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Updated by Elena S on May 22, 2020
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TOP 5 Blogs About Call Center Industry to Help Your Business Thrive

Your call center plays a huge role in the success of your enterprise. Whether it is a support, sales, or customer service we are talking about, technology is crucial to make sure it‘s efficient and up to date. To save your time, we handpicked the most interesting resources about the telecom field. Check them out.

Contact Centres

Have you ever realized one of your departments needs a new solution, but couldn't put your finger on what exactly to improve? Here is Contact-Centres to give you a hint. This media compiles the news, technical solutions, and case studies from all over the industry. What is more, this platform shows decision making within the context, in which a call center works. For example, what channel of communication is the best for customers of a specific business? What is the optimal solution for a healthcare contact center? How to make your call center safe?
Can't find what to improve? There is a list of technology suppliers with case studies of other businesses using them.

Contact Centre Monthly

Contact Centre Monthly is an online magazine for UK Contact Centre Forum. It is a great place to learn best practices first hand, as the creators made a vibrant community out of it. So, the moment any question turns up in the community, the answer to it appears in the magazine. How to manage the customer support department full of millennials? Can AI replace human resources? How does the customer make their decision? How to transform your call center in just 3 steps? Find news, useful tips, expert opinions, and even job opportunities here

Call Centre Helper

The tag under its name goes "The leading contact centre magazine," and the contents of the website prove it to be true. There is nearly any topic related to the telecommunication industry covered here. From deep analytics to anecdotes.
The magazine will keep you up to date about what happens in the industry right now. The editorial team covers the hottest topics in no time, so there is quite a lot to read about remote work and handling the crisis now. Read the news on CallCentreHelper every day, and you will learn a lot more about your occupation. Tips, analytics, strategy, technology, and webinars. It also has a forum for field professionals to communicate and share their experiences. Too serious? There are sections with humor and even a customer support and sales slang vocabulary.
Bonus: the information is organized extremely well. Everything is split into categories, supported by visuals, and contains links for further learning.

CommPeak Blog

Out of all the resources we collected, this one has the narrowest focus. It is a blog of a global VoIP provider CommPeak, which targets only the efficiency of your contact center and the solutions to enhance it. For example, in an article What is a remote call service? — the experts give you all the tools to keep the center productive during the lockdown. Metrics look strange? Check out how to interpret them the right way.
As a solutions provider, CommPeak is a fan of automation and connectivity. Routine work and misdials doesn't make sales. Talking with the client does. Thus, if you want the agents to spend their time talking to clients, there is a thing or two to learn in this blog.

Business First

It's not enough to follow only your own industry to succeed. Your business is a part of a huge ecosystem, so it’s hard to make effective calls if you don’t know what’s going on out there. Seeing the big picture is vital. To find answers to any questions and concerns, Business First is a great resource.
Want to stay tuned with trends? There is a news section that covers the biggest events around the world. Need some inspiration? There are Business Advice and Lifestyle sections. Uncertain about the future of your company? As an option, read the article Call Centers & Telecom Industry: What Will Be After COVID-19? — and be one step ahead. Think outside your specific field, and you will find new ways to improve your work!