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BIOAYURVEDA is a visionary holistic luxury brand in health and wellness offering completely natural and organic products with unique herbal formulations for skincare, personal care, nutrition and nutraceuticals that serve to protect health, stimulate healing, uplift energy, balance emotions, offer anti-ageing nourishment, detox and curb stress: empowering lives with health and wholesomeness

Headache Balm - Ayurvedic Headache Relief Balm For Pain & Stress Relief | BIOAYURVEDA

Buy natural headache relief balm online from BIOAYURVEDA. Our 100% organic headache relief balm curbs the feeling of throbbing pain and pressure around the head. Enjoy free shipping on all domestic orders.

Natural joint pain relief

Bones connecter in the human body is called as Joints. This connection provides support to our body and helps us to move. Illness or injury to these joints interferes in the movement and causes discomfort, aches and soreness. As we get older, pain in joints become the most common health issue and we usually seek Balm for joint pain. A recent survey revealed that today’s youth suffer joint issues or symptoms of Arthritis in their 30’s too. And the reason for this prevalent issue among young age people is their busy life and lack of physical exercise so they will search for natural joint pain relief balm for instant and quick relief..

Pearl Face Cream - Buy Pigmentation Face Cream for Skin Pigmentation | BIOAYURVEDA

We present this de-pigmentation Pearl Radiance Anti-Pigmentation Face Cream, nourish and moisturize your skin with our pigmentation face cream. Remove impurities, feel soft and supple skin. Ensuring conditioning of dry skin, this day cream is an ideal pic.

Cellulite Oil

Cellulite develops naturally as a natural detoxification process of the skin - but the use of our cellulite oil can help reduce its appearance. This oil is a USDA certified massage oil for cellulite using unique blend of organic herbs. Grapeseed, Sounf Oil, Nilgiri Oil, Badam Oil, Rosemary Oil was historically used for their abilities to stimulate the metabolic systems of the skin. Cellulite oil contains essential and natural oils that are designed for overall tone and rejuvenation. And it works. Buy Now


Brahmi is also known as Bacopa, which is extensively used in Ayurveda for its many medicinal properties. A vine and a perennial herb, Brahmi has been in use for generations and is widely beneficial in treating various health conditions recommended by Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and other alternative medicines worldwide. Brahmi Tablet is a tonic for the brain that helps calm nerves and increase memory. Buy Now

Anti Pigmentation Face Cream

Bioayurveda presents the best alternative to centuries old home remedies in the form of its anti-pigmentation cream. Its unique formulation consists of natural extracts from organic Rose flowers and organic herbs that help reduce bleach and pigmentation as well as reduce melanin activity. Buy Now

Best Ayurvedic Face Cream

Made with a blend of natural and herbal ingredients, Miracle Moisture Toning Ayurvedic Face Cream is an effective skin nourisher. It will improve skin texture, reduce wrinkles, restore skin elasticity and bring in natural glow to the skin.

Best Ayurvedic Anti Aging Cream in India

Old age is a natural process, however, wrinkles and fine lines on your face are difficult to deal with. Wrinkles are wrinkles in the skin that develop as you age as collagen and elastin begin to break down. These connective tissues in the skin become weak and the skin naturally damages its strength and softness. If you want a glowing skin use the Best Ayurvedic anti-aging cream in India.

Best Natural Joint Pain Relief

Ideal balm will provide quick and powerful natural joint pain relief. This is why the Bioayurveda Pain Relief Balm, which targets inflammation at the root of the problem, is a favorite for treating muscle and joint discomfort. The formula contains clinically proven ingredients such as linseed, shamed OIL, turmeric, and camphor.

Best Pigmentation Face Cream

This Pigmentation Face Cream is rich in active ingredients that inhibit excessive melanin production. It reduces pigmentation, dark spots and age spots and makes your skin shiny and glowing. It has anti-aging properties that also prevent signs of aging.

Brahmi Tablet For Brain

Indian physicians have used Brahmi, the main ingredient of the Brahmi tablet, for centuries for its beneficial effects on the nervous system. It is a brain tonic and greatly improves faculties. It calms the phlegm and bile doshas in the body. It rejuvenates the metal and makes the heart strong.

