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Sleep solution

Sleep well to wake up well. Here we list why the quality sleep is necessity for our health.

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Becoming a parent may be one of the most beautiful experiences, but it comes with its own share of troubles. The exhaustion that follows the delivery of a child and the first few months of caring for the child, is real.

Improving Immunity Through Sleep In the Time of Corona Virus

Taking care of your health is the most important thing to do in the times of coronavirus. Health should be your priority always, yes, but during a global pandemic like the Covid-19 virus, it should be the only thing on your mind.

Get latest blogs on mattress, pillows, sofa

Medically termed as somnambulism, sleepwalking is a sleep disorder where a sleeper gets up and starts walking while in their sleep.

SleepTalk with Wakefit: In Conversation With Yoga Instructor Charuta Sawant - Wakefit

Yoga has completely transformed my life. From an overworked competitive professional, I am now determined to make more people feel the effects of this humble and simple practice.

Travel through a recipe- Lockdown life - Wakefit

What happens when you have the instincts of a traveler and the taste bud of a foodie? You’re unstoppable.

10 Tips To Help You Sleep Better - Wakefit | Blog

In times where our immunity needs to be stronger than ever, it is most important that we sleep better. We’ve come up with a tonne of ideas that can give your bedroom spruce while also enabling sleep of better quality. These simple tips will help you enable a better sleep routine every night so that you sleep right and wake up refreshed. And what better time to make these changes than the lockdown period we’re in? So, go ahead, watch the video or read up on the 10 points that will help you sleep better.

Working from home Boost your productivity with these apps - Wakefit

With the lockdown in place to fight Covid19, it is proving to be a real struggle to adapt to the rhythm of working from home.

Why you should go to bed at the same time every night - Wakefit | Blog

Why is it important to maintain a sleep schedule? What are the benefits of sleep that is timed? Should one wake up and go to bed at the same time every night? Is going early to bed beneficial?

Can't sleep in new places? Here Are Tips That'll Help! - Wakefit

Falling asleep in a new place can be a struggle. Everyone is not blessed with the gift of sleeping everywhere and anywhere

What is a mattress topper and do you need one? - Mattress Bed Online

Are mattress toppers and mattress protectors the same thing? Absolutely not. We are starting the post with this because most people make this mistake of confusing a mattress topper with a mattress protector.