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Updated by Hartley Maxwell Castellano on Jun 29, 2020
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Divorce Lawyers Ventura

Looking for a divorce attorney in Ventura, CA to handle your case? The lawyers at Hartley, Lamas Et Al have been helping clients in the Ventura County area since 2009.

Signs That You Are Headed To Divorce

Divorce rate are increasing rapidly these days. Relationship and love has become fragile and ego is the dominating factor in any relationship. Infidelity is a common factor for ending relationships.

Many couple see it coming, others don’t. Whatever, the reason may be but divorce never happens all of a sudden, there are always tell-a-tale signs.

So, here are some of the top signs that your marriage has a dead end ahead.

COVID-19 Update Ventura County Stay-Well-At-Home Order And Superior Court Partial Closure Extended

We’re seeing a lot of changes happening. Essential services now include real estate transactions, car dealerships, and other services. Things are opening up a big, and that’s a good thing. However, we also learned the Superior Court and Ventura County Superior Court are not closed to all non-emergency business through at least May 12th. Emergency services are available, though. If you need help now, we can still help you, and you should not wait to reach out to us.

Has COVID-19 Led to Increased Divorce Cases?

COVID-19 numbers for new cases and deaths aren’t the only numbers in China that people are watching.

Other statistics include the number of divorce cases. In some cities, according to Bloomberg News and other outlets, divorce filings have increased exponentially, presumably because people are tired of being cooped up for a mere 30 days with their spouses.

Hopefully, as with other significant impacts, the divorce rate won’t be much higher than it is in normal circumstances, though family law attorneys should be ready to handle a higher caseload, even if it is minimally higher.

Here Is Why You Need A Skilled Divorce Lawyer

Family issues are complex and may often lead to heated arguments. Some of the issues are solved inside the home, whereas the others cannot be done. If the difference between the married couple is irreconcilable, then it is better to part ways. In such a situation, you may need a divorce lawyer.

Domestic Violence: Changes To Statutes And Obtaining Restraining Orders

What we’ve seen in various areas of California is that domestic violence is on the rise. People from all walks of life can be victims in this manner. And, the traditional reasons why people do not leave their abusive spouses are still very much present. There is a mental ascendancy or mental dominance that the abuser has over his or her victim that often makes it impossible to leave.

How To Get a Divorce During Covid-19

Whether you are looking for a divorce attorney to help you with the file or you have been served with a petition for dissolution of marriage, you should schedule consultations with up to three attorneys. Before you retain an attorney, you need to find an attorney that you get along with. Sometimes personalities clash.

Guidelines For Hiring The Best Elder Law Attorney

The attorney makes sure that the aging citizen can navigate through the issues of life and get over the difficulties that arise with age. They offer legal guidance and counseling for preparing long-term care, choosing retirement plans, planning and settling your estate. The elderly law attorney is knowledgeable in all the areas of government assistance available to the senior citizens.

What To Look For In A Child Support Attorney?

When you are looking for an attorney that can help you with the child support laws, you can start it by inquiring about it from your near and dear ones like family, relatives and friends. These may be the people that have previously taken the child custody services or knows someone who had hired them before. Such information can be helpful as they have experience about the kind of service received.

Domestic Violence: Why Victims May Be Afraid To Come Forward

One of the most important topics to talk about today is domestic violence. As noted, we are seeing an increase in the number of people falling victim to domestic abuse. Even still, many people always do not take action fast enough to get help. There are many reasons people do not take action to leave his or her abuser.

Top Tips For Hiring A Professional Elder Law Attorney

Experience is a very important factor of consideration as you want elder law lawyers in Ventura country that has dealt with a situation similar to yours. It will increase your chances of winning the case. So, it is a good idea to look for the lawyer with the experience of handling the matters similar to yours.

Benefits Of Hiring A Divorce Lawyer

Family issues are very personal and sensitive. It often leads to heated argument between people. Nobody likes to discuss their personal lives in public, but when the situation goes out of hand and you need a party to settle down the issue for you, then it is time for hire a divorce lawyer.

One of the important reasons to seek the help of a divorce lawyer is because the family law is complex and you need someone to guide you in the right direction. So, here are the top five benefits of hiring a divorce lawyer.

Domestic Violence: What May Keep Victims From Leaving Their Abuser

In previous pieces, we’ve discussed domestic violence and how much it has increased. We talked a bit about some of the most common reasons why victims of domestic abuse do not leave their abusers. Things like the fear of homelessness, the fear of financial loss, and the fear of losing their children are very common. There are many other reasons for this.

COVID-19 Update: Administrative Order 20-09 And Transparency Between Homes

In the times we are living, there’s a great deal of change – rules and laws are changing rapidly. It’s critical to stay up to date. There are a few new rules to consider, including those related to custodial orders. Let’s take a closer look at them.