Best Anti Cellulite Oil in India

This Cellulite Oil by Bioayurveda is made from extracts of almonds, Grapeseed, fennel seeds, lemon, eucalyptus and rosemary. This massage oil will work on using it regularly for proper massage to remove cellulite around your belly. It has a pleasing smell and comes in a spray bottle, allowing you to easily spray oil onto the desired area without peeling it around you.

Best Ayurvedic Face Cream In India

Miracle Moisture Toning Ayurvedic Face Cream is a chemical and paraben free fairness product that is also certified organic. It contains a time-tested combination of extracts of saffron, turmeric, and aloe vera that promises a fair and flawless complexion on regular use.

Best Natural Joint Pain Relief Balm

We know that joint pain can be the cause. This kind of pain becomes a hindrance in your day to day life. Many people with joint pain avoid their normal activities, fearing that things may go bad. Bioayurveda Natural Joint Pain Relief Balm is an effective remedy for all the problems in your joints.

Best Ayurvedic Oil for Hair Growth

Pure argan oil is an Ayurvedic proprietary medicine recommended for the regulation of hair and scalp conditions such as haircuts, dandruff. The excellent action of Ayurvedic oil for hair growth is due to its ingredients and the special manufacturing process of base oil.

Best Anti Pigmentation Face Cream

Pearl Radiation Anti Pigmentation Face Cream is a certified organic product made with plant derived ingredients. This anti pigmentation cream with organic olive oil extract helps reduce the formation of melanin, promote skin glow and reduce pigmentation. It protects the skin from sun damage, reduces age spots and improves skin tone.

Best Ayurvedic Anti Aging Cream in India

Nourishing Lift Night Face Cream is a Best Ayurvedic Anti Aging Cream in India that fades away wrinkles and fine lines almost 5 times faster than other contemporary anti-aging products. It also enhances the overall texture of the skin and brightens its tone upon regular use.

Ayurvedic Pigmentation Face Cream

Bioayurveda Ayurvedic Pigmentation Face Cream is basically intensive depigmentation care for dry to normal skin. The smooth, buttery-soft cream with a pleasant fragrance spreads smoothly on the skin and blends effortlessly into it without giving a heavy feel.

Brahmi Tablet is a Best Tonic for Brain

Brahmi is a herb famous for its shooting effect on the brain, it is herbal brain tonic. Bioayurveda Brahmi Tablet helps in improving memory, concentration and focus. It relieves tension, anxiety and irritation. This clarifies the state of thought and good mood. It nourishes the overall brain tissue to improve memory power. It is a good supplement for all men, women for general fitness of the brain.

Ayurvedic Anti Cellulite Oil

Bioayurveda Anti Cellulite Oil is free from mineral oil and contains 6 Ayurvedic herbs. When combined with good diet and lifestyle, this slimming massage oil may help to reduce weight and help to have a toned body.

Ayurvedic Face Cream For Daily Use

This Ayurvedic Face Cream is suitable for all skin types. It protects your skin from harmful UV rays and environmental pollutants. It also fights acne, pimples and blemishes. It restores moisture and nourishes your skin. It makes your skin soft and supple.

Ayurvedic Natural Joint Pain Relief

Ayurvedic Natural Joint Pain Relief with 10 Ayurvedic Herbs like Cinnamon, Clove etc. It also contains proven Ayurvedic Pain Oils like Gandhapura Oil, Nilgiri Oil, Kapur Oil. One of the safest Pain relief products. Doesnt contain any mineral oil or preservatives or harmful chemicals.

Ayurvedic Oil for Long Hair

Bioayurveda proudly presents the authentic Ayurvedic Oil for Hair Growth – Pure Argan Oil; in fact you can call it a tonic that contains hair growing herbs such as Argan, Ayurveda's primary hair-loss preventive remedy for centuries.

Ayurvedic Anti Pigmentation Cream

Get back the Youthful look to your skin with Bioayurveda Anti Pigmentation Cream which has unique formulation contains natural extracts from organic Rose flowers and botanical extracts that help to remove blemishes and pigmentation.

Ayurvedic Anti Aging Cream

This Bioayurveda Ayurvedic Anti Aging Cream is infused with Antioxidants, Vitamins & healing Oils from nature. It is a holistic solution that targets different signs of ageing, wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, spots & skin dryness.