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10 Things to Know Before Travelling to Thailand – Important Information!

Thailand is a unique and wonderful location that has so much to offer in terms of excitement that a whole week in the country would allow you only into a tiny fraction of the fun. But if you are lucky and you are going to spend a longer time there, here are some things you should know.


Eat from Your Spoon

Thai people consider eating from your fork very crude so if you are having a meal and there is cutlery involved, make sure that you are eating from your spoon instead. Use your fork together with your spoon or not at all.


Nice People

The people in Thailand are really very nice and friendly. Don't be surprised if random strangers come up to you and strike up a conversation. Or if they go completely out of their way to help you when you ask for something simple as directions to get somewhere.


No Queues

People in Thailand don't believe in queues. So, if you are making one with just yourself don't be surprised if people cut in front of you. You will have to get used to the lack of personal space, stand your ground and shove around to get your voice heard.


Tuk-Tuk for Day, Taxis for Night

Traffic in Thailand is terrifying at any time of the day but use a tuk-tuk in daylight and a taxi at night because tuk-tuks will give you a better view of the cities and the spectacular countryside while you are speeding along. Just make sure you hang on tight.


The King is not a Subject

This is pretty self-explanatory. Do not ever, under any circumstance, discuss the king!


Gambling Days

There are specific gambling days during which you are allowed to place your bets and win some straight flushes. Be prepared for it to be loud, raucous and a lot of very good fun. There will be plenty of shouting and drinking and everyone will be out to have a good time.


Mango Heaven

Thailand is a haven for those that love to eat mangoes. They feature heavily in Thai diets from breakfast to dinner and dessert. They are even used in treatments at many a spa hotel. Koh Samui is one of the places you can go to eat good mangoes and visit the most beautiful beaches in the world. One of the best is Anantara Bophut Koh Samui Resort, which is a luxurious resort that caters to give you the best of beaches.


Conservative Wear

If you are visiting temples and other holy places and you are a woman, make sure that your knees and shoulders are covered. Conservative dress when visiting even the palace is a must so always keep a jacket or a wraparound skirt in hand.


Beer and Water

The companies that make beer and water are one and the same. So, if you are asking for one or the other make sure you say whether you want water or beer and not just specify the brand name. it is a common mistake in Thailand.


Don't Believe It!

Taxi drivers will tell you a lot of things, but especially when it comes to opening and closing times and dates of famous landmarks, it's best to take their opinion with a pinch of salt or not at all. Always check up on your visit locations online.