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Updated by Joanna James on May 21, 2020
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5 reasons for interactive learning – Improving learning

Learning is thought to be an interactive process where emotional and social development takes place by performing a bunch of interactive activities. In the recent past, learning only took place in the traditional classroom with the teacher physically present, where students would listen to lectures and take down notes. However, this has evolved today to fit the digital age with learning facilities available online as well.


Organising lessons

Structuring lessons are much easier this way with the use of whiteboards. Lessons can be planned out accordingly for the day and the content to be learned can easily be delivered to the kids on the whiteboard. This is especially useful for those teaching and learning in primary grades or junior grades. These types of programmes allow learners to understand how to get about naming tasks as pictures and other things can be displayed on the whiteboard easily. Looking out for things to do in Singapore with family? Try heading over to Science Centre Singapore with the kids.


Enjoyable lessons

The experts studying in the field have noticed that ever since the concept of interactive learning was introduced, students have shown more interest in lessons and wait eagerly to learn something new each day. The kids have become more interactive with teachers in class. Certain learning tools and applications have allowed teachers to turn their lessons into a game-like experience adding the element of competition to the teaching process. This has undoubtedly brought about excitement in the classroom.


Benefits all learners

Each individual tends to be able to pick up things when presented to them in different forms. Some learn better with visual displays and others learn better with audio displays. With the improvement of interactive learning in the digital age, now all types of learners are catered to. Even learners with disabilities can learn better with visual displays for those whose hearing is impaired and audio for those with sight problems. Overall, the learning process is only more enhanced with the presentation of images, audio, video and text. All learning needs are adequately met!


Saving on costs and time

The days when teachers and students had to travel long distances to impart and gain some knowledge are all gone. Nowadays, there are all kinds of software and apps that allow teachers to carry out teaching and for students to learn and still be interactive. All that is needed is some wifi, an interactive whiteboard and the relevant software. Pencils, erasers, books, and even blackboards that need to be painted every year with pieces of chalk that are hazardous to health are not needed anymore.



Now, with a special digital app, learning can take place at any time anywhere even on an international scale. Video conferencing is now available with special apps that allow video conference calls with more than two people displaying an interactive whiteboard where notes can be shared by the teacher.

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