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Casement Windows Canada

That is what you call a CASEMENT WINDOW. So, what exactly is it? More importantly, why would you need it? A casement window functions just like your typical door – it swings open. It is created this way to be able to provide superior ventilation to a room. It is also operated by a crank handle, making it easy for anyone to open and close. A casement window can also open out right or left.

Awning Windows Canada

However, the two types of windows have one major difference. Casement windows have their hinges mounted on the side while awning windows, on the other hand, have their hinges mounted at the top.

Double Windows Canada

They are traditional in terms of appearance and they can be easily operated by sliding up and down. They have dividers, also called mutins, which can divide individual panes of glass or they can also snap on for decorative purposes.

Single Hung Windows Canada

It can also be tilted into the room to provide easy cleaning and maintenance. This type of window also includes a screen that covers half of the entire window. Single-hung windows are perfect for modern homes because they cost a bit less than double-hung windows. They are also less susceptible to leakage or air infiltration because its upper sash is fixed and will not develop looseness the way a moving sash can.

Double Tilt Sliders Windows Canada

This horizontally sliding window is one of the most popular residential windows today. These are created with both sashes sliding horizontally – giving any home that contoured and stylish look. Both screens can be opened at both ends and they can also be combined with picture windows – they can even be doubled-up side-to-side!

Single Tilt Slider Windows Canada

They are not just great to look at but they also provide a number of great benefits. When it comes to the sides of residential properties, single tilt slider windows are one of the best choices. This type of window comes with basic and streamlined designs that are definitely far from complicated and elaborate. Even though they are basic in terms of design, these windows are equipped with a wide range of features and conveniences.

Double Lift Out Slider Windows Canada

Then our double lift out slider window is just what you are looking for! This type of window provides a lift-out sash that makes cleaning a breeze. Both sashes lift out and can slide for that maximum ventilation you and your family needs.

Single Lift Out Slider Window Canada

This type of window consists of a single stationary sash as well as another sash that can be moved side-to-side. The sashes can be lifted out for easy cleaning and maintenance. It also comes with a screen that covers half of the window.

Low Profile Fixed Windows Canada

If you are looking for the perfect window to combine with other windows, then the low-profile fixed window is what you are looking for! What are low profile fixed windows? They are windows that DO NOT OPEN. Yes, that’s right! They are perfect for that stylish decor you are aiming for.

High Profile Fixed Windows Canada

They provide an unobstructed view and they also help in brightening any home or room. If you are looking for the perfect match for your casements and awning windows, then you will surely not go wrong with this window!

Bay Windows Canada

This can be done by positioning a large window, such as a bay window, between two double- hung or casement windows. This will create one large viewing area that you and your whole family will surely love.

Bow Windows Canada

These windows tend to create another dimension to a home. Bow windows usually consists of a series of four or more adjoining window units that project out from your home’s wall. Each unit can be operational or stationary. An elegant window seat, a plant ledge, or a breakfast nook can be created within its bow area. How lovely!