Get Complete Details about PAN Card - Brainz Media

In this post, we shall discuss about Complete Details of knowing your PAN Card – Permanent Account Number for Details. What are the steps to get your Details of PAN Card in India. Make sure you checkout other posts which are related to PAN Card, so that it becomes easier for Finding out PAN Card Details.

A-Z Guide on PAN Card Details | Complete Details on PAN Card - Brainz Media

Permanent account number or PAN is a specific alphanumerical 10-digit identification that a person in the form of a physical card is issued by the Department of Income Tax. This is compulsory for all persons for submitting income tax reports and communications with the income tax authority. 

A-Z Guide on Form 80U | Download Form 80U - Brainz Media

There are some provisions of India ‘s income tax legislation that include tax benefits for people who are affected either by themselves or by their relatives. Section80U offers tax advantages if an individual is disabled, whereas Section80DD offers tax advantages when the dependent family member(s) of an individual is subject to a disability. The focus of this article is on the tax benefits under section 80U. 

A-Z Guide on Form 80GG | Download Form 80GG - Brainz Media

80GG is a deduction under the Income Tax Act 1961 Chapter VI-A. It was implemented to alleviate people who do not earn a home rental allowance but who are paying rent for the stay. Therefore, a person can demand a rent deduction even though he or she does not receive a house rent allowance. 

A-Z Guide on Form 80E | Download Form 80E - Brainz Media

The deduction amount in accordance with Section 80E is only the interest paid on the loan for higher education. There is no upper limit to this amount, you can receive tax profit on the entire amount of interest paid, but not on the main amount. (The deduction under Section 80E may be made without reference to the loan amount ranging from INR 1 Lakh to INR 20 Lakh or higher). 

A-Z Guide on Form 80D | Download Form 80D - Brainz Media

Section 80D provides tax exemptions on life and social benefit costs. The premium shall be paid to the taxpayer and/or to a close family member for a medical insurance policy. The allowance provided for under Section 80 D of the Income Tax Act is greater than that set out under Section 80C. 

A-Z Guide on Form 80CCD | Download Form 80CCD - Brainz Media

The emphasis of Section 80CCD of the 1961 Income Tax Act is on deductions from income tax that can be rendered in support of the New Pension Scheme (NPS) and the Yojana Atal Pension (APY) payments through individual tax taxes. NPS is a central government notified pension scheme. Employers’ contributions on behalf of their staff to NPS fall under the same section as set out in the Income Tax Act of 1961. 

A-Z Guide on Form 80DDB | Download Form 80DDB - Brainz Media

The allowable deductions from the gross total revenues under Section 80C-80U of the Revenue Tax Act 1961 are set out in Chapter VIA of the Income Tax Act , 1961. The amount of these deductions shall not surpass the total of the assessee’s gross profit, as defined in Section 80a of the Income Tax Act. Section 80DDB includes tax deductions for human and HUF diseases. Long-term capital gains, short-term capital gains covered under section 111A, gains from races, lots or other income covered by section 115BB, income referred to in section 115A, 115AB, 115AD, 115BBA and 115D are not subject to deductions under this chapter. 

A-Z Guide on Form 80C | Download Form 80C - Brainz Media

Tax deductions offer an opportunity to reduce tax burdens for individuals. Most persons prefer to be taxed in accordance with Section 80C of the IncomeTax Act of 1961 among the various tax savings options. Section 80C requires persons and HUFs to demand tax deductible on such assets and expenses worth up to Rs. 1,50,000 from their estimated taxable profits.

A-Z Guide on Form 26Q | Download Form 26Q - Brainz Media

The payer must withhold TDS on such days while charged to the payee. This payment is not payment, and TDS return must be filed in Form 26Q by the payer. A quarterly submission of 26Q is needed. 

A-Z Guide on Form 26AS | Download Form 26AS - Brainz Media

Form 26AS, also referred to as the annual return, includes a list of all tax-related facts such as TDS, TCS and PAN refund etc. This form is governed by Section 203AA of Rule 31AB of the Income Tax Act 1961 and is applied by tax authorities and taxpayers. 

