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Travel Tips to Vietnam – Things to Know Before You Go!

Vietnam is a breath-taking country of busy city streets, pretty conical hats, terraced rice paddies and all those other images that come to mind when you think about the country. But Vietnam is so much more. It has so much more to offer and also a lot that you should know. Here's a quick list.


Visa Vietnam

When you are travelling to Vietnam you need to consider getting a visa. There are three ways to get a visa to Vietnam; one would be applying at the local Vietnamese embassy, applying for an eVisa online or applying for a visa on arrival. You must go through the guidelines with a fine toothcomb before you apply so make sure that you are applying to the right thing.


Buying a SIM Card

Once you arrive in Vietnam, you will find that there are countless ways in which you can buy a SIM card to use during your time there. It is highly recommended that you try buying at the airport but if you can't, there are plenty of stores around Vietnam that sells SIM cards for 10,000 Dong. The best service providers are Mobifone and Vietnamobile.


Money and Currency

Vietnamese currency is the Dong or VND. The exchange rate generally is the equivalent of $1 to a 23,000 Dongs. The denominations of Vietnamese currency can be very different and often confuses tourists, so it is highly recommended that you do some research before you go.


Using a Map

Vietnamese street names are a complete maze. There are plenty of back alleys, circle roads and random dead ends that even if you have a very good sense of direction, we recommend keeping Google Maps on hand.


The Weather

Vietnam has a tropical climate and summers can be terribly hot so make sure you pack accordingly. In Winter, North Vietnam tends to be very cold so you will have to keep a nice thick jacket on hand. An umbrella is a must since the fickle weather tends to turn and you will find yourself drenched in rain.


The Taxi Mafia

Be careful when you take taxis as there is a high chance that unmarked ones will try to rip you off. There are many taxi scams being run in Vietnam and the best way you can avoid them is by using hailing apps like Uber, or registered meter taxis from Mai Linh and Vinasun.


Be Careful What You Eat

If you are not into experimenting with your food, double-check what you eat. Especially if you are trying street food. Learn the words for the particulars you are hoping to avoid, like cat or dog meat and ask the waiter, for example, if the food is halal etc.



There are plenty of things to do in Vietnam from cycling through rice fields to a picturesque Halong cruise together with a well-known company like Bhaya Cruises. If you are picking luxury resorts and accommodations you have nothing to worry about, but if they are smaller backpacker hostels or an Airbnb always doublecheck with Tripadvisor etc.

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