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Headline for Top National Parks in Queensland – Explore the Outback!
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Top National Parks in Queensland – Explore the Outback!

The Australian outback contains some of the wildest areas on the planet. Being a landmass that was isolated for millions of years, the native flora and fauna aren't found anywhere else on the planet. So, here are the top national parks you can visit in the Queensland area to see all of it.


Boodjamulla National Park

Boodjamulla is the most remote park found in Queensland, which in essence also means it is the wildest of the bunch. Being over 1800km away from the state capital, this national park has remained an untouched sprawling expanse of wilderness for many centuries. Here you'll be able to enjoy some spectacular scenery including gigantic gorges, sandstone ranges, and calm lakes. Interestingly, some of the hills found in the park are known to be rich with fossils dating all the way back to the Mesozoic era, which was over 200 million years ago!


Bunya Mountains National Park

If you're staying at Queensland's more populated areas such as at one of the many Middlemount service apartments – say for instance the Oaks Middlemount Suites – this is probably the most accessible of the state's parks. It will still take you a few hours to drive here, but the location is not anywhere near as remote as the Boodjamulla. These mountains contain the world's largest bunya pines which are part of the verdant greenery that make up the rainforest which covers most of the park. Plenty of fascinating animals call these mountains home, the most notable of these are the marsupial rock and swamp wallabies, as well as the endemic ringtail possum.


Carnarvon National Park

In the rugged central highlands of Queensland is where you'll find the Carnarvon National Park. This region is full of forests and streams, all of which are nestled between massive gorges that bear striking colours. If you're an ardent birdwatcher, this park is the destination for you. There are over 200 species of avifauna to be found here, including species of thornbill, cuckoo, and kookaburra.


Daintree National Park

A certified World Heritage Site, Daintree is a sprawling collection of wetlands and floodplains that are mixed in with towering gorges and lush rainforests. In many ways, it displays the most diverse scenery and habitats than any other national park in Queensland. The Greater Daintree Rainforest is said to have survived for over 100 million years, and as such contains some truly ancient plant species. A predator that is just as ancient prowls the wetlands that surround the forest – the saltwater crocodile – so remember to keep an eye out as you explore this untamed wilderness.


Girringun National Park

The main draw of Girringun National Park is the massive waterfall found in its centre. Named Wallaman Falls, this is the highest single-drop waterfall found in the entirety of Australia – seeing this spectacular site is alone worth the visit to the park. But there's, even more, to be seen here, with areas like the Blencoe Falls, Mount Fox, and Dalrymple Gap track being filled to the brim with rare marsupials and vibrant avifauna.