A-Z Guide on Form 16A | Download Form 16A - Brainz Media

Earnings from other sources, such as returns on investors’ deposits, mutual funds, gold bonds and other capital gains, may be available to an individual. Many of these returns have income tax at a rate determined from time to time by the government and in this case financial institutions are obliged to withhold tax from their source, and have to issue the form 16A TDS certificate. 

A-Z Guide on Form 16 | Download Form 16 - Brainz Media

The employers in this part of the world do provide employees with Form 16. It includes all the documents the employee wants to disclose his income tax returns to the Department of Income Tax in India. 

A-Z Guide on Form 15 H | Download Form 15H - Brainz Media

Form 15H seeks to allow persons, provided other qualifying requirements are fulfilled, to demand exemption from a TDS exclusion from profit resulting from interest on fixed deposits to banks made within a particular financial fiscal year. Persons will have a PAN passport in order to be qualified to TDS aid. You may submit these forms at banks or digital post offices. Some banks can use their official websites to provide Form 15H online. 

A-Z Guide on Form 15 G | Download Form 15G - Brainz Media

Form 15 G is a statement to guarantee that no TDS (source tax deduction) will be withheld from interest profits from a bank fixed deposit (individuals under 60 years of old and HUF). In accordance with current rules on income tax, banks are required to deduct tax at the source if their fixed deposit interest is more than Rs. 10,000 over the course of the financial year. This TDS level was raised in the interim budget for 2019 to Rs. 40,000 from the 2019-20 fiscal year.

A-Z Guide on Income Tax Form 7 India | Download Income Tax Form 7 & Avail Benefits - Brainz Media

Under ITR-7 the individuals falling under Sections 139(4A) or 139(4B) or 139(4C) or 139(4C) or 139 4(D), including the companies are filed.

A-Z Guide on Income Tax Form 6 India | Download Income Tax Form 6 & Avail Benefits - Brainz Media

Other than companies which claim the exemption in accordance with Section 11, their income tax return must be filed in ITR-6 form. Companies who assert the waiver under paragraph 11 are those whose property profit is kept for the sake of charity or religion.

A-Z Guide on Income Tax Form 5 India | Download Income Tax Form 5 & Avail Benefits - Brainz Media

The Income Tax Return Form 5 is intended for firms, LLPs, AOPs (Association of persons) and BOIs (Body of Individuals), Artificial Juridical Person (AJP),

A-Z Guide on Income Tax Form 4 India | Download Income Tax Form 4 & Avail Benefits - Brainz Media

For taxpayers who opted for the presumptive income schema in compliance with Section 44AD, Section 44ADA and Section 44AE of the Income Tax Act, this form is the income tax return form. If, however, the above-mentioned business turnover exceeds Rs 2, the taxpayer must file ITR-3.

A-Z Guide on Income Tax Form 3 India | Download Income Tax Form 3 & Avail Benefits - Brainz Media

ITR 3 applies to individuals and to HUFs with profits and business or professional profits. Individuals with revenue from the following sources can file ITR 3:

A-Z Guide on Income Tax Form 2 India | Download Income Tax Form 2 & Avail Benefits - Brainz Media

To ensure easy compliance, the Department of income tax has classified taxpayers on the basis of income, income source and many other factors. In order to be able to access and fill in specific income tax return forms, taxpayers have taxes from various categories. The ITR-2 Type, for example, is intended for individuals and HUFs who have no company or occupation.

A-Z Guide on Income Tax Form 1 India | Download Income Tax Form 1 & Avail Benefits - Brainz Media

ITR 1 Form is submitted by taxpayers and citizens of complete income (not normally resident), up to INR 50 lakhs, salary revenue, one-house land, other capital (interest etc.) and agricultural income of up to INR 50 Lakhs. (Not an investor who either runs a business or invests in unlisted stock shares). (Not a shareholder. Also notice that, as suggested by the tax department, information on the official website of the tax department of PAN and Aadhaar cards are expected to be furnished. 

A-Z Guide on Income Tax Website Login Portal | How to Login to Income Tax Website Portal - Brainz Media

In this post, we shall discuss the complete details on Income Tax Returns in India. You can register as an Individual, Proprietor, LLP, Partnership Firm etc. What are the benefits of Login to Income Tax Returns in India, Various Forms available on the Income Tax Portal etc.  Let us understand them in great detail.