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Updated by Joanna James on Aug 02, 2020
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5 reasons to pursue higher education – Investing in your future

Most of us do have this question of whether or not to pursue higher education right after completing school. If you go through the following reasons as to why a good higher education is needed, you will find answers for all your conundrums.


To be financially established

It's a fact that we need money to survive. Not that we live our lives for money, but money plays an important role when it comes to living a comfortable life. In the current society, nothing helps better than a good higher education to have a blessed life. This is why educated people generally make more money than the rest in society. There can be instances where those who do not have a proper higher educational qualification win in their lives, but that can be just a lucky coincidence. In reality, higher education is what helps you to make financial sense.


Higher education produces a difference-maker

Needless to say, the revolutionary soul within each of us, always wants to do some difference in society. You can't simply make any difference if you do not have a proper higher education. Say, for example, someone needs to start a business and then become a game-changer in the corporate world. Indeed a great thought- but, he will never be able to pursue his dream if he does not know or have the education about where to start and how to do it. Higher education is what teaches him the basics and then the lessons to be a game-changer one day.


Higher education grants opportunities

Opportunities that come your way from higher education does not always mean 'jobs'. If you complete your higher education at a reputed institute in Sri Lanka such as CINEC, you get exposed to several good opportunities. Students can improve their connections while they are at a university as they, most often, get to work with the panel of lecturers, alumni members and even with corporate personalities when dealing with event sponsorships, etc. With this connection, yes- you may open the door to several career opportunities as well.


Improved quality of life

Higher education always improves the quality of life. Quality of life, in a much broader concept, has something to do with your knowledge. For example, the more knowledgeable you get, the happier and less stressed your lives can get. You then know what life really is, and what exactly you need to have to enjoy a blessed life. If someone does well in his job, maintains a good social life and balances all these with a happy personal/family life, then it can most probably be considered a well-balanced life and all that all can come with a good education.


Promising freedom

Say you follow one of the best and the most reputed engineering courses in Sri Lanka spending a considerable investment. What you get as the result eventually is a good job with a good salary and social recognition as an engineer. Then you are established and economically independent and this is what you call 'freedom' in modern society. You get to enjoy life as much as you want with the money you have earned, and it's all because of your past decision taken to go ahead with a good higher